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Exposed: A Spammer Fooled MSM & America with Edited NDAA Video

So this is rather embarrassing.

It turns out that the edited NDAA video of Carl Levin that was inaccurately cited in the mainstream media as proof that Obama wanted to detain US citizens was originally posted by a spammer. As we know, the President did not ask for language giving him the right to detain US citizens, he asked for the opposite. But that story wouldn’t get very many clicks for a spammer…..

Thanks to the hard work of several writers, we now know the truth behind the tin foil hat insanity trip of the edited Levin NDAA video that went viral. Congratulations, mainstream media – you got PWNED by a spammer.



I hope this puts an end to this BS and outright lie that's being perpetuated by people here that hate Obama.

(Posted just now on KO's FB page)
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