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Profile Information

Gender: Male
Hometown: Puyallup, Washington
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 55,398

About Me

I truly believe that we will all live in peace and brotherhood someday. And so that I don't lose my faith in humanity, I will live my life as if that day had already happened.

Journal Archives

My headline predictions from one year ago. Things I got right and things I got wrong:

This was before Kamala Harris was announced for VP. And of course, before our beloved RBG died.

"Trump Resigns In Disgrace!"

"VP Pence Makes Faltering Attempt To Mount His Own Campaign."

"Feeble Pence Campaign Losing Ground To Inspired Biden Bid."

"Biden Wins! VP Pence Concedes And Congratulates President-Elect Biden."

"Weeping Trump Frog-Marched Out Of Trump Tower And In To Custody."

"Biden Begins His Transition."

"Senate Democratic Majority Sworn In."

"Inauguration Day: Joseph Biden Takes The Oath As President; Vows To Revive Faltering America."

"SDNY Indicts Donald Trump On 77 Criminal Counts; Racketeering And Sexual Assault Top The List."

"In A Marathon Workday In The Oval Office, President Biden Rescinds Every Trump Executive Order".

"Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Announces Her Retirement; An Adoring Nation Says 'Thank You'."

"Former POTUS Obama Believed To Be At The Top Of The Short List For SCOTUS."

"Trump Trial Begins. Months Of Testimony Expected."

"Pres. Biden Presents Dr. Anthony Fauci With Presidential Medal Of Freedom."

"Senate Budget Committee Announces Increase in Top Marginal Tax Rate. Senate Expected To Approve."

"House Introduces $1 Trillion-Dollar Infrastructure Initiative. 752 Small Contractors Nationwide Expected To Bid."

"Pres. Biden Finishes Productive Week By Disbanding U.S Space Force."

"Former President Barack Obama Confirmed By Senate For Associate Justice."

"Former FLOTUS Melania Trump Deported; Immigration Documents Determined To Be Falsified."

"Melania Trump Appears In Slovenian Court To File For Divorce From Former POTUS Trump."

"Donald J. Trump Jr. Mauled To Death In Trophy Hunt Gone Wrong."

HHS Dept And FDA Joint Announcement: Safe And Effective COVID-19 Vaccine Gets National Release."

"Trump Found Guilty on 74 Of 77 Counts. Remanded To Custody Until Sentencing."

"Chief Justice Roberts' Unexpected Retirement Announcement."

"Eric Trump Kidnapped! Released Unharmed. No One Wanted To Pay Ransom."

"Roberts Resigns, Joins Private Practice. Obama Considered for CJ. AG Kamala Harris Whispered For SCOTUS."

"Ivanka Trump Poses For Hustler; Promises Tell-All Book About Daddy."

"Trump Sentenced To Life In Prison. Sentence To Begin At Once."

"Franklin Graham Found In Motel With Dead Hooker AND Live Man."

"Obama Offered Chief Justice; Declines; Recommends AG Kamala Harris.

"Biden Inspects Ultra-Modern Fast Locomotive with AMTRAK Chief. Anticipates Nationwide Deployment Within Two Years."

"Donald J. Trump Found Alive In His Cell. The Nation Grieves."

"Senate Confirms Kamala Harris As First Female SCOTUS Chief Justice."

"FLOTUS Dr. Jill Biden Announces Nationwide Education Initiative."

"Citing Infrastructure Project As Example, Pres. Biden Announces Unemployment Fallen Below Pre-COVID Level."

"Trump Divorce Final; Former FLOTUS Resumes Maiden Name Knauss."

"Trump On Life Support At Leavenworth After Massive Multi-System Failure. Recovery Not Expected. Final Days Expected To Be Prolonged And Agonizing."

"Brownsville Latina Wins Special Election; Texas House Turns Blue."

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.

I’m getting a little help from 10mg of Indica tincture...

I love you all...

Friday Night Vodka Buzz. Ask me anything.

I love you all...

Good evening, Loungers.

Scored the day off tomorrow. Thought I'd check in and see how everyone is doing...

Such things as Republicans are made of.

When I was seven or so, I was invited to a birthday party. It wasn't for one of my friends, but for the younger brother of a friend.

I got a gift, and went to the party.

After the cake and ice cream, the party games, and the giving of the gifts, the party moved into one of those de-focused play and socializing periods that happens at kids' birthday parties.

The mother of the birthday boy was admiring the gift I had given him, and handed it to me to play with for a while. The birthday boy saw this from across the room, dashed over to me, yanked it out of my hand, and screeched at me that it was "MINE!".

That he had been playing with another group of toys in another group of party-goers mattered not at all. He was furious.

When this memory occurred to me not long ago, I thought: "I just bet that motherfucker grew up to be a Republican!"

The worst kind of political correctness

is avoiding the word ‘racist’ because it offends racists.

I'm not transgender, but I'm crying!

He has your back!

My heart goes out to him every time he stumbles a little...

Dr. Biden looking stunning, as usual...

I'm settled in with a gin and tonic to watch President Biden's address to Congress.

Looking forward to the historic moment when he is greeted by two women at the head of the chamber, for the first time in American history. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris.

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