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Be careful what you ask for because you just might get it.

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Will Israel bomb Iran in October in a "reverse" wag the dog?

Will Israel bomb Iran out of their concern for their own security as well as cooperation with the neo-cons in an attempt to influence the election? Have the neo-cons, and even Romney, already pledged support and assistance to Israel in January, as soon as Romney takes office? And do the neo-cons have Israel's support to the extent that Israel would intentionally try to influence the US election and use force in Iran?

Such a strike would be to energize the Evangelical vote which never turns out as much as they want it too as well as to try to portray Obama as weak. And has the US already warned Israel to don't even think about it, anticipating this attempt to influence our election?

I think it's a done deal between Israel and the neo-cons and that Israel will strike Iran anytime between Oct 15 and the election.
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