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Archives: June 10, 2012

A video in defense of Sweatshops

Looking for Some 1970's 1980's Cold War Movie Thrillers

Wind-driven Colorado wildfire prompts dozens of evacuations

A couple of pictures from my garden:

Austerity Survival Guide (Photo)

Worst car you've ever owned? Me: VW Dasher

Certain cancers to be included in 9/11 compensation fund

Power doesn't always corrupt. Power can cleanse-Robert Caro on LBJ

This week's- Wait,Wait...Don't Tell Me!

Four Decades Ago, a Senator Warned About the Revolving Door of the Military-Industrial Complex


W.Va. Dems back Obama at state convention

Close race for 9th and 10th spots for the June Finals...

How Racist Are We? Ask Google

Has anyone ever seen a Nissan Leaf on the road?

It is not a race between two competing ideologies...

Go Kings!

Counter-terrorism unit to protect Alberta energy industry (from, you know, protesters)

Have you seen this?

Texas Democratic Party adopts 2012 platform with strong gun-hostile verbage


We've all heard the "Face Eater" zombie smoked marijuana.

How about we have another space race?

Mother arrested for faking daughter's terminal cancer

Missouri Democrats unite behind Obama at state convention

Awoke after a dream,

Awoke from a dream!

"Corporate criminals gone wild" by Andrew Leonard at Salon

International Court Team Is Held in Libya

Scary tidbit from my sociology textbook:

Just back from the state convention, it lasted until 7 PM.

I was listening to the radio this evening and they mentioned the passage of the 26th Amendment

"Romney: Employees Should Know Political Implications of Their Votes" by Rebekah Metzler

White supremacist who intimidated locals arrested in Mexico

No Official Douchebag Game Threads?

"Romney is wrong on tax cuts" by Fareed Zakaria at WP

Sam Harris Says Qur’an “Not That Good”

State of Emergency declared Pensacola

in case you missed it

State of Emergency declared Pensacola Fl

Powerful earthquake hits off northeastern Taiwan

"Poll: Rubio’s DREAM Act Even Less Popular Among Latinos Than Mitt Romney" by Henry Decker

Terry Jones questioned by Secret Service for hanging effigy of President Obama

New "Big Brother" strategy for credit ratings: Monitor social media for personal details

Myanmar steps up security after Muslim-Buddhist violence

Why 2012 Matters - not only a good read, but a great read.

Scott Brown's friend Curt Schilling personal ownership guru leaves Rhode Island in the lurch

Invasive species ride tsunami debris to US shore

Arnie Gundersen will be on Coast to Coast AM radio show tonight (Sat Jun 9)

velvet underground - venus in furs

Cow Appreciation Day!

UPDATE: My father is doing well and is out of the hospital. Turns out the infection was caused by

PBS filming TV series at dig site near Crow Canyon

"What's wrong with this picture?"

What are you reading the week of June 10, 2012?

Best commercial ever? Maybe!

Fuck you, earth. It's OUR coal now

Sunday Talk Shows

bless the french

35mm movie film print production / projection to cease worldwide by 2015

"Poll: Political independents outweigh partisans" By JENNIFER AGIESTA, Associated Press

When you don't do well in school you might become a Republican.

Why 2012 Matters - crossposting from Good Reads - well worth checking out

Venezuela's Chavez says tests show him in good health

"Obama Steps on Message, GOP Steps on Economy" By Jonathan Chait at New York

Tommy Chong just announced he has cancer on CNN.

Fuck it all, GF of 4 months just broke up w/ me, time to drink

174-foot Army landing craft runs aground, spills fuel into Alaskan bay

A serious question: Has Reality TV help to dumb down our society? I'm not saying it is all the

Health-care exchanges in many states held up by pending Supreme Court ruling

President Obama Addresses Netroots Nation 2012

Republicans Plot to Steal White House

Celtics - Heat.

Another "conservative" hypocrite...


Rand Paul Gloats About Scott Walker Recall Win At CPAC Chicago

Chile’s Smog Still Deadly

PPP poll: Little-known Nan Rich trounces Rick Scott

Pennsylvania gives Shell a sweet, crude deal

Race horse rescued from certain death

The Real News Should Fed Intervene in Spanish Bond Market?

Gloat Free NBA Post-Season Scores (Saturday, June 9)

"In Era of Cheap Money, Consumers Are Shut Out" By NATHANIEL POPPER and TARA SIEGEL BERNARD

Congrat's to the Heat fans here. A hard fought series.

