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Wed Feb 20, 2019, 07:45 PM

I'm a 31-year-old Hispanic woman who backs Bernie Sanders -- stop pretending that I don't exist


I'm sick of being told that I'm a 'Bernie Bro' who doesn't understand her own oppression. I can be a feminist and still vote for the old white dude


As I grabbed my phone this morning to snooze my alarm at around 7:30am, I saw the notification that Bernie Sanders had (finally) announced his bid for presidency. I donated $27 before I fully opened my eyes.

Waking up with a sense of hope instead of the impending doom we have all become casually accustomed to was a nice change. What hadn’t changed was the tired and recycled narrative about Bernie supporters online. As if the fever dream of the Trump presidency hadn’t even begun, out came the flood of tweets warning about the return of the hated “Bernie Bros.” And with these 2016 cries, I felt the same feelings of frustration and erasure I felt during the last democratic primary.

I’m from Miami — we call everyone we know “bro” — but I cannot stand being called a “Bernie Bro.” It’s not that it offends me or hurts my feelings: that wouldn’t be worth writing about. It frustrates me because it’s reductive, unequivocally untrue, and hypocritical coming from people who tend to advocate for racial inclusivity and feminism.

The term implies that if you support Sanders you are likely a white, entitled, fratty male who harasses women online. If you happen to be a woman and you support Sanders, well, you've internalised your misogyny and are just trying to impress a real bro. And if you happen to be black, Latino, Asian, Muslim or Native American, then you clearly have some white saviour obsession going on.

This is a great read. All I can say to her is "Preach it Sister".

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