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perspective on debate "winners"


Saudi Arabia’s 'Religious Police' Reforms

that liberal media....

Darn ed schulz:

If You Love Yourself, You Won’t Stand for an Ill-Fitting Bra

Time to finish off Romney!

Ann Romney accuses Obama of showing 'poor sportsmanship'


Mitt Romney CNN Interview: The 47% Comment Is 'Not What I Meant'

Doesn't that just say it all?

Athens has a big anti-German rally.

St. Louis-area pastors call for an end to speed cameras

Ed Schultz Is Really Pissing Me Off......

CNN Poll: Ohio Stays In Obama Column After Debate

Wal-Mart retail strike spreads to 12 cities today

Every little life is worthy, every one. Nighty night

It's been years since I vultured into the DU Lounge.....

Remember Bradlee Dean?

Intelligent Life? Mysterious Artifact on Martian Surface Identified

Obama Advisers "This race is pretty stagnant"-&-"you know, if you want to believe the Pew poll..."

Republicans for Obama: 57% say Obama won debate, 16% say Nitt

Wow! Obama has the Spanish accent DOWN update: Here's the Video

Monsanto Corporation Gets Owned By 11 Yr Old Boy


Obama speaking Spanish in new ad

Bad Lip Reading Does The First Presidential Debate


Slanted Shit..Huff Post..Sucks..worse..

Paul Ryan tells the truth for a change - "President Obama is not proposing new gun laws."

Question for anybody living in San Antonio area

Who is *We Ask America* ? Who is this polling firm?

Here is a link to Halperin's interview at Obama HQ

Romney's banks in 7 different countries No POTUS in history!! ever had personal offshore accounts

A true classic toon..Babbit and Costello.."A tale of two kittens"..introducing a tiny little bird #4

Sherrod Brown has earned a second term in the Senate: editorial

And now for something FUN! Rachel will be on "Ellen" tomorrow

Emory Students Demand End to Chick-fil-A Contract

Mitt Romney Abortion Stance Changes, As Candidate Says He Won't Push To Restrict Access

Mitt Romney Abortion Stance Changes, As Candidate Says He Won't Push To Restrict Access

The Right-Wing Catholic Vice-Presidential Voter Guide

Jeb Bush yearns for a Romney win to unleash graft.

Underground: The Julian Assange Story (2012)

It's been years since the Ventures played in the DU Lounge.....

Republicans are feeling enthusiastic, and believe they're going to win.

Romney's medicare for green stamps...yup that's the ticket.

Tonight on FRONTLINE (PBS) "The Choice 2012"

Wonderful Cartoon..A great take off on Abbot and Costello...but there is more...

Anyone have any experience mailing to Russia?

BBC magazine: Syrians thought their jets were for combat with Israel. "Now they know better."

from Sherrod Brown

Show us your media players!

From the Romney Realm of Cluelessness--Another Josh Romney Gem!

Bring it on!

Jon Stewart Takes Fox To Task For Suggesting BLS ‘Cooked The Books’ On Jobs Numbers

"Mr. Carville, what did you think of the debate?"

Mandatory Tuesday Malloy Truthseekers check in!! Lying to Win & a new Kitty gif

*FRONTLINE, The Choice 2012, NOW.

It's been three years today since I lost my father...

Newt Gingrich uses racial overtones: Obama "needs to go play basketball."

God Damn it!! This Guy is such a Fucking Liar!!!

Things educators could say but don’t

Coming Storm

Handmade Portraits: The Sword Maker

Americans are addicted to drama and the election is a dramatic situation

Jackie & David Siegel (the man that has threatened to fire employees if Obama wins)

I don't like the lounge rule.

PSA for "Walking Dead" fans:

"W" Bush Finally Speaks About Mitt Romney


Romney Campaign walks back Abortion Comments - two hours after making them

Rachel Maddow is talking to Nate Silver

Nate Silver on Rachel Maddow

The Financial Times praises "unexpected strength" of US economy under Obama

You going to leave me with this guy?

Every AFL-CIO union member in Nebraska got this in the mail today!

"Pro-Muslim Subway Ads to Hang Near Anti-Jihad Ads" by ASHWAQ MASOODI at the NY Times

How many fucking times does Rmoney get to shake the ol Etch-A-Sketch?

Ann: “I mean, lied about what?"

The ED Show - Can you afford to get fooled again?

George Bush the murderer: The movie

Marc Andreesen, from 2004, about Free Trade and Job Offshoring . . .

TWO visions Obama vs Mitt mailer

*here's* BIDEN's winner, opposite of BENTSEN's zinger on QUALYLE

Why is there not a good Flip Flopping TV ad?

"Disturbing News: Exit Polling to Be Scrapped in Some 19 States, Allowing For Much Easier

Mitt Romney is The Royal Nonesuch,

Did anyone do a word count on the debate?

Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him

Romney Pro-Choice Again for Matter of Hours Today; Now Anti-Choice Again.

recing my own posts

The ED Show - CEO threatens to fire employees if President Obama re-elected

First privately owned state prison fails to meet legal standards for sanitation, hygiene or food

Walmart strike in 6 cities [UPDATE]...NOW IN 12 CITIES

The ED Show - Ryan slips up on gun law talking point

Can you tell me...

Pollster Says Obama Can't Win FL, NC and VA

In These Shoes ??

"You're No Victim, You Earned Your Benefits" (OFA TV Ad)

Politico: Romeny's Post Debate Bounce, Will It Last?

"The Politics Of Fear and The Party Of Non-Voters" by Robert Reich

President Obama needs to bring up Romney's Big Bird comment in the next debate

I think E.J. Dionna may have just coined a new meme.

It's alive!

Our Most Corrupt Tax Breaks: 10 Loopholes to Close Right Now

Obama Camp On Romney’s New Abortion Talk: ‘Women Simply Can’t Trust Him’

Tell Romney: Either you were lying then, or you are lying now!

Experience in Adobe Etch-a-Sketch™ probably required......

Nate Silver Oct. 9: Romney Erases Obama’s Convention Bounce in Forecast

TSA Agents Humiliate Woman Dying of Cancer

I'm ready to make a prediction for the next week, and it is positive.

Good news about voter registration

YAY, we are getting a Costco here in Fargo!

10 military officers dismissed for torturing fellow soldiers (Colombia)

The original "October Surprise" derives from the Reagan-Carter election,

10 military officers dismissed for torturing fellow soldiers .

I just barged into a thread and served on its jury when I wasn't even selected. Ask me anything.

So excited, have my ticket to see Michelle tomorrow evening

Why is Senator Klobuchar so popular?

Pledge to do something each day until election day to help reelect

Can't Wait Until Oct. 16th

Has anyone gotten the Gravis Marketing story to the Press?

Maryland Voters

Michelle Obama

Colombian authorities dismiss army members for extrajudicial killings .

Colombian authorities dismiss army members for extrajudicial killings .

xposting from Video and MultiMedia: The ED Show - Ryan slips up on gun law talking point

Journal of Universal Rejection

ACLJ Pedophilia scandal takes a step closer to mainstream

Richard Wolfe... VP?

Romney Pro-Choice Again for Matter of Hours Today; Now Anti-Choice Again.

Democratic PAC uses ‘loud’ Joe Walsh in ads against Dold, Biggert

OH unemploymen at 7.2% according to MSNBC = ROMNEY LOSS

President Obama can't take back his lackluster debate performance

We lost ONE debate, we can win the next three and the game is over.....

If we ask nice enough will the Republicans let us see our balls?

PBS To Air Three-Part Documentary Series on the Religiously Unaffiliated

Obama Camp On Romney’s New Abortion Talk: ‘Women Simply Can’t Trust Him’

Where Are Rmoney's Tax Records For The Last 10 Years? Did We Forget About Them?....