Isis Chillage Time

Dont Trust the Librul Meedia!

The original "Brideshead Revisited"

45 McDonald’s Items Not Available In The U.S. That Should Be


"Romney touts his Massachusetts record as fiscal hawk" (not so much) - LA Times

PHOTOS: Joe Biden Had An Epic Waterfight With Kids Today

Infamous GOP job creators, where are you? Here are some jobs you can save NOW!

The Casino dropped the charges...

What's for Dinner ~ Sunday June 10th

LOL - #Libya #ICCBra

Afghan government warns US over 'one-sided' airstrike that killed 18

Who is better Bill Press or Stephanie Miller??

Scientists are accused of distorting theory of human evolution by misdating bones

Scientists are accused of distorting theory of human evolution by misdating bones

Police Officers, Fed Up with Rick Scott, Leave Republican Party En Masse


*** June Contest Finals are in GD

Some people believe the gas tax should be much higher than current rate.

TCM Schedule for Tuesday, June 12: Flashbacks in Noir


"I Side With"

AZ candidate's gun use in ad walks fine political line

Here's an even faster/easier/creepier version of Google Street View/satellite view.

Is Glenn Greenwald trying to save face?

Why did Rand Paul forsake his dad Ron Paul for Mitt Romney?

TCM Schedule for Wednesday, June 13: The Immigrant Experience

just in some kind of mood tonight...

Gloat Free Baseball Scores (Saturday, June 9)

Arnie Gundersen will be on Coast to Coast AM tonight (Sat Jun 9)

Michigan's New Anti-Abortion Law Nation's Worst...

Our Story In 2 Minutes

More Snapple cap trivia

Pridefest: Stonewall Occupied

EPA fears toxic spread from tainted pool found under Garfield plant

I've ridden a few horses in my day, but this was really and truely a first for me...

Relatively Unknown Court Victory Could Be A Big Step Toward LGBT Equality

Israelis flock by the thousands to Tel Aviv's annual Gay Pride Parade

Adolfo Calero: Commander of the US-backed Nicaraguan guerrilla group the Contras

Notice any evidence of paid crowdsourcing to flood comment sections, etc., by conservative groups?

Is the upcoming "Father's Day" bringing anyone else tremendous feelings of grief/guilt?

Nixon 'Far Worse' Than Thought Say Watergate Reporters

Best Simpsons season?

Sen.Sherrod Brown smacks down Dana Loesch at NN12:

A Western Outpost Shrinks on a Remote Island Now in Japanese Hands

3 Auburn football players shot- 2 dead (deaths confirmed, but not names)

New rocket plane to begin space tourist launches in 2014 (XCOR suborbital)

Israel sees N.K. threat 40 years on

Is Dream Chaser the new space shuttle?

NATO Will Not Launch Air Raids Near Homes, Says Afghanistan

Fred Karger, LDS gay rights advocate, takes on Bishop Romney in Utah primary.

Three dead, two injured in shooting at Auburn University housing complex

Katy Perry could play Freddie Mercury's girlfriend in new film of Queen singer's life

New national curriculum 'to make languages compulsory from seven'

Uribe's sister-in-law and niece to be extradited on drug trafficking charges: Report .

Uribe's sister-in-law and niece to be extradited on drug trafficking charges: Report .

Democrats target gun laws, other issues

Undoing health law could have messy ripple effects

Our Animal Natures

Fairmount Hotel loses canine concierge to bone cancer

Risky Rise of the Good-Grade Pill

Your Sunday LOLcats (dial-up warning) Don't Call Me Shirley Edition

Timothy Bradley Jr. earns stunning, controversial split-decision win over Manny Pacquiao

NJ's 9th Congressional District: This is what democracy looks like.

Banks get better at hiding fees.

If the Union Members are going to not support themselves then why should I continue to support them?

Netroots Rock Star Darcy Burner Reveals Winning Plan for Progressives

As Japan debris washes up in the US, scientists fear break in natural order

FaceBook's new privacy policy vote -- 900 million users cast only 350,000 votes

Union members make the union

From The Real News. European banks using crisis to tear apart the safety net. Take note US voters

John Nichols: A 'hugely scary' money power win

Dante's Prayer

So, the Farm Bill........

How much does it cost you to get to work?

