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Hometown: MI
Home country: USA, for now
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 36,392

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We all participate within the du bubble. everybody here is going to vote straight

ticket. The idea that any regular duer is going to stay home because of our lively intramural poop-throwing is preposterous. Same with the desperate-sounding email from dccc, dfa, and so on.

Thanks for the shout out, sometimes the obvious needs to bepointed out.


Show me someone who would be turned off voting due to a negative email, and I'll show you someone who never intended to vote in the first place

Same thing with someone who would be turned off voting due to negative posts on a web site

hard to believe that fracking, off shore drilling, austerity, for profit health insurance,

Race to the bottom, another war, more poverty, TPP, and the prospect of HRC 16 doesn't have everyone fired up.
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