Romney Backer Displays Chair With Watermelon, Birther Message—and a Noose

Queen Annie will co-host GMA Tomorrow

Requirements for Religious Holidays

Queen Annie " you poor people suck" Robme will be co-hosting GMA tomorrow

ABC News Defends VP Debate Moderator Martha Raddatz From Accusations Of Political Bias

I would love a Town Hall questioner ask Romney this question:

I Am S0 %@#king Excited!

McRaven on CNN about OBL raid: [Obama's] team...magnificent...

May I inject a brief history lesson into all of this poll panic?

Forget Big Bird. What about the Snuffleupagus in the room?

Gary Johnson Spoiler: Latest Presidential Polls Show a 3rd Party Disaster in the Works for Romney

STOCK MARKET WATCH -- Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Pagan religion provides unique spiritual journey

"In Search of Answers From Mr. Romney" Editorial at the NY Times

Josh Romney said on the campaign trail very recently his dad learned to debate as an obstinate child

Revealed: Early Bronze Age carvings suggest Stonehenge was a huge prehistoric art gallery

Climate change to hit Central America's food crops

10.11.12 International Day of the Girl

Courage. That's what's needed to claim that not only has the stimulus worked

First Big Bird, then Nickolodeon...Maybe Mitt

Meryl Streep Draws The Line (by signing the Bill of Reproductive Rights)

Another 2,445 Democrats and 1,243 Republicans Registered to Vote in Florida on 10/8

where are the global girl activists? don't ask (not today, anyway)

HRT reduces risk of heart attack, study suggests

Hack Writer Buzz Bissinger Endorses Romney

where are the global girl activists? don't ask (not today, anyway)

Draw the Line - Sign the Bill - SPREAD THE WORD

10.11.12 International Day of the Girl

American Empire: A Disaster on Autopilot - The discrediting of US military power

My Apologies...I Am Just Having A Really Goddamned Hard Time Believing That So Many Of My

Are science and religion compatible?

MSM doesn't get "Detroying the Joint" and what it really means.

*WOOF* Happy 4th Birthday Bo!

Will Candy Crowley be a good moderator? Will she call bullshit if she sees it? What do you guys

The 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics

I Love The Smell Of Croissants In The Morning - Romney's Days in France

Now they have a backstory to explain why Romney shiftshaped:

Why Hugo Chavez rules in Venezuela

TYT: Why I'm Voting For Mitt Romney Video Breakdown

Massachusetts Families Find New Ties to Salem Witch Trials

Husted has two new voter suppression tools

Romney is for 100% of Americans ..... Really .... See for yourselves.

sorry to see you leave

Does anyone here watch Long Island Medium?

"How Conservatives Took Out a Contract on America" by Lisa Longo at Huffington Post

Mitt Romney CNN Interview: The 47% Comment Is 'Not What I Meant' (VIDEO

"The Dude couldn't be more vague than if he was an HBO season Finale!" -- Jon Stewart, 10/09/12

Is it time to call this week of self-flagellation over?

Be Damn Clear on This: Roe v. Wade Will Not Last the Decade if Romney is Elected

When Will Our Ballots Be Mailed Out?

Rachel Maddow - Nonsensical Romney budget exposes math misnomer

This morning I heard a clip on NPR about the IMF's ...

"Romney's empty foreign policy agenda"

Registered my neighbor to vote, got it in the mail 10 minutes before the deadline

Impact of Repug medicaid proposal on Virginia's 7th congressional district:

Funny, isn't it, how TSA is never wrong?

Rachel Maddow - Romney math doesn't add up

Evangelical leaders worry Romney's Mormonism could suppress conservative turnout

A video history, Romney has held 9 different positions on abortion since 1994

Rachel Maddow - Dinosaur farts and the pits of Hell

Apparently I keep pissing...

Here Are The Things That GOP Voters Vote For And Support

Rachel Maddow - Ryan contradicts NRA on Obama gun laws

For Erin.

If you hate people buying into the polls....

Bill Clinton joining Christie Vilsack in Sioux City. October 12th.

Ryan Says The Poor Will Be Provided Opportunity Through Charities And Churches ----

Bachman. Turner. Overdrive.

Watch As Junk Dealer Returns $114,000

Jon Stewart Mocks Romney’s Vague, Magical Plan To Cut Deficit By…Listing Things He Won’t Cut

Calgary mother claims caregiver she met on Kijiji sold cats without permission

Gloat Free Post-Season Baseball Scores (Tuesday, October 9)

Simpsons Tapped Out - Obama 2012

Romney Invested In 10 Chinese Companies RECENTLY-including ones that embezzled-partnered with Iran

Behind Romney's Bid To Kill Big Bird - A Sloppy Wet Kiss To Corporate Media and Right Wing

God, I wish he would have sung Girlfriend in a Coma.

so now romney says abortion isn't on his agenda. Oh yes it is. Not only through his VP appointment

Amtrak Ridership Hits Record High Amid GOP Attack.

you do know that you can challenge a person at the poll to make them prove who they are...

With Romney's Ties To China We Have A Real Manchurian Candidate.

Funny Pictures Mocking Mitt Romney

Mitt campaign flip flops on the flip flop: Oops! Romney Campaign Walks Back Mitt's Surprise Abortion

Rachel Maddow - New relevance for GOP war on voting as polls tighten

ABC poll has Obama's favorables up

GOP Christian Family Values Alert: Paul Ryan campaigns with Kid Rock

Just watched "The Choice" on PBS

The president will be asked about why there was more security in the embassy. I have no doubt he

Obama, Please study this lying fuck on CNN Tonight (Full Interview)

Reminder on Oregon voter registration and other dates

Homophobia? Jury CRUSHES IT!

Have the networks reported this insane Mitt abortion flip-flopping today?

270 to Win Presidential Simulator Will Make you Feel Better if You Support Obama

I just felt an earthquake - in Vermont.

Idea for Obama to chalenge Rmoney at the next debate!

Tibetan Buddhist statue carved from iron meteorite

I stayed up to watch Jon Stewart. Someone explain the opening line.

Romney to hand national parks to highest bidder in full-scale assault on public lands

Another Electoral College Map Which will Be interesting to watch (

'Sesame Street' Asks Obama Team to Pull Its Attack Ad Over Big Bird

Meat Romney!

We Have Got To Be The Dumbest Fucking People On Earth (PBS)

Just curious is this pollster who doesn't have to poll Fl, VA and NC also one of the geniuses who .

What I am hoping for is the ryan temper surfaces in the vp debate. It would be even better if he

Canadians are like God's gift to the CIA.

Why Not Debate Military Suicides?...

Do Republicans really believe that the rich are the "job creators"?

Romney is doing town halls, non stop. Obama is doing none.

This is kind of funny. Open the Google main page......

David Paleologos (Suffolk U) latest VA poll shows Obama +2, announces "unwinnable for Obama"

I'm not ready to accept Tyler Perry as an action hero.

President Obama Columbus Ohio Rally - FULL Speech - October 9, 2012

Police: Man tries to rob bank of $1 in prison bid

Just finished The Handmaid's Tale

Road Obama or Romney stickers

Why don't you .... get rid of 90% of your stuff?

On the News With Thom Hartmann: United Nations Calls for a New Social Safety Net for World's Poor

The 007 of Plainfield NJ (I can't wait)

Battle of the narratives: Pt 2 Biden vs Ryan

what happened to the tombstone

Does anyone remember mediawhoresonline?

Obama is being Swiftboated by the Republicans!!

UK Contributes 24 Robotic Arms In Giant Leap Forward In Near-Infrared Astronomy

What Will Happen To The Stock Mkt If - Rmoney Wins - If - Obama Wins......

