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Sat Dec 12, 2020, 03:11 PM Dec 2020

Born to Franz Baum and Abby Beveridge Baum a daughter, Valor.

Later known as Valora Noland and by other names, she is someone of many talents and fine character. She is a photographer, an author and a poet as well as an actress in the 1960s. With roles on TV series such as The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Virginian and Star Trek.

Her parents fled Nazi Germany in 1939. Her father, an artist, drew many anti-Hitler and anti-Nazi cartoons. I infer this led to Valor's utter disdain for all things Nazi. She was born on 8 December 1941 in Seattle. The day before her birth her father, being a non-citizen German, was taken to an internment camp as he stayed behind at home to find a sitter for his other 2 children. He was freed after 3 and half months by a letter from Eleanor Roosevelt.

Valor settled on the stage name Valora Noland during the 1960s. After a number of different roles in a few movies and guest appearances in several TV series she was cast in an episode of Star Trek. She was costumed and arrived on the set where she had to wear a swastika arm band as well as a Nazi hat pin which were added to the costume just before filming began on the first day. She felt ashamed to wear them because of what they represent, and would not have accepted the role if she had known the hateful symbol was going to be part of her attire (not shown when she went for costume fitting).

After her next movie role she left acting for good. An example of her photo work Leyland's Fence is here:

A link to more info and pictures:

From youtube:

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