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Republicans: A Profile Of The Classic Abuser

As a former victim of domestic violence, in another lifetime, I learned a lot about the abusive personality. When it was over, and I was out, I became a domestic violence hotline counselor. The classes I took to train me for this job taught me two things. One, that abusers arenít psychotic but instead have character disorders. And two, the abusive behavior isnít uncontrollable; it is a learned social behavior.

Enter stage left, the Republicans and their fringe faction that is really no longer fringe, the Teabaggers.

The behavior of the Republicans most recently around the debt ceiling debate, and just in general, reminds me vividly of the abusive personality that I engaged with daily, for years, until my divorce. No compromise was ever allowed, it was his way or his other way. He never talked about the many ways in which he was wrong, it was ďlook what you made me do.Ē In his mind, the only one whose behavior needed changing was mine. Any abusive behavior of his was justified because, in his warped thinking, I provoked him. He used bullying, fear tactics, threats and intimidation to get his way. In the end, although never abusive to them directly, he used my kids as pawns in his abusive game. He refused to share responsibility in any part of our relationship breakdown. I owned it, lock, stock and barrel.


My idea for political ads: depict Republicans as wife beaters and/or schoolyard bullies.

Oldie but goodie: Smack You with My Umbrella (parody of Rihanna's "Umbrella")

Remember when Chris Brown was caught abusing Rihanna to the point of biting her? Three years ago, I wrote a parody version of "Umbrella", a revenge fantasy.

Here it is:

"Smack You With My Umbrella" (Rihanna vs. Chris Brown parody, sung to the tune of "Umbrella"

You beat me up
You must think you are a pup
Dad mightíve roughed up mom
You think Iím a punching bag
You bit me in the dark
Pit bull chase moving cars
Know why you attacked me, brat
So you can beat me like a kitty cat

I donít think weíll shine together
Iíll send you right to the shelter
Sink your teeth in my again
Youíll get treated like manís best friend
You will need a leash and collar
While you bark and growl and holler
Youíre a dogóyouíre not a fella
I will smack you with my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Smack you with my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Smack you with my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)
Smack you with my umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

You must think Iím a bitch literally
You act like a savage beast, thatís to say the least
This is war but I shall stand
Youíre behaviorís gotten out of hand
If the bite is hard, thatís cuz youíre a canine retard


You wonít have much time around
Itís because youíll get put down
Get away from me
There's no hope for your adoption now
So go on and fly in a rage
Youíll be locked up in a cage


Youíre dead meat
Ooh doggie youíre dead meat
Bad dog get far from me
Get far from me
Youíre dead meat
Ooh doggie youíre dead meat
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