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Tue Feb 7, 2012, 11:01 PM


This discussion thread was locked by Neoma (a host of the Feminists group).

If someone has a vendetta on us, so be it, our voices are still here and loud. Although disconcerting and wrong, it's a simple website flaw. Let's take a step back from all this for a moment.

Now, I don't nessicarily want answers to this thread due to all the hot blood going around, so this is why I'm locking it. It'd be a lot better if you just private message me instead.

Now with that said, let me state that this feud is ridiculous. We're both in favor of equal rights and calling each other names isn't right. We need to straighten this out before we each say stupider things.

Now let me say this loud and clear. Anyone can be a feminist, and anyone can use patriarchy against women. Every group of people has people who are bullies. If we are judging purely by gender or rather in this case, gender changing, we are not treating people by their character and we are doing a huge disservice to ourselves. I've said my piece, and counted to three.

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