Iowa Public radio aired Governor stating Pink Slime makers civil rights violated.

I have been chuckling about this all morning

Earthquake in the mediterranean this morning.

Official: Egypt's Mubarak in critical condition

Justice for Tasered 8-Months-Pregnant Woman!

According to...

Hammond replaces Bopp on RNC -- This is big!

Surfing the channels this morning

More therapy, less medications.

Buildings destroyed, people missing in Colorado wildfire

It's SUNDAY everyone!

There's a turtle in my yard!

5 Scientific Explanations for Game of Thrones’ Messed-Up Seasons

Syrian National Council picks Abdelbaset Sayda as leader

Sorry, Young Man, You're Not the Most Important Demographic in Tech

Modern thinker asking the hard questions

Hasidic Jew who had hoped to join NYPD is kicked out of police academy over beard length

Some asked "are we living in a bubble?", I think ...

Friends of Judy (Dorothy)

Catch 23:

Anyone gotten one of the "caging list letters" or whatever they're called to challenge a voter?

This Republican Economy by Paul Krugman

From the Tennessee Aquarium at Chattanooga...

government worker and unionize host help defeat government workers and other unionized workers

From the Tennessee Aquarium at Chattanooga...

Re Charlie Crist & Jim Greer controversy. How it played out in the Orlando Sentinel..

GREAT news about "Meet the Press"

I don't know if ...

Message to Big Oil...

David Axelrod: Mitt Romney ‘Living on a Different Planet’ on Economy

Krugman: If You Don't Know Multiple People Who Are Suffering, You're Maybe a Member of the Romney Cl

Born To Be Wild: Catholic Nuns Hit The Road

OK, time to post again the 14 defining characteristics of fascism.

Calif. megachurch Crystal Cathedral gets new name

Please those who are Grammar-lovers or find Grammar errors keeps you from enjoying or debating

Well played, Senator:

My mother was just watching the women's golf tournament, and they broke for a Viagra commercial

Today in Wanton Malevolence


"Weird Willard" Romney says "Yes I can!"


County elections chiefs to state: We won’t resume voter purge program

looking for a good 26x1.95 kevlar belted MTB tire. slick or semi slick.

Born To Be Wild: Catholic Nuns Hit The Road (NPR)

PHOTO: If you're looking for an AFFORDABLE and MEMORABLE cruise, think "MiddleFingerMom Travel."

Franciscan friars back American nuns in Vatican spat

PHOTO: I'm THRILLED with my new iPhone 5GS, but...the battery life kinda SUCKS.

An important moment on Bill Maher Friday

Liberals Are Ruining America. I Know Because I Am One.

Since his FAILED run for GOP Presidential candidate, Santorum's new projects are shaking things UP.

Inventions you wish you came up with...Mantihose

Lost the Vote? Deny the money.

Why Should a Woman Be More Like a Man to Succeed?

49 Years After Kennedy Signed The Equal Pay Act, Women Still Earn 77 Cents To A Man’s Dollar

Romney's Creepy Fake Cop Act Extends To Staffers

Rainy, lazy Sunday.

How the NRA and Its Allies Helped Spread a Radical Gun Law Nationwide

June 8, 2012 | Moyers & Company

FL Attorney: Zimmerman legal team expected to request immunity hearing, could result in "game over"

Galllup is an overrated, moronic organization

In Egypt the liberals did all the heavy lifting but then they took their eye off the ball

Buzzfeed: Obama Super PAC steps up Bain Capital Attack

Elite Military Forces Are Denied in Bid for Expansion

Republicans Block Online Disclosure Of Campaign Television Ad Spending

When CON/Repub/Teabaggers spout "cut government"

Is this habitat display too small? ** Pic Heavy**

Pastor risks church for his principles

Did Republicans deliberately crash the US economy?

100 years of mystery: The Villisca ax murders (8 dead)

Heard today: It's women's fault.

The Library of Utopia

What America Can Learn From Germany's Justice System

Daniels: End public worker unions

Huge march in support of Capriles candidacy in Caracas (live)

Letter asks retiring members of Congress if negotiating for lobbying job and posts responses

Best Political Cartoons of the Week

Liz Cheney suggests Obama personally behind intelligence leaks

Is the President or the Generals calling the shots on the drone attacks?