There is a Corporate Left of FOX, but Debate Coverages Shows it Isn't Liberal

Danny Glover: Record Venezuela Voter Turnout Hands Chávez Mandate to Continue Social Agenda

All the Missing Horses: U.S. Gov't Selling Wild Horses to Western Dealer Linked to Slaughter

Just discovered Strike Back on cinemax....


Bill Clinton: "Wow, here's old moderate Mitt. Where ya been, boy?"

GOP: Gays Out of the Party

Lock pick disguised as dry erase marker leaves at least 4 million hotel rooms vulnerable

Hilarious Late-Night Jokes Slamming Republicans

WaPo columnist: Romney budget is ‘math on meth’

Zinger for Biden to use on Ryan? "If you can't even tell the truth about your marathon time . . .

Italian government sacks entire Reggio Calabria council over 'mafia ties'

Buen Ejemplo - Anuncio de Televisión de Obama for America

I've finally figured out where I've seen Mitt's dumb ass half-smirk facial expression before

Morford: Why Won't Obama Step Up?

How The Hype became Bigger Than the Presidential Election by Matt Taibbi

Majority Does Not Support PBS Funding Cut: Poll

who wants more liberal facebook friends?

GOP freeloaders

Study on Monsanto GM corn concerns draws skepticism

What's for Dinner ~ Wednesday Oct 10th

reminder: If you mail in your voter registration, it must be postmarked by October 17, 2012


a tougher "Caption this Picture" contest than you might expect...

Last night's (Tuesday night's) Ed Show was especially good tonight

A Baseball Analogy

Defection rush of North Korean soldiers in the frontline

RE Jerry Sandusky will be in the general population:

Have we heard any peep from Colin Powell?

I am surrounded by pumpkin patches, so...

Bill Clinton leads rally, mocks Romney

Why has no one asked WilLIARd Rmoney about ReTHUG

Good one from Crooks and Liars

Matt Taibbi: How the Hype Became Bigger Than the Presidential Election | Politics News | Rolling Sto

Pro-Gun Extremists Jumping To Conclusions And Blaming Child Shooting Victims

More tragic stories from gun-happy culture

From FB: "It is often overlooked that "scientifically" Chirstopher Columbus was 100% wrong..."

Florida Democrats Crushing The GOP in 2012 Voter Registrations

Spartan Stores Ratifies Logistics Labor Contract

McCaskill campaign answers questions over $40 million in federal funding

Holiday Season Sees Heightened Spending

Planned Parenthood continues anti-Romney mail push in Virginia

Blast from the past: Obama Goes To GOP Lions' Den -- And Mauls The Lions

What is the strategy for the next month on Mitt's tax returns?

Every Night on MSNBC I Record.....

Paul Ryan The Numbers Guy ...

NRA Airing Anti-Obama Ads In Battleground States

Huh? Fox News poll finds more people are better off now than they were a year ago

Cash-strapped farmers feed candy to cows

My reply to my brothers hate mail

David Shuster: Joe Biden is "fired up and chomping at the bit," for Thursday's debate

Funny isn't it - Joe Scum et al mention Ohio several times

Attn: Florida Voters..Pay attention ..URGENT INFO on absentee voting

Michael Tomasky: Obama Needs to Make Mitt Unacceptable Again

I just saw an ad that gave all the reasons I can't stand "Tom And Jerry."

So is anybody

Bill Clinton on moring joe

Meta is concerned about tolls

Which companies/products should progressives buy/avoid?

Sarah Brightmans's announcement will stream live at 8am ET/5am PT

9 Things That Show Mitt Romney Is Morally Bankrupt

Two U.S. scientists win Nobel Prize in Chemistry

Supreme Court denies Chevron $19bn Ecuador appeal

Teacher- 'His dreams of being a scientist is a waste of time, ridiculous"

Congressman Peter King hates facts...

P-G Editorial: Steroid scare: A deadly outbreak shows need for Pennsylvania regulation

Advice needed about selling my car

Drone strike in Pakistan kills five suspected militants

Does it Matter?

SurveyUSA: Ohio, (Obama +1), Nevada (Obama +1)

Scotty Walker has sure been silent in this campaign....

Can a school force kids to take ROTC ???

How Romney Is Obscuring His Upper Income Tax Cuts

WTH? Hollywood man accused of slapping wife over 'Obama, Romney' dispute

Kennedy Destroys Romney In 1994 Debate

Why won’t Obama step up? Mark Morford

Gibbs: Obama Will Bring ‘Different Game’ To Next Debate

Walmart strike spreads to 12 Cities

Need help with Democratic nominees on ballot

Cold mornings & Dog Sweaters

GOP Congressman Says Romney Would Sell National Parks


People who ask you to take their picture

As predictable as the sunrise

Ohio Democrats want probe of coal executive's fundraising

Here's A Message For Everyone Who Says The US Economy Cut The Debt And Take Its Medicine

Pres Obama to dispirited Dems on Tom Joyner: 'I got this.'

Arrrrgh, kids. Stupid Republican college kids.

Hiestand: Costas' 12-year MLB playoff absence ends

Shock jock Neo-Nazi walks free

Obama needs eye contact with Romney at debates

Teaching jobs come back after four years of layoffs

Arctic probe into solar storm sat-nav disruption

RAGE Against This Machine

Does anyone have a link to the clip of FR that was shown on the Daily Show last night?

US researchers map carbon emissions at street level

Mitt as Horton Hatches the Egg

Watch the Only Known Recording of NYPD’s Stop-and-Frisk in Action

Only in America...

MoJo: Could Prop. 37 Kill Monsanto's GM Seeds?

It's Wednesday. Does Mitt Support Abortion Rights Today, Or Not?

Serious question - are computer hackers sent to federal prisons, state prisons or

I awakened with a 'start' at 2 A.M. today with a realization...

The US Is Sending A Military Task Force Into Jordan

The Plot Behind Mitt Romney's Debate Strategy

A Romney victory could be the end of the American government...

NYT: To live and seethe in that world of conspiracy theories means rejecting any form of objective

Borrowing Money From China

The Plot Behind Mitt Romney's Debate strategy - xPost from Video & Multimedia

The Gang of Six reconvenes

Attention Disorder or Not, Pills to Help in School

Finishing cleaning grandmere's house today.


Afghanistan: Killing the Kids that Don’t Need to Die by Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

Nate Silver turns North Carolina to likely Romney based on Gravis Marketing +9

Official: Pentagon team in Jordan for Syria crisis

Red Bull Stratos Felix Baumgartner space jump canceled for Wednesday

Lyin Mitt claims tomorrow will be Ryan's first debate - another whopper from Romney

Julian Assange supporters ordered to forfeit £93,500 bail money

SurveyUSA: "Obama leads by 17 points among cell-phone respondents."

Obama: Romney wishes the U.S. were still in Iraq

deadly meningitis outbreak highlights the need for strengthened FDA regulations

Should I buy a Smart car?

Dog Food Breakfast Makes Kids Smarter, Say University of Kentucky Scientists

CNN Poll: OH Stays in Obama Column After Debate

Picture of the President at Ohio State last evening.

Before stepping on stage in Va., Pres. Obama takes a minute to read thank you letter from Ian's mom

dennis hastert?

How Interesting That The 8.1% UI Rate Was Pounded On For Months And ----

Jon Stewart On Romney’s Unfeasible Agenda: ‘Are You A Wizard?’

Phenix City man shoots robbery suspect in self defense

Survey USA: 11% in Ohio have voted 59-39 Obama

Your Chance To Take All of That Advice and Concern Right To the Obama Campaign (Tonight)

UMass Poll: MA - SENATE (Warren +2 LV) (+6 RV)

"It’s kind of a balls to the wall type scenario"..

