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Storm aftermath from the Lehigh Valley in PA

Sandy knocked out our power, internet, AND cell phone service Monday night. As a matter of fact, the worst of the storm hit after I went to bed that night. Fortunately, I live on higher ground and was spared the flooding and trees crashing into my building, but I'm sure many weren't so lucky.

Tuesday, there were only 3 diners open in the entire areaŚ20 miles from my house; people were waiting in long lines which snaked halfway into the parking lots so they could have a hot meal and coffee, which was damn near impossible to find because of the massive outages. Only a few gas stations were open, so I saw lines reminiscent of those of 1974.

My power was out till last night; cell phone service was gone till this morning; and I still don't have internet (I'm using the mobile site now).

My cats are still stressed because the aftermath of Sandy disrupted their routine.
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