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Don't look now, but Trump did better in blue King County than he did the last time

Here’s an election shocker: Donald Trump did a bit better in King County in 2020 than he did the first time he ran four years ago

This is a crucial point that maybe hasn’t gotten enough attention. The main way Trump was able to win in 2016, despite drawing only 46.7% of the popular vote, was because of third-party candidates. In this state, third-party candidates took 7% of the total vote in 2016. This year they’re drawing only 3% — with most of that 4% difference shifting to Biden.

This was repeated elsewhere, such as in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, allowing Biden to flip those key states back to blue.
All of this means Trump’s election in 2016 was essentially a fluke. It was an anomaly enabled by two main things. One, a slice of never-Trump GOPers couldn’t bear to vote for Clinton and so backed a libertarian candidate.

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