Big Bird’s Big Gay Love Story: From Birth to the 2012 Presidential Race

How Romney Is Obscuring His Upper Income Tax Cuts (Read: LYING)

Brad Friedman on GOP Stealing Election in Broad Daylight

Wednesday Toon Roundup 1- The changeling Willard

Mitt Romney still mum on specifics of tax plan

Wednesday Toon Roundup 2- Debate backwash

Coffee with Jesus

Wednesday Toon Roundup 3- Attacking PBS

Bill Clinton works Las Vegas crowd, mocking Mitt Romney

Wednesday Toon Roundup 4- The Rest

"Mr. Obama's Wild Ride" from Jen Sorensen's "Slowpoke"

BLOOMBERG: U.S. debt has shrunk to a six-year low

chuck todd shits on Obama's debate performance once again

Half of Scott Brown's top 20 donors are banks -- they really want to stop Warren, don't they?

Romney Debates himself on Abortion (and everything else) Why no ads like this?

Walter Rhett: Style Points For Lies

So what is the deal with showing up 30 minutes early for an ECG?

Elkhart homeowner cleared of wrongdoing in shooting death of home invader

Here is a gambit the president should try at the debate

As Romney Repeats Trade Message, Bain Maintains China Ties

Romney adviser to LGBT conservatives: Some decisions ‘are going to offend you’

How Cancer Cells Break Free from Tumors: Study Identifies Adhesion Molecules Key to Cancer’s Spread

This guy is a SOCIOPATH!!

Climate Change to Lengthen Growing Season

Li'l Skittles' first known ass-kicking recipient:

Everybody's an art critic... ... ... ... ... ... and a smartass.

A rare and insightful peek into the mind of a cat:

Words of wisdom MOST of us would do very well to heed. Others? Not so much.

"Romney's emotional story remembered very differently by friend of fallen SEAL"

The ex-MsMFM quickly regretted telling MFM she wished he'd share more of his "feelings" with her.

Tagteam bedbaths are GREAT! Butt BEWARE of, "Is it OK if these med students... (DIAL-UP WARNING)

This is what you get when you google "Completely Wrong"

Princeton Election: this week "definitely not" reason to panic, re-elect probability 93%

Rasmussen national: 48% R; 47% O

Has anyone ordered Obama yard signs from the Obama Store?

Esquire - "The New New Romney Is a New Kind of Mendacious Liar"

"I will advocate for and support a Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act."

Indy police ID robber shot dead at liquor store

I Voted Today!!!

"They" are losing me - and already lost my wife.

The state of crop harvests around the world

Face if folks - this race is basically tied

Brazil's Supreme Court convicts Lula aides of corruption

WHERE are those tax returns again?

British shoppers warned of fruit and veg shortages

Hoping the electorate have short memories, Mitt Tries to Etch a Sketch his way into the white house

The Good news about any poll that has Obama leading in Nevada is...

How to Spread the Good News of Secularism

Mitt Romney Has Multiple Wives

Clinton Happy To See ‘Old Moderate Mitt’

Ireland 'close to oil billions'


Religious leaders and Russians favored for Nobel Peace Prize

Howard Findman: It's to early to call this election

NATO to discuss Afghan war, reveal new commanders

Bill Clinton: “Here’s Old Moderate Mitt!”

Fifty years after Vatican II, Catholics are still hoping for a new vision

Bill Clinton: “Here’s Old Moderate Mitt.-Where you been boy? I missed you all these last 2 years!"

Mitt's Abortion Etch-a-Sketch

Obama's Wild Ride

The Inevitable Collapse of Organized Religion in America

Shifty Mitt Romney Abortion Stance Changes, As Candidate Says He Won't Push To Restrict Access

Son of Yucca: New Mexico Picks up Repository Baton Dropped by Nevada

Packers player says “refs are out to get us”

Everybody Talks About 'Simpson-Bowles' Again — Here's What It Really Is

Day Of The Girl


Biden needs to call Romney a liar tomorrow night.

N.M. Attorney General Investigating GOP ‘Voter Suppression’

CORRUPTION: Bain-Controlled Company Owns 2012 Voting Machines

If Romney Wins

I really hope the President works in the Supreme Court in the next debate. It is one of the most

Elizabeth Mannering: Milbank's flippant tone toward atheists offensive

So wonder where the Romney boys got their propensity for lying?

Drumbeat: October 10, 2012

Drumbeat: October 10, 2012

Romney, aides can't keep their story straight on reproductive rights

Latino support for GOP plunges in Arizona

Framing the tax debate...

Rise of the atheists: U.S. Protestants lose majority status as church attendance falls

Latest Picture Of Rmoney Captures His True Self.....

Bloomberg is reporting that Democrats are leading in voter registration in four battle ground states

Fish in mom's diet may alter kids' behavior

Moscow Warns over Use of Force Against Iran

As Romney Repeats Trade Message, Bain Maintains China Ties

New Obama Ad: Earned

Vice presidential debate could be a tale of two Ryans

In 1968 my brother was having an eye removed in a field hospital in Vietnam

U.S. Forecasts Record Heating Prices as Winter Returns


Romney's emotional story remembered very differently by friend of fallen SEAL

IF I wanted to build the political version of a WMD to destroy the nation…

Mitt Romney debates himself

Ann Romney To Visit Cancer Center That Benefited From Stimulus Funds

Anti-abortion lawmaker DesJarlais pressures mistress to get abortion

GOP Candidate voted both in Texas and Pennsylvania in 2006, 2008 and 2010 elections

Have you done this yet? Go to Google Images and type in

UPDATE: Cong Scott DesJarlais cheats on wife,knocks up mistress,pushes her to abort. Pro-Life, eh?

Dems keep voter registration lead in 4 Battleground states

Jack Welch Claims Jobs Report Suspicions Correct.....

Mormons for Marriage Equality ‘taken aback’ by church elder’s criticism of same sex parenting

Texas GOP Candidate caught voting in two different states

A great essay from "Tom Joad"

Andrew Cuomo's Road To The White House: Gov Taps NBC Exec Allison Gollust

CNN Calls Romney Out For Giving One Abortion Answer; Conservative National Review, Another

Iowa early vote update:158,261 ballots returned 57-25 Dem advantage

Oct 10 1973 Spiro Agnew resigns for tax evasion

So, if what the media really want is a "horse race"...

Mitt Romney Leads Us Into An Age Of Stupidity

Latino Decisions: Arizona: Obama at 80 percent, leads Romney by 66

Amherst College: “Roasting Fat Ones Since 1847”

100 paces - searching for an entry

The media has always wanted a close election

Anyone else getting pro RW fake CNN emails?

It must be bad for CNN to have to advertise testosterone boosters for men

President Obama says in interview "I got this" and we're going to win

That’s no primate: It’s a fish!

Roosevelt on Republicans

Successful Surgery For Pakistani Girl Whose Shooting Has Caused Outrage

How do you defend against a liar when the audience is predisposed to believe the liar?


from Patrick Murphy, challenging allen west, Florida

Want Another Really Good Laugh? Come see the World Nut Daily Exclusive they are running...


Brazil Sends Troops to Border with Peru and Bolivia to Combat Drug Trafficking

Rasmussen: NM O+11; CT O+6; NV tie; CO O+1; IA O+2; Consumer Confidence +7

I still think the Gallegher brothers from Oasis are a pair of douchebags but...

Alex Karras has passed away

Sceptics subconsciously repress supernatural thoughts

Obama Says He Was ‘Just Too Polite’ at Debate

This would be an Awesome independent-expenditure ad...

