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Mon Oct 12, 2020, 06:29 AM Oct 2020

Deer Hunting During CoVid & Flu

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Here is a simple guide to the 2020 Deer Hunting Season During CoVid Pandemic.

1) Don't hunt this year. Stay home.
The best way to avoid any exposure is to not go hunting this year. You will not expose your hunting party or bring it back to your family.
This is best guarantee to not get CoVid during hunting season in 2020.

2) Take Extra Steps to Protect Your Family & Your Hunting Party
Most hunting occurs in groups. You should protect each other by quarantining for 14 days BEFORE you go hunting, so you don't bring it to camp.
Do Not Leave your hunting location, to go out to eat, go to a bar, etc. Stay away from the locals and stay in your camp. Bring everything with you.

3) Dressing Your Deer
Protect each other: WEAR PROTECTION when dressing your kills; gloves, masks, eye protection to protect each other. Bag bloody clothes, wash yourself thoroughly after and make sure you clean every tool you use for dressing. Bring a gallon of bleach and use it. 5 parts water to 1 part bleach and soak for 15mins to kill off most everything. This also makes a good 'spray' to clean surfaces in your cabin, trucks, cars, guns, knives, buckets, etc.

4) After Hunting
Drop off your kill at your meat processor before going home. This removes exposure your hunting party may have added during dressing.
When you get home, and ready to join your family. Quarantine for 14 days after you get back home. You do not want to bring anything back to your family.

These suggestions can keep you safer; only No 1 is the safest choice.
Deer Season in WIsconsin could become the worst super spreader of not only CoVid, but the seasonal flu too.

Hunting in a pandemic is a serious choice to make.
Can you outrun a forest fire while naked in the dark? Yes, if you smell smoke, you are exposed.

-- I never impied the deer transmitted CoVid and have no idea how the reply got so far off topic.
--Most hunts are in groups, 1) for safety reasons, 2) to share the experience with firends/family; and teach younger hunters and as a traditional family event. Of course, killing a deer is a one person- one gun -action. I do not know of any hunters, that are 100% solitary throughout the entire process, from beginning to end of harvesting a deer.

PLEASE STAY FOCUSED ON THE SPECIFICS OF EACH SUGGESTION. Do not read something into my posts that are not there.

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Deer Hunting During CoVid & Flu (Original Post) SmartVoter22 Oct 2020 OP
Since when does "most hunting occurs in groups"? Not my experience with deer hunting. nt Shermann Oct 2020 #1
Always been a solitary activity safeinOhio Oct 2020 #2
In WIsc, groups & families go hunting. SmartVoter22 Oct 2020 #5
ok...so since when do deer spread the 'Rona? Squidly Oct 2020 #3
Cooking won't transmit a virus SmartVoter22 Oct 2020 #6
you reiterated my argument Squidly Oct 2020 #7
This assumes a traditional hunting camp and its great advice but GusBob Oct 2020 #4


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5. In WIsc, groups & families go hunting.
Tue Oct 13, 2020, 07:33 AM
Oct 2020

While hunting, almost all are alone. But, many families and groups of friends, hunt as groups, especially near Thaanksgiving. They use family vacation cabins and bring younger hunters with them.

"Hunting camps' are a very large part of the annual cull. This is also done for safety reasons, so if there is an accident, help is nearby.

Cleaning a deer, is not an easy taks for one person as they do weigh about the same as a human, or more for a larger buck.


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3. ok...so since when do deer spread the 'Rona?
Mon Oct 12, 2020, 07:59 AM
Oct 2020

the whole bullet point #3 is ridiculous...I mean sure, if everyone is standing around the carcass coughing and sneezing on it, but even then, after its been cooked the virus is dead anyway unless you like to lick or eat raw venison....


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6. Cooking won't transmit a virus
Wed Oct 14, 2020, 05:52 AM
Oct 2020

#3 is not about infecting the deer, nor was that remotely suggested. Nor is it about cooking anything.
Coughing and/or sneezing is not the only means of viral transmission from human to human.
Using your apples & oranges thinking... maybe the CoVid virus, that you and your firends have given that poor deer, will catch the Chronic Wasting Disease, from your deer.

You may be onto a cure here, write the White House and let Trump know about it.


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4. This assumes a traditional hunting camp and its great advice but
Mon Oct 12, 2020, 01:11 PM
Oct 2020

I hunt alone in places where there are very few people, like none

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