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Name: jane
Gender: Female
Hometown: Massachusetts
Home country: usa
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 13,604

Journal Archives

We all are Chris Ford. She's not alone anymore.

I'm not just a spectator anymore. I'm taking this personally as are many women I know and that's a real problem for Republicans.

I think this is worth reading.

No need to post the usual comments on the author.


Amy Klobuchar and the pregnant refugee...the way Kavanaugh

treated them, as different as they are, set off all my alarms. He had a long knife out for Klobuchar today after she mentioned that her father was an alcoholic...he needled her, hit below the belt...went for what he thought would be her weak spot...tried to gratutiously hurt her. Then there was the young pregnant girl that he sent into bureaucratic hell to try to prevent her from having an abortion knowing all the time that she had a right to have one. For some reason these two things have joined together in my mind and tell me that this man is a really, really bad and dangerous man.

I got the impression that Kavanaugh thinks that

everyone drinks like he does. In fact, I suspect that he thinks all men have treated women like he has.

He should have testified first. He's not doing very well going second and

I can just imagine what he's going to be like when the dems start asking questions.

"Two friends having a very good time with one another." Boom.

They won't lay a glove on Dr. Ford.

She is so real and so compelling that any attempt to cow her or bully her is going to backfire even if it comes from a "female assistant." Sitting here listening to her (I can't bring myself to watch) has transported me right back to being 15 and feeling powerless and scared and vulnerable. How many others here are having those feelings?

No fairness here. Grassley is stacking the deck right from the get-go. A blatent disgrace!

"Keep your mind above your belt buckle."

This was the advice my father gave to my two brothers when they were old enough to know what it meant and, of course, I passed it on to my son.

Mark Judge is going to have to "not remember" most of

his adolescent life to get out from under the shit that's just been unloaded on him. No wonder he's hiding. It's one thing to "not remember" one incident but the latest victim recounts what appears to be years of this behavior.
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