Obama Administration Issues Written Deportation Guidelines for Binational Couples

CEO tells employees vote for romney or else

The Last Word - Romney runs from 47 percent tape, again

Florida Election software Flips Vote: Losers Certified as Winners

Why Arizona may be the surprise of 2012 – the big Latino vote that you didn’t see coming

The perception that Romney is leading

Today in Peace and Justice history on October 10, 1963

Is anyone watching Thomas Roberts on MSNBC?

Seriously, I found the absolutely BEST volunteer job EVER!!!

"Having 10 commandments was a marketing decision"

The Last Word - Romney now says he won't push changes to abortion laws

I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#^*CALL DCCC's Red to Blue campaign's Hill office

The American People Need To Vote For Their Best Interests and Stop Being Morons

Sorry, Ann. First Lady, Michelle Obama is more beloved by americans nationwide

Walmart U.S. Layaway Sales Strong Before Holiday Season

'Disaster For Dems'

Israeli Lawmaker Tells Americans On Visit To US That Obama Has ‘Not Been A Friend’ Of Israel

Scott DesJarlais, Pro-Life Republican Congressman And Doctor, Pressured Mistress Patient To Get Abor

Supreme Court takes up affirmative action

Did anybody watch Queen Anne host GMA?

Republican Governor Rick Scott accidentally gives out phone sex hotline number

The End-Times Coalition Crew Breakdown.

Biden, Ryan separated by their common religion

Wealthy Whiners

Romney’s shameless appeal to women

Steven Seagal Responds To Chuck Norris' dire warning for America

The Real Debate

The Last Word - Rewriting Republican's take on Slavery

Mormonism, voter enthusiasm concern evangelicals

"Mind the Gap" Excellent movie!

Tomorrow is International Day of the Girl

A synonym for cutting taxes on the basis of future growth is ...

10 Most Egregious Tax Loopholes

What are the Odds that

BEWARE TX, OH, CO, VA etc: HART eSlate and ePollbook Voting Machines linked to Romney

On Faith And Science: An Idealized Dialogue

Survey USA Ohio: Obama + 1

Democrats on edge amid Obama debate fallout

In a fit of pique, I canceled both Netflix and Hulu last night.

Wet, hot, steamy load. Please come CAPTION Mitt (witless) Romney!!

fungal menigitis

Alex Karras has died.

WilLIARd Mitch Rmoney lying right now in Ohio.

I've got some blatant liar on my TV

Greenwald: US Supreme Court Finalizes Gift of Immunity to the Telecom Giants

Doping agency claims 'overwhelming' proof of cheating by cyclist Armstrong

Test to see if you are an Oklahoma Fan:

Pic Of The Moment: Rock-Solid Romney Stands Firm On Abortion

Laser Pointer Attacks Taking Off: Pose Serious Threat to Aviation Security (FBI) (repost)

Wal-Mart plans to open small stores faster

Congress DOESN’T Really Care About Deficits

PA.'s Education Secretary Shows He is a "Liar and a Cheat", Says Education Blogger

The FDR footage that the Daily Show used

If I were a Republican I'd be upset about the PBS Romney profile

Jason Chaffez-R trumps up "hearings" re US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya

How do I post pics?

Apple I Phone or Samsung Galaxy?

Best Musical Imports from Canada - Rush & Neil Young

South Carolina Voter ID Law Blocked For 2012

Bouncy Bill

Okay, my Republican friend is talking to me again and relayed this information:

One of the highlights of tomorrow's debate

Republican Rassmussan Obama's lead grows in NM 54 - 43

DUers on facebook, please report this page:

President Bill Clinton on Mitt Romney's Debate Performance

Ryan: The lyin’ king The definitive list of the V.P. candidate's untruths, beginning with his epica



Love my 9th Circuit Judges!!!! Great news out of Montana!!

Cross-posted from GD - DUers on facebook, please report this page:

Joe Walsh Attacks Tammy Duckworth With Photo Of Her Picking Out Dress

Appeals court reinstates Montana campaign finance limits

President Obama vows to bring the hurt in the next debate.

Suffolk University calls Florida and Virginia for Romney

If you want to learn about Alex Karas as a football player...

Miami Herald's political writer notes Obama early vote strategy producing long lines -- oh noes!

An Open Letter to Mitt Romney from a business owner.

Joe Walsh Attacks Iraq War Vet, Tammy Duckworth With Photo Of Her Picking Out Dress

wonderful Jimmy Fallon sketch--"Mr Romney's Neighborhood"


N.M. Attorney General Investigating GOP ‘Voter Suppression’

Don't Forget- You Can't Spell Williard Without Liar

Jason Chaffetz cuts funding for embassy security, faults Obama.

Two Points Important to DU

Protecting Religious Freedom and All Marylanders: Rev. Donté Hickman for Question 6

Double down; flip flop; etch a sketch; walked back

The Definitive Timeline Of Romney’s Ever-Evolving Tax Plan

Ted Nugent Accuses "Obama Gang" Of Treason

Beach Boys!

The Problem With the Pew Poll

ARITHMETIC! There is NO WAY 11,000 people fit in this space. (rMoney at Cuyahoga Falls, OH)

Ken Burns: Romney's war on public TV (PBS) is a loss for USA

Former Walker aide's plea deal includes recommended jail time

Pro Scott Brown Super-PAC launches

(Sheriff convicted of crime) Ross Mirkarimi to keep job, supes decide

This fucking election best better fucking work out in our favor...

LGBT 101: History matters

Romney debates himself - flippity floppity floo!

Can We Get Journalists to STAND UP TO LIES?

Rasmussen: Obama takes lead in CO and Iowa, NH tied, still leads CT, NM, NV, PA and WI (updated 3x)

LGBT History Month: 21 Influential Black LGBT Icons

I have a question about polls.

Rasmussen: PENNSYLVANIA (Obama +5)

Romney got a bounce but its fading..

+#^CALL DCCC'S Red to Blue campaign's Hill office

Getting even with repuke house guest

At this time one week ago, the media obsession was "found" ANGRY OBAMA TAPE from 2007

"Mitt, I don't know where you pulled those numbers from..?"

"I think it's fair to say I was just too polite."

Sam Gibbons, congressman and 'true American hero,' dies at age 92

I'm concerned . . . .

Scott DesJarlais, Pro-Life Repub Congressman & Doctor, Pressured Mistress Patient to Get Abortion

Reich: The Politics of Fear and the Party of Non-Voters

Hildegard of Bingen named 34th Doctor of the Church

Who is pulling out of what state? Anyone keeping tabs?

What I saw on a 200 mile road trip this weekend

Happy Birthday to someone who hasn't been in here in a while...

WTF? Giant manure pile dumped at local Democratic headquarters in Ohio

please read link on rMoney in Cuyahoga Falls


Mom Of Slain Former SEAL Killed In Libya Lashes Out At Romney

Microsoft CEO's bonus trimmed for Windows, browser misstep

Gallup 7-day tracking poll update: O 50%, R 45% among RVs... R 48%, O 48% among LVs.

Wed Gallup: Obama +5 with reg voters (+2) and tied with likely (+2)

Mitt Romney's emotional story remember different

Gallup: LV 48-48 Romney -2, RV 50-45 Obama +2; Obama Approval still +11

Gallup LV Obama (D) 48% Romney ($) 48% /RV Obama 50% -Romney 45% Approve/Disapprove 53%-42%

Thom Hartmann: Greece vs. Iceland - are we seeing the collapse of Globalism?

Juan Cole: Mitt Romney made clear his intention to intervene in Syria

how the hype became bigger than the presidential election

Why is it that term limits on the President is OK but term limits on Senators or Representatives

Here's a line that would make Mitt's head explode in a Foreign Policy Debate

DailyKOS just posted this on Florida don't know yet what poll this is coming from

"Mitt Romney said he has no plans to push for legislation limiting abortion"

for Heidi Heitkamp, ND:

When you give conservatives (or liberals) bad news in your polls, ...