Helicopter crash kills Kenyan gov't minister, 5 others outside capital of Nairobi

Why is the spelling of ad (advertisement) so confused with add (adding and subtracting)

What Lincoln Foresaw: Corporations Being "Enthroned" After the Civil War (Photo)

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels (R):"there should be no public worker unions"

Firemen, Teachers, & Policemen

The Spread of Sacrifice Zones book by Chris Hedges

Nigeria: Gunmen attack churches

The Crazy Lie of "Pinkwashing" and the Liberal Case for Israel

The Crazy Lie of "Pinkwashing" and the Liberal Case for Israel

The 401(k) System: Great for Wall Street, Bad for Retirees

US Military Lobbies For War With Syria

A while back, someone posted a link for improving cell service.

Mad Men season finale tonight - who's tuning in? (Caution-may be spoilers inside from last episodes)

Honeybee virus: Varroa mite spreads lethal disease

Libya puts back election date by 18 days

why you consent to nothing

Assad forces renew Homs assault


Woodward and Bernstein: 40 years after Watergate, Nixon was far worse than we thought

Scott Walker: GOP can't win referendum on Obama

Dinner with Obama? Anyone done this?

Vatican bank has no secret accounts, official says

In case you've ever wondered how unicorns are made

TOONS: Mitt Romney (Yes We Canine?)

meet the falcon

Global summit aim to reverse years of family planning neglect

Have you seen this racist bumper sticker?

PSA: I usually welcome people to Arizona. Be aware, not all here obey the traffic laws.

Why haven't we heard of Jamie Johnson, heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune? a GREAT

A suggestion for NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg (from a Type II diabetic) . . .

Democrats hope to build party from bottom up

MM - "Media Amplify Obama's Comments On Private Sector, Ignore Romney's Attack On Public Workers"

The Simpsons, seasons 3-6: Best TV comedy of all time

Two images. One at my favorite action shot location

Has Matthew Yglesias caught the stupid?

Can you believe these racist bumper stickers?

Can you believe these racist bumper stickers?

Orthodox NYC Counselor on Trial in Sex Abuse Case

You Have Mail, And It's From God

You Have Mail, And It's From God

WETA UK, British TV 24/7

I need advice on a baby crow

Study: Children fare better in traditional mom-dad families

The US has criminalized poverty. We're even jailing poor honors students.

There's a really nice post hiding over in

Augusto Pinochet Documentary Sparks Protests Over Chilean Dictator's Legacy

Characteristics of modern Totalitarianism (not just fascism)

Anyone Here A Member of the Freelancers Union?

"10 Reasons Why I Don’t Know What Century I’m In"

Chavez foe leads massive march in Venezuela

Georgia megachurch pastor Creflo Dollar arrested

John Paulson’s Latest Investment: A $49 Million Ski Country Retreat

Jews And Arabs March To Mark 45 Years Of Israeli Occupation

Redneck Resort Mud Park opening in Sweetwater

A great afternoon, spooking the $cientologists...

What a clever distraction fighting about teacher pensions, while stealing the whole public school

Can His Plan End Racial Profiling?

Louisiana Republican convention devolves into separate meetings

Woodward and Bernstein: 40 years after Watergate, Nixon was far worse than we thought

Bonaroo Music Fest Live Stream

Honduras: US claims success in drug war militarization

AMC re-airing Breaking Bad from the beginning starting tonight

French left seen winning parliament control

Changing the focus to who you really are.

People ask me why I don't watch "America's Got Talent..."

Senators and Congressmen receive public pensions...

Found this on fark.

Should Obama just give up on Independents?

Australia's news media faces regulatory crackdown by government

Pentagon and Congress Argue Over New Hospital for Wounded Troops

Watch it live now!

Pearson PR Backfires. Education Publisher Accused of Censorship and Propaganda

‘Buddha’ goes to the hospital: A convergence of science, history and art

And then there were twelve...

7 Practices That Restored My Buddhist Faith

Multiple Freepers post sensibly (check the temperature in hell).

100th anniversary of the villisca ax muders

Gabby Giffords Pushes for Barber Campaign in Arizona

Long before Glen Beck and Fox there was Kids In The Hall - Communism

Please help us. Move to Wisconsin!

Van Jones slams Huckabee: The average teacher doesn’t make $100,000

This seems to be the happening place, so I'll jump in with a "Welcome!" to the new

Mitch Daniels: Public-Sector Unions Shouldn't Exist

Land 'bank' tests Florida's scaled-back environmental oversight

Did Facebook Inc receive any of the money from the IPO?

