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boston bean

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Thu May 24, 2012, 05:33 PM May 2012

Group & Member SOP

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Group SOP

The History of Feminism group serves as a safe haven to discuss, and learn the history of feminism. Apply the lessons of historical and modern day feminist struggles to current issues and events that impact women. This group will also serve as safe haven for women (and supporters of feminism) to openly and honestly discuss and learn how the patriarchy affects women individually and collectively.

Every member of the group should do their best to remain civil to one another, even if there is disagreement. There are many strains of thought and theory in feminism and members should try to understand anothers point of view. Members should also take the time to explain a post if it seems to have been misinterpreted.

However, misogyny and sexism will not be tolerated. The History of Feminism is a safe haven group for our members. We welcome vibrant and lively discussions of feminism and womens issues, but disruption of the group will not be allowed. Disruption takes many forms and is sometimes subject to interpretation of intent, but its negative impact is quite easily recognized. Appropriate action, such as warnings and blockings from the group will occur if it is determined a poster is disrupting and/or putting misogyny on display in this group.

Member SOP


There are some very basic rules all participants are expected to follow:

1) No bringing personal fights/issues/problems from other groups or past grievances with a particular member or members to this group
2) No individual personal call outs of any DUer
3) Be respectful at all times, even if an opinion is at odds with that of another poster
4) No bullying
5) Repeated violation of the rules or a refusal to adhere to them when approached by hosts will result in being blocked from the group.

Eligibility to vote in Host elections, and other group decisions

To preface, it is important to understand that anyone who is a member of DU is allowed to participate in this group, as long as the participants are in compliance with the group SOPs.

The scope of the Eligibility to Vote List is very limited. It is only used as a reference for tallying votes when voting on group matters. It is a transparent, flexible and fairly easy way to ensure the true wishes of the group are enacted.

There has been a general consensus that we need to identify and create a public list of members to this forum who would be eligible to vote in elections for Hosts —without fear of outside interference—in order to maintain a safe haven for the group. We want as many members as possible who want to participate in this group in good faith and for the process to be fair. Thus, there are several ways to become eligible to vote in host elections:

1) All members who supported the group and advocated for its creation are automatically added to the eligibility list to vote in host elections.

2) A current member on the eligibility list may nominate a future member by letting the hosts know that they and two other current members of the eligibility list would like to nominate a potential member for addition to the eligibility list. Each of the three nominating persons would be required to submit a DU mail to one of the hosts stating their intent to nominate the potential new member. Once that host has received each of the three nominating emails they would then be able to notify the other hosts and add the member to the list.

3) Hosts may identify posters whose ongoing posting history in the group suggests that they would be a good addition to the eligibility list and submit that nomination to each of the co-hosts for a vote. Upon, the hosts reaching a majority consensus, the nominee would be added to the eligibility list.

4) Any reader or subscriber or member may nominate themselves for voting eligibility by submitting a DU mail request to one of the hosts, who will then share the nomination for host consideration. Upon reaching an affirmative majority vote among the hosts, the petitioner would be added to the eligibility list.

5) Any current member may opt to have themselves removed from the list at any time by simply notifying the hosts. Reinstatement to the eligibility list would require successful completion of the process as outlined in #2, #3 or #4 above.

6) The above focuses on voting for hosts. However, the voting eligibility list will be utilized when taking any vote on a group issue.

The criteria and process as outlined above is in no way meant to stifle membership, but rather to allow the group to function free from outside interference in keeping with our stated objectives.

Below is a list of the persons who are on the Eligibility List to Vote For Hosts at this moment. All those on the list below advocated for this groups’ creation prior to it going live. This is our starting point. We expect to see the list grow and are looking forward to adding more names.

boston bean
sarah ibarruri
little star
devon rex
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