Romney/Ryan favorite weapon: Projection

Pan Atlantic SMS poll: MAINE - SENATE - King (I) +26 it intuition.

It was all part of Obama's rope a dope plan!

Ross Mirkarimi to keep job, supes decide

Romney Declines To Take Position On NDAA At Town Hall

"It's wrong to use these brave young men, who wanted freedom for all, to degrade Obama."

UNF FL Poll Obama +4

Can you help this old timer?

Why is PA. Legislature Making It Easier to Sell Public Parks? Phil Inquirer Editorial

Bill Clinton's perfect response to Romney's debate bullshit:

Who creates jobs? 1) people who earn good money for good work & 2) people who borrow money to spend.

Mom Of Slain Former SEAL Killed In Libya Lashes Out At Romney

Brand Spanking New Florida Poll -Obama -49% (D) Romney ($) 45%

Obama wins by landslide in 7-Eleven coffee cup survey


PA. Legislature May Exempt Charter School Managers From Right to Know Law

Mother of Navy Seal killed in Libya speaks out

Mother Of Slain SEAL Tells Romney To Stop Talking About Her Son

Send in... THE BIDEN!!!

Prison Rape - a 6-0 hide! Yay - Some folks get it.

Who will say, “I just want to smoke it”?

"Mr. Ryan, can you name 1 piece of legislation you created to help the middle class? Just one."

An Immune Disorder at the Root of Autism

Wanna have a little fun? Go to Google Images and type in Completely Wrong

Gov. Rick Scott gives number to wrong kind of hotline during health briefing

Has an organization ever encouraged workers to strike... using financial incentives??? :)

I really want to thank the folks in the Lounge for helping me get through this tough time

Debate Commission Adviser: Obama Attendance At Moderator’s Wedding Not An Issue

I am SICK AND TIRED of the corpo-media establishment blaming PRESIDENT OBAMA for MITT ROMNEY'S LIES

Speaking of gorillas:

Don't Knock the 'Big Bird' Strategy -- Recent Googling of Big Bird particularly high in swing states

Chavez invites Capriles for a pleasant discussion and a call for national unity

Rasmussen: WISCONSIN - Obama +2

CBS4 Investigates: Palm Beach County’s 2012 Ballot Debacle...

Armstrong Was at Center of Doping Program, Agency Says

Too Much Optimism Here Right Now

I'm guessing California Peggy is going thru a mid-life crisis but this is crazy

Tomorrow will Biden bring up Ted Kennedy's description of Mitt Romney...

Turkish State TV: Turkey Forces Syrian Airplane to Land at Ankara Airport

Wikileaks will begin releasing emails referring to Obama,Biden,Romney & their parties

Romney says won't pursue new abortion laws

Luck is also Good.

CEO to Workers: I May Fire You if Obama Wins

Army to Congress: Thanks, but no tanks

Finally a way to get men to study geography

GOP Tool du Jour Steve Pearce (R-NM) Falsely Claims ‘Almost All’ Clean Energy Companies Go Bankrupt

Question for those who oppose the Electoral College:

Anyone watching the Libya hearings?

Inglewood Oil Field fracking study finds no harm from the method

Pastor: Pray and Work to Defeat Obama

I'm back from vacation! What did I miss?

Mother of slain Navy SEAL: Romney shouldn’t politicize son’s death

Will Biden use the "L" word in the debate?

As Millions Buy iPhone 5, Chinese Workers at Apple Plant Foxconn Protest Work Conditions


Conservative just totally body-slammed Romney

Hawaii Historic Preservation Agency Says It's Improved

Its not April, Mr. Cantor.

Ryan/Romney Plan For Head Start - Turn It Over To The Churches Under ===

Thom Hartmann: Daryl Hannah on the TransCanada pipeline

Its not April, Mr. Cantor.


Taxpayers Fund Charter Cable’s Corporate Welfare Move to Connecticut, Where New CEO Already Lives

When talking to a tea bagger, don't debate their talking point.

As Romney Repeats Trade Message, Bain Maintains China Ties

Where are the NBC/Marist, Quinnipiac,ABCNews ect

What the?! ABC NEWS is frikin' on it with this article: "Mitt Romney's Abortion Evolution"

Too late to Recommend (edited)

Just received my absentee ballot...........

Who "accidently" crashes a party?

As Texas Pipeline Blockade Continues, Activists Challenge First U.S. Tar Sands Mine in Utah

Jason Chaffetz Admits House GOP Cut Funding For Embassy Security: 'You Have To Prioritize Things'

Media Reacts To Conan [O'Brien]'s Same-Sex Wedding

Check out the new shirt that is based on Chris Kluwe...

Obama: ‘I Was Just Too Polite’ In Debate

David Sirota: Working at right-wing radio a "withering psychological assault"

UPDATE: Mitt Romney Won't Mention Glen Doherty, Slain Former Navy SEAL, After Mother's Complaint

Dragon Successfully Captured and Berthed at Space Station

Right wing pollster RASSMUSSEN has Obama ahead in PA by 5 points today

Google-completely wrong

If Voters Were Not So Shallow The Debate Would Not Really Matter Because ----


Ann Romney To Visit Cancer Center That Benefited From Stimulus Funds

Ras shows NH tie

Videos An Urban Farm Puts New Orleans Teens to Work

IBD/TIPP: Who are these people?

Mitt's debate 'hanky-panky'??

The "Game of Thrones" ("A Song of Fire and Ice") Books *****NO SPOILERS*****

An opening line for next Obama/Rummy debate

Rep. Broun Spox: Comments Decrying Science As Satanic Lie Were ‘Off Record’

Did you know that "Mother Of Slain SEAL Tells Romney To Stop Talking About Her Son ("I Don't Trust

A girl can dream .... These are my thoughts on what I would like Obama to say ...

Poll: 55 Percent Support Ballot Initiative Legalizing Gay Marriage In Maine

TPM: Men favor Romney by 21 points?

Milbank: House GOP cut embassy security funding $331 million in fiscal 2012

Romney's "bounce" was barely there. Temporary blip is disapating quickly.

Supreme Court justices skeptical of affirmative action for college

Remember Republican George Bush allowed North Korea to build a Nuclear bomb in 2006.

JPMorgan CEO Dimon: I'll pay more in individual taxes

Social conservative Tony Perkins: Romney camp called him to confirm he still backs pro-life bills

Thom Hartmann's producer Shane on the news (10/10/12)...NICOLE SANDLER fills in for Thom today!

President Obama's approval UP to 53%

So, what time is the next landmark poll coming out?

UNF poll reveals slight lead for Obama in Florida

Romney Debates Himself

Mitt Romney’s Weaselly Abortion Lie

This land belongs to me. And you. And them. Oh, and those guys

Gallup: Presidential Race Tied Again, Obama Approval Rating Still Above 50 Percent

On bigotry and solidarity

Our little putrid friend has once again clawed his way out of his mom's basement

Toon: The Great Divide

You are a liar. You are a Cheater. You make us look bad in the eyes of the entire world.

GOP Close To Libertarian Nirvana ----

A Public Service Announcement On The Reliability Of IBDTIPP Polls

If, heaven forbid, Mil liar d wins:

Say you needed a job, and then got offered a position from a company that you despise

Tweet from Joe Biden: Paul Ryan’s last major speech was called “stunning for its dishonesty.”

University of Florida Poll: Obama up 49-45 (among reg voters 51-42 Obama)

Darrell Issa has no shame / House opens hearing on consulate attack in Libya

The new Ken Blackwell

OBAMA TO US: "I got this."

Bad-lip-reading of the first debate. Side splitting!

