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Profile Information

Name: jane
Gender: Female
Hometown: Massachusetts
Home country: usa
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 13,558

Journal Archives

Speaking of dogs...have you ever tried to get a tick off a dog after

the tick has locked into the dog? I did that yesterday with my puppy and it reminded me of Trump. Once they clamp on, they are relentless, slimy and very difficult to remove. There they are, sucking the life blood from the host, transmitting disease, becoming bloated with the feed. When they are finally removed, they are almost impossible to kill. I flushed it down the toilet.

My next bumper sticker...

"In 2020, send him back where he came from."

Dershowitz "stepping down" from Harvard

His past (not just Epstein) probably caught up with him.


Posted without comment.


What are they waiting for? A shooting on 5th Avenue?

George Will made the point tonight that Trump is doing exactly what he told us he would do..shred all norms of this democracy.

What happens is Trump is impeached and convicted?

Nixon resigned before any of that could happen. What if Trump doesn't? Then what?

Try this on for size...

Pelosi should put together 2 schedules: one for legislation...a list of legislation the House is going to propose and a timeline, and another list of investigations into Trump. She should keep a scorecard of what legislation is passed by the House but voted down or stalled by the Senate and she should report to the public regularly on this. She should provide the public with regular reports on the progress/finding of the investigations.

She should tell the American people that the best verdict on Trump is the 2020 election and if he wins, he will likely be impeached early into his second term. If he loses, he will likely be indicted as he leaves the WH.

This might discourage Trump-leaning voters from voting for him or voting at all. It would keep the spotlight on Trump's criminality and also keep the emphasis on the Dems' legislative efforts and the intransience of the Senate republicans.


I cancelled my Facebook account today.

The reason I did it is because I was outraged that they took down Elizabeth Warren's post about them but left up the fake videos of Nancy Pelosi. I guess that I just got to the point where I had had enough of this bullshit It is not easy to cancel Facebook and I got some help from the good folks in the DU Lounge to do it. What I did not realize is that the only way to access anyone else's Facebook page is if you, yourself, have an account. Somehow or another, I thought Facebook was open to everyone. Silly me. So now, I can't follow any of my friends or family on Facebook. It's like being banished.

I think Facebook has become a sewer. I think we could find better ways to communicate with each other. Facebook is dangerous, and addictive, like opioids. It will be hard to quit it.

How do I cancel/delete my Facebook account?

Facebook's refusal to take down the distorted videos of Nancy Pelosi is enough for me. I seldom use my own Facebook account so I have no idea how to get rid of it. Can someone tell me what to do>

I want to be just like Nancy Pelosi when I grow up!

I'm 73...I think I'm running out of time.
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