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Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 32,300

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When a dangerous, apex predator animal fixes their sight on you...

with murderous intent in their eyes:

I have a question about William Hurt's character in the Avengers movie, "Age of Ultron".

So, we're introduced to William Hurt's character, General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, in the movie, The Incredible Hulk. In the later films starting with "Age of Ultron", Hurt's character re-appears, but now he's the U.S. Secretary of State.

My question is how in the world did Gen. Ross get through his senate confirmation hearings? Did these people not ask him about his role in the utter destruction of the Culver University campus while trying to catch the Hulk. The man ordered weapons of mass desctruction to be used around a bunch of kids, but somehow our senate just let him through? WTF?!

The GOP Has a Popular Vote Problem That Cannot Be Ignored


This is why conservatives are not funny.

When We Lose Weight, Where Does It Go?

The enlightening facts about fat metabolism

The correct answer is that fat is converted to carbon dioxide and water. You exhale the carbon dioxide and the water mixes into your circulation until itís lost as urine or sweat.

If you lose 10kg of fat, precisely 8.4kg comes out through your lungs and the remaining 1.6kg turns into water. In other words, nearly all the weight we lose is exhaled.


Thinking of moving from NYC to Denver in 2 years. Should I do it?

What say you DU Lounge?

60 Minutes tonight is on fire.

Three great stories which are all in their way like a big middle finger to American conservatives.

Are there any BoJack Horseman fans here? ***SPOILERS ALERT***

I discovered the show during the pandemic. Maybe not the best idea, but I thought that it was astounding. One of the best TV shows ever.

Got my first dose of the Moderna vaccine today. No side effects so far... except...

I made Microsoft Edge my new default browser.
I made Bing my default search engine.
I bought an XBox even though I don't play video games.
And I can no longer bring myself to say anything derogative about Windows ME.

My vaccine appointment is Wednesday, and I have a question.

My first shot is this Wednesday, and I was planning on cleaning my bathroom after. Should I do anything strenuous after getting my shot?
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