Arrests at Bain-Owned Sensata Plant

US Resources Exploited Under R$R Will Go To Our Enemies And The World Market ----

Just in case you missed it, Obama's Approval Rating Just Caught Up to Reagan's and Clinton's for

A Romney "surge"? A.B. Stoddard warning on this

Assault survivors speak out against Akin in McCaskill ads

Chris Kluwe Sticks it to the Archbishop

Take a second and do this. Trust me, you'll love it.

Straw poll about unwanted advances in public places

Orkin guy was here - did not make my day - he and his wife voting for willard n/t

Ann: "They're burning," she muttered through clenched teeth to an unseen minion

CEO emails 7,000 employees: Defeat Obama or else

Can you guys define a "bump" for me because the Corporate Media has me confused...

Anyone want a gas-saving Commuter Vehicle? I'm selling my beloved 125cc Scooter..

So I went and had my flu shot today.

Mitt, Just Trust Me...

Chris Christie Denies Mitt Romney Shift On Abortion: 'He Is Deeply Committed' To Anti-Abortion Agend

FDR: Let Me Warn You

About those misogynist facebook pages...

Now we hear all the media hysteria over the Issa hearings on Libya. By the

Colorado votes (or not, if they're Democrats)

Anyone in SoCal/San Diego want a good commuter vehicle? I'm selling my beloved 125cc scooter.

“Veterans were very offended” by Romney

If The Dumb Asses In The Electorate Fall For This Latest Group Of Lies And Mittwit Wins -----

Republican Senator and Vietnam Veteran endorses President Obama over Mitt Romney

Republican Senators Vote Against Veterans

Pussy Riot member freed as two bandmates face exile to prison camp

Homeless Veterans: Whose Responsibility?

Australian PM Launches Blistering Attack Against Conservative Misogyny

New term for MIRT members opening up!

Lee Fang, The Nation - "Tagg Team: The Romney Family Recipe for Crony Capitalism"

Australian PM Launches Blistering Attack Against Conservative Misogyny

Do You Have A Favorable Or Unfavorable Opinion Of S. E. Cupp?

Vaginal Probe Stars In North Carolina Democrat's Ad

First pro-equality commercial out for Maryland!

Romney Proudly Explains How He's Turned Campaign Around. 'I'm Lying More,' He Says

I've stopped sharing on FaceBook

Why DU sometimes feels like it's a suicide hotline

Mitt Romney - The Liar by Yikes McGee

Worthless Piece of Donkey Dung Michael Vick Owns a Dog

RCP Electoral Map Changes

Cecelia Crawford's letter to Rmoney, asking for Big Bird's reprieve

Typing ‘Completely Wrong’ in Google Images Yields Romney Photos

AmericaBlog's Gaius Publius On Bernie Sanders' Warning That Obama Wants To Cut Social Security

here's the title of the hearings in the house of reps....'The Security Failures of Benghazi'

What's the general meme about Romney amongst the populace ?

Cleveland Browns game leads son to stab father over bet

Moral Dilemma Poll - RE: Chick-Fil-A!!!

Good days, bad days, we get through them, don't we!

The Rmoney Surge is invented.

Gotta watch Ohio State's Marching Band's Tribute to Video Games.

Study challenges assumptions on wartime sexual violence


Josh Mandel flops at editorial board meeting

Romney's Bain advisers aided China, Russia growth

Judges Doubt Need for Secrecy in Bradley Manning Court-Martial

Mr. Romney's Neighborhood

JUST IN: Romney reveals why he wants to get rid of BIG BIRD!

Prediction. Romney's weasel wording on abortion is going to hurt him in the polls.

Saturn in Scorpio

A Little Late for a Pivot, Isn’t It?

Bill Clinton Asks Moderate Mitt ‘Where Ya Been, Boy?’

Cross Post to GD: Election official finally admits vote flipping certified wrong winners

Teacher Finally Resigns After Antigay Facebook Rant

The UnCOLA: Social Security Recipients To Get Puny Cost-Of-Living Boost (1.5% to 1.7%) In 2013

Paul Ryan is much smarter than Joe Biden and Mitt Romney

What Will Happen To The Stock Mkt If - Rmoney Wins - If - Obama Wins......

Strange Bedfellows: Scientology and The Nation Of Islam

Willard finally has a position that he does not flip-flop on

Romney and his family need to be buried in this election.

(Florida pastor Terry) Jones protest at Dearborn school ends quietly

Pastor Terry Jones brings gun to high school to protest ‘Muslim gangs’

PPP Romney +11 in Hanna Montana

OH, THE IRONY.... (Fox & *cough* Truth)

Wow, Obama really didn't do well in that debate.

Rand Paul bashes Romney on Reckless Foreign Policy Stance

Why is the MSM still covering the loon jack welch?

Does anyone know if this is true about Mitt Romney? If so why is it not been talk about that much?

Beyonce quits Clint Eastwood remake of 'A Star Is Born'

President Obama holds sizable 4 pt. lead in FL in New Poll

So DU is officially Bi-Poll-ar...

Wolf Murderer

Rives Miller Grogan, Anti-Abortion Protester, Runs On Field With Mitt Romney Sign, Delays NLDS Game

Romney backs off of dead ex-SEAL story After Complaints from SEAL's Family

How human is Ann Romney

France sets marriage equality draft law date

Nate Silver

Romney Campaign Timing Claim Contradicts Story Written By Romney Aide

Chasing Mitt.

Not a Normal Person

Planning My November 7th Gravedance on Rmoney's Six-Year Candidacy.

Affirmative Action - a Poll

welcome to tennessee

I think I just crapped my pants: Mitt Romney Answers Questions on Household Appliances

What's with This?: "You're Angry"; "You're sad"; "You have stress"; "You're worried."

Freepers and other pro-Life Conservatives are apoplectic about Romney's abortion flip-flops

What Everyone Needs To Know Before Watching The VP Debate

Study challenges assumptions on wartime sexual violence

Thom Hartmann: Now Ireland is Nationalizing the Banks

Working the Refs, Not Debate, is Responsible for Romney's "Bounce"

U.S. Protestants Lose Majority Status

Romney Is RE-IMPLODING! The Romney UNRAVEL Has Begun Anew!

Can we talk about the unemployment rate.

Lawyer: Banning ‘ex-gay’ therapy like requiring patients to embrace alcoholism

romney declared he will do away with planned parenthood

Casino CEO Wynn says he’s afraid to build in Las Vegas because of Obama

Int'l groups ask to investigate crimes against unionists under ex-president .

"...going from pledging his support for more teachers to downplaying the necessity of hiring them"

International Day of the Girl

How to Shut Down Reddit’s CreepShots Once and for All: Name Names

Good to see Chris, Tweety, disucssing planned parenthood and Mitt's view

In 5 Seconds, Chaffetz Breaks The World Record In Hypocrisy Over Embassy Security 'Scandal.'

More on Saturn in Scorpio

Bee mad @ the gop, I AM

RNC spokesman Defends fighting Nonexistent Voting Fraud

Etch a Sketch Romney

Ex-paramilitary leader sentenced to 24 more years for massacre .

Ex-paramilitary leader sentenced to 24 more years for massacre .

A never ending source of hilarity

Inconsistencies in Anoka (MN) parade's denial of gay youth group

Mike Leach compares WSU seniors to 'empty corpses'

Lunch With Me, and Nancy Pelosi

"Bill of Reproductive Rights"

Former inmate to be paid over $55K for inhumane prison conditions .

Mother of Slain Navy SEAL Scolds Romney

Good image from Clay Bennett

Thomas Roberts RIPS RNC Spicer

Can we talk about computers counting our votes?

Any Jonathon Tropper fans here ?

Is it safe to watch MSNBC (Tweety, et al) today (Wednesday)?