Killings by police in L.A. County jump sharply

Homeless worried over new Modesto ordinance

Trayvon Martin Case Prompts Civil Rights Commission Investigation On Stand Your Ground Laws

Douglas Brinkley: Cronkite's tarnished legacy

When Your Guru Calls Shotgun

Qaeda's Zawahri calls on Tunisians to defend sharia

Israel accuses Syria of genocide, urges intervention

Right-winger sent me this. I have no idea what it's about..Anyone???

Six killed, 38 wounded in Iraq mortar attack


‘Obama Girl’ is ‘not as excited’ about 2012, won’t endorse Obama

Now that we're destroying public employee unions, can we get rid of lawmaker's benefits?

Music video I simply cannot stop watching.

David Axelrod: Mitt Romney 'Living On A Different Planet'

The Deceiver: Romney's Top 18 Lies

I picked about a half pint of raspberries today and my potatoes are starting to bloom

The School of the Americas, the CIA and the US-Condoned Cancer of Torture Continue to Spread in Lati

Is there any way to get those lying "reform" party ads off TV,

Blackmail, Extortion and a defect in our Language

The School of the Americas, the CIA and the US-Condoned Cancer of Torture Continue to Spread in Lati

Bring out the violins - Mubarak is dying to leave the prison

>>>> Locking. Thus crap doesn't belong here<<<<< Can I ask why?

Excellent article on how the mainstream media plays an active role in the discussion of unions

I think we all need a good laugh

First senior U.S. official in 19 years visits Mogadishu

Any gardeners out there? Anyone know what the heck this is?

For all you who are Gramma centric. Here I am with my Mother, her Mother and her Mother.

Recommendations for a scanner for negatives and slides

Fox News is at it again -- attacking Bill Press over his comments on the "Star Spangled Banner"

Does the Second Amendment belong in the Bill of Rights? Why or why not?

A Western Outpost Shrinks on a Remote Island Now in Japanese Hands!

Dylan Ratigan Leaving MSNBC

Sao Paulo celebrates gay pride with huge parade

So for who's been to a high school reunion: Who will be the hottest girls at mine?

Hanging out with the cool crowd

Hawaii responds to Arizona - Do you think it will finally shut the birthers up? Of course not...

A friend gives a gas driller an attitude adjustment...

What, Me a Dictator? Forget clumsy commissars and caudillos. Savvy strongmen now invoke democracy...

Salaries & Compensation: J'ever notice?

John Fugelsang is getting his own show on CurrentTV partnered with a "big celebrity."

Obama’s data advantage

The woman who defied Saudi's driving ban and put it on YouTube

Could Bachmann be the "leaker?"

Would you pay $170+ for a $8 toy?

This one I suppose might come under the "Know Your Enemy" file.

It is difficult to scan a beer bottle.

Astros ready to not play baseball, beat ChiSox, 11-9

Okay, remind me. I need to set the recorder for True Blood and what else?

Scientists Inside MONSANTO Speak The Truth

Everything You Remember About The 1990s Is Wrong

Colorado Wildfire - Here We Go Again - Ironic

Are there any webplus X5 user's here?

Four killed in shootout at Sacramento home, police say

Former 'God’s Banker' could blitz Vatican with cache of secret documents

Would you pay $170 for nude pics of MFM?

60 Minutes on Panetta

1,000 phony signatures on anti marriage equality initiative petitions

Another FB funny.

I've posted a bunch of photos from Anchorage's Gay Pride Parade and Pridefest

So, wife went to SoCal on business until Thursday night. What are you bringing to the party?

Most band members in one band?

I'm concerned about Pastor Dollar's two daughters. This is the guy who's been

Creamy Avocado Chicken Salad

Maine Dems Release "It Gets Better" Video

Morning Joe can't think of a unionized company. They must not have heard of GE. You know the boss

Fukushima, Plutonium, CIA, and the BFEE: Deep Doo-Doo Four Ways to Doomsday

Great sign from Pride Parade here in DC:

Dylan Ratigan leaving MSNBC...

PHOTO: In the wake of his recall victory, Wisconsin pays a tender tribute to Scott Walker.

"Jesus Christ For President - 2012"

The Holocaust

Boomer alert: Wizard of Oz at 8 p.m. EDT TCM

i'm shaking ash out of my hair and praying for my mountains