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Name: jane
Gender: Female
Hometown: Massachusetts
Home country: usa
Current location: New Hampshire
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 13,648

Journal Archives

We should not be applauding the use of drones on civilians by our side of any side just because

the Russians have used them.

I think Trump has decided that if he is going to go down, he's

going to go down in flames. Like a suicide bomber. He'll take the Country, his family, his friends and his enemies with him. Trump was pushing the line the other night on CNN. The admissions of guilt that he made were meant to be a challenge to see how far he could go. If he is stopped, he will burn it all down.

Just my opinion for what it's worth.

My take on Trump:When people start down a slipery slide like this,

they tend to keep on going.

I wouldn't be alive if I had done this today:

Years ago, when my son was about 15, we were at a Mall in Florida where there was a demonstration on fudge making. A crowd had gathered. I spotted a person who I thought was my son standing in the crowd. I went up behind him, put my arms around his waist and my chin on his shoulder and began watching the demonstration. This person did not more a muscle. A minute or so passed and I got a tap on my shoulder...it was my niece and she whispered, "Aunt Jane, that's not Will."

Maybe I wouldn't have been shot, but arrest was certainly a possibility.

Dominion did a great service to this Country.

The information the lawyers developed in this case, the rulings they got from the Judge, are invaluable. They deserve credit for what they did.

Whatabout Strom Thurmond?! Senator from S.C. Served until he was 100. It's said that

his racist, Senate colleagues had him mummified and propped up for votes.

From Wikipedia:

Toward the end of Thurmond's Senate career, critics suggested his mental abilities had declined. His supporters argued that, while he lacked physical stamina due to his age, mentally he remained aware and attentive, and maintained a very active work schedule, showing up for every floor vote. He stepped down as Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee at the beginning of 1999, as he had pledged to do in late 1997.[284] Retrospectively, a Senate aide stated that "for his last ten years, Thurmond didnít know if he was on foot or on horseback", while a 2020 New Yorker article stated that he was "widely known" by the end of his career to be "non-compos mentis."[285]

In August 1999, Thurmond underwent surgery for an enlarged prostate. In September, Thurmond was admitted to the Walter Reed Army Medical Center for tests.[286] In October 2000, Thurmond collapsed while lunching with a staff member and an acquaintance at a restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia and was admitted to Walter Reed; his spokeswoman Genevieve Erny stated that the collapse was found to have been unrelated to previous illnesses.[287] On the morning of October 2, 2001, Thurmond was admitted to Walter Reed after fainting at his Senate desk. He was accompanied in the ambulance by fellow Republican and retired heart transplant surgeon Bill Frist.[288][289]

I think it's time to start laughing.

I had this thought last night while watching the MSNBC Special Report. Laurence O'Donnell described walking through the park across from the Court and being followed by a guy who was yelling questions at him about his vagina. O'Donnell was very deadpan about it and had the panel in hysterics. It struck me that Trump, if he was watching this, would be furious.

Today, I read that Trump is calling for the defunding of the FBI and the DOJ because they're after him.

MTG gets chased out of the park. Lindsey begs for the peoples' last dollar.

And on and on.

These people, and the Republican Party in general, aren't rational. They can't be reasoned with. They must be ridiculed. They must be laughed at.

Trump hates to be made fun of. He needs to become a joke.

How do we get this to catch on?

I think Trump jumped the gun (or the shark).

The genius thought that if he announced his arrest before the DA, he would give his MAGA thugs time to get organized for another coup attempt. What he did was allow peace keepers everywhere to get organized. I don't think the GJ has returned an indictment yet and I think that a lot those basement couch warriors are going to stay home this time.

Unwanted email question

I am being inundated with unwanted email ads...dozens a day. This is fairly recent. I've tried blocking them but every sender has a different address and I've tried to unsubscribe and I get an error message. Does anyone know what I can do to stop this?
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