Mitt Romney Reveals His Magical Tax Plan Math. And It Look Just Like Bush's.

Bill to regulate euthanasia passes 1st Congressional vote in Colombia .

Visit Beautiful Alaska

Joe Biden is no lightweight

Martin Bashir - Romney abortion flip-flop complicates Ryan’s debate ‘Jell-O’

The debate we should have had.

Jackson: A Vote For Obama Is A Vote Against God

"Forget Big Bird. What about the Snuffleupagus in the room?"

A video from the past I think Mitt needs to see, it is a great little song about the little guy.

... The higher a country's chocolate consumption, the more Nobel laureates it spawns per capita

Help me please if you can. I bought a Unlocked clone phone from China and a sim from Straight talk

Just wanted to share this for single friends - really good advice...

E.Klein: In excitable pundits vs. political scientists, I’ll take political scientists every time

All robo-call polling is Useless

FAUX News Poll Romney 46/ Obama 45 LV Oct 7 to Oct 9

Want to see a good Dem debater? Go to CSPAN and watch John Tester in action. He knows how to do it.

Roosevelt shows one way to deal with crackpots

What do think Biden will do tomorrow with Eddie Munster? What's his team telling him?

I'm so disgusted with people

TPM Election Scoreboard has Obama at 270 today (10/10/12)

Romney’s X Rays Reveal Shocking Condition

Hi everyone, quiet in these parts. What's going on?

Martin Bashir - Romney’s flip-flops on abortion, defense – again

Tweety had a good point

Study maps greenhouse gas emissions to building, street level for U.S. cities

Romney Camp to Donor Accused of Racketeering, ‘We get a lot of charges, this will go away’

Shit, I don't even know *what* to think anymore

Charlie Fuqua, Arkansas Legislative Candidate, Endorses Sterilization For Non-Supportive Parents

old Car, older lady

Epic Squee with extra Squee on the side

Scott Brown prepares for tonight's debate between 7 and 8

I think for the upcoming debates

''Mister Romney's Neighborhood'' (Jimmy Fallon)

I ran 50 Simulations on 270 to

Conservatives remind Romney of abortion pledge

Followup to my video of today, this one shows Leading Republicans Calling Romney a Liar

Billionaires Get 'Low-Income' Tax Breaks in Condo Tower

I HATE it when the stores put up their decorations too early. Check out this wretched example:

xpost from Vid & Mult: Leading Republicans Calling Romney a Liar one right after the other

Jack Welch’s Gallup problem

ABC's Diane Sawyer's Interview Tonight with President Obama. Video at link.

The Real Mitt Romney

Just how disgustingly dishonest are the

14 Y.O. Pakistani Girl Shot in Head for Going to School

Motorists warned about counterfeit air bags

"The New New Romney Is a New Kind of Mendacious Liar" by Charles P. Pierce at Esquire

If all Eligible Voters voted we would never lose.

Mitt Romney needs to be nailed by the press for being indecisive.

Haborside Health Center: Oakland Files Lawsuit Against Feds to Prevent Closure of Pot Club

rMoney repeating debate lies in Cuyahoga Falls, OH speech

New England Tar Sands Pipeline Plotted 'Behind Closed Doors'

U.S. Sets Tariffs on Chinese Solar Panels

(Jay Rockefeller, D-WV) Senator Opens Investigation of Data Brokers

Climate Change Behind Rise in Weather Disasters

It occurs to me that Jason Chaffetz is Seth McFarlane's evil twin.

RELASE: 13,734 emails covering Mitt Romney or the GOP from intelligence contractor Stratfor

"9 Things That Show Mitt Romney Is Morally Bankrupt" by Adele M. Stan at AlterNet

Am I the only one who watches, 'Saving Silverman', 3ish times every time crap-cable runs

UK Weathermen Sued Over Pessimistic ( rain) Forecasts

AFL-CIO: Children Speak Out Against the American Crystal Sugar Company Lockout (BCTGM)

CNN is going to cover the SEAL's mother's request Romney to stop talking about her son --

I am glad Big Dog called rmoney "boy"...

What Everyone Needs To Know Before Watching The VP Debate

Romney's policy process

Slave states vs. free states, 2012

U.S. has sent troops to Jordan-Syria border, Panetta says

Is Thin-Film Solar Dead?

Photo: Mitt Romney Breaking Ground at Public Broadcasting, 2005

Maybe it's better to have a crook in the office instead of a nice guy.

I Wonder if My Pastor Will Backtrack

Wonkette finds a fun Iowa story "‘Jail Is For Democrats,’ Explains Awesome Racist Drunk GOP Mom

Hydrogen Cars: A Dream That Won't Die

Just saw an ad from a conservative super pac that puts a man who grew up

Obama Internal Polls Still Show Leads in Swing States

Not understanding

Wal-Mart Strikes

PPP:Gary Johnson taking more votes from Obama in Nevada

Plouffe calls concerned Democrats "bed-wetters"???

Ok, what is the very best way to defend against a flip-flopper

Obama: Romney trying ‘to cloud’ abortion stance

Gallup Increases Cell-Phone Respondents In Tracking Polls To 50 Percent

"And the award for innovation in interest rate manipulation goes to ..."

President Obama - STAND UP AND FIGHT!

PPP: Obama leading in Nevada 51-47

Sandra Fluke Defends Stacey Dash From Criticism Over Pro-Mitt Romney Tweet

OK Lounge, Tuesday Afternoon needs some vibes and I know y'all got em. Give 'em up!

The *REAL* racism is Ms. Fisher assuming that "her spot" was taken by a black person...

I got polled twice this season for the NY 11 congressional district. Anyone have new info on NY 11?

Shopping tips for Halloween candy

My Balance: Mercedez Munro

Conservatives screech bias over Raddatz

Post from @moronwatch on Twitter

Shouldn't anyone be discussing this (statement) portion of Romney's debate?

Hello, everyone.

I live in California I am from N.Y. and I remember

Straws in the wind

YUCK! This Meat is SPOILED!!!

What Everyone Needs To Know Before Watching The VP Debate

Romney Criticizes Obama For Proposing To Hire More Teachers

Unitarians Seeking Those With No Religious Affiliation

Romney Expresses Support For Bi-Partisan Healthcare Legislation With Federal Insurance Mandate

German cabinet approves controversial circumcision bill

Romney ad in Florida

What I find most interesting about the Romney and kids photo

I wish I would have seen R.E.M. Live. I saw Pink Floyd Live in 1975

CARTOON: The Romney "Bounce"

Today's two media heroes: Thomas Roberts & Soledad O'Brien

Why do they bother? When will they learn?

How does Elizabeth Warren's chart look for this election? We need this woman in the Senate.

National debt/current deficits not Obama's fault

Excellent FDR clip shown on the Daily Show last night. He nails Mitt from the grave.

REPUKE State Rep: 'some girls, he said, 'they rape so easy.'

Ann Can't Cook.

Union Members Stave off Attack on Tunisian Trade Union (200 thugs wielding rocks and bottles)

Mitt, He's A PLAYER Alright...

A warm snuggle, good night

Death by cockroach

Oct 10 1957...Ike apologizes for racist treatment....

If you can't trust a man with your dog...

SF 49ers QB Alex Smith on meeting President Obama: ‘Very cool, huge honor’

John Ewing for Congress NE-CD-02

This disturbed me; thought it should disturb you too: "I was in the middle of a Paul Ryan sandwich"

Go to Hell, Mittens! Freeport's Not Going Down Without a Fight!

Fascinating: comparing Reuters/Ipsos poll for Oct 2 to Oct 10

'I'm A Mormon' ads have exploded on Hulu.

So, I am over freaking out.

Video: Romney Debates Romney!

The moderator in the Warren / Brown debate, Jim Madigan, was pretty good.