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I have been here from the start.

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Elect Democratic women?

So far this morning I have received 5 emails.

I have unsubscribed and then I took at look at their page. Bright Pink and no social media button. No phone number.


Who are they? Anyone know?

A LONG list of GOP Sen. who promised not to confirm a Supreme Court Nominee in an Election year.


Itís a far cry from four years ago. When this same situation unfolded in 2016, after Justice Antonin Scalia died in February of that year, many Senate Republicansómost of whom are still in the chamberódrew what purported to be a principled line in the sand, insisting that it was too close to the presidential election for President Barack Obama to choose a replacement. It should be up to the voters to decide in November, they argued.



Kenosha business owner declines *I President Trump photo-op, former owner replaces him


Tom Gramís century-old camera shop burned to the ground a week ago during the unrest in Uptown Kenosha.
Gram said he declined President Trumpís request to be a part of his tour of damage Tuesday in Kenosha.

Instead, a former owner of the shop was invited and he praised the presidentís efforts.

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