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Jack Rabbit

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Gender: Male
Hometown: Sacramento Valley, California
Member since: 2001
Number of posts: 45,984

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A seasonsal song for all of you: Me, me, me, me, me . . .

Here comes Debbie Wasserman, who says she's never wrong
Here she comes a-singing our Queen's campaign song
Love and joy come to you, and put mistletoe above all doors
Kiss your children before they go to fight her wars.
Kiss your children before they go to fight her wars.

Here comes Debbie Wasserman, Bernie;s clock she shall clean
Bernie's such a traitor to so defy our Queen
All hail to the Queen, on winning we're all Hell bent
Who needs the people when you've got the one percent?
Who needs the people when you've got the one percent?

Here comes Debbie Wasserman. dressed up like a doll
All the world belongs you when you're a bankster's moll
All hail to the Queen, she's the best we've ever seen
She'll shower riches and favors on Mr. Lloyd Blankstein
She'll shower riches and favors on Mr. Lloyd Blankstein.

If this holds up, it will be excellent news in February

Don't think that New Hampshire won't have an impact. Although President Johnson technically won the New Hampshire Primary in 1968, the impressive performance of underdog Gene McCarthy set in motion political events that drove LBJ from the race. The primary was held following the Tet offensive, which US combat forces also technically won, but that paled against the fact that it happened at all. If the government had been telling the truth about the situation in Vietnam, it wouldn't have happened.

There is a reason why Bernie should wiin. Anyone who reads between the lines of this piece can see it. It was posted by a Hillary supporter on DU yesterday. The piece, ironically titled Sanders: Why he can't win, was written by notorious neoliberals supporting Mrs. Clinton and her corporate agenda: William Daley, former White Hous Chief od Staff and former executive committeeman at JPMorgan Chase; founder of the neoliberal think tank Third Way and professional wishful thinker Jon Cowan; and Lanae Erickson Hatalsky, Vice President of Third Way. The authors of the piece reiterate Cowan's nonsense about the revolution isn't happening, and this after acknowledging that voters are angry and even conceding that voters believe "the system is rigged against them." However, the authors assure their readers that what the voters aren't angry, just anxious. Without mentioning the worldwide economic collapse of 2008 that was caused by the risky behavior of Wall Street banks gambling with their depositors' money, the authors simply explain away job losses and the dwindling numbers of the American middle class by talking about new technology replacing old, and that's a good thing and people accept it because that's the way the world works. It isn't caused by rich guys pulling the strings, like the unmentioned Wall Street Bankers who gambled away your money on mine on risky investments without telling us.

I suppose one should expect an article written by three establishmentarians who would like nothing better than to wish away voters' anxiety and anger to come up with such a heaping pile of steer manure. First of all, they don't seem to realize that anxiety and anger often go together rather then being an exclusive either/or matter. Second, they wouldn't dare suggest that voters are anxious and angry because the system is rigged, would they?

Of course, they would never try to deflect voters' anxiety and anger about the economic situation in America or the world at large away from the candidate of the establishment, Hillary Clinton, would they?

It is all too obvious that voters think the system is rigged because the system is rigged.

It's not far cry from the "voters are angry at the politicians" to "voters are angry at the politicians and the corrupt corporatists who who own them," Mr. Cowan's think tank is the middle man in commerce between corrupt politicians who sell themselves and the corrupt corporations who buy them.

Being of the older persuasion, I'll probably vote for Mrs. Clinton

Giving her any time or money is out of the question, but I don't see anything wrong with voting for the lesser of two evils if there's a Plan B.

If the Sanders campaign is the start of a mass movement on left, then there is a Plan B. We can and should merge with other elements of the left with the purpose of undermining the [i\status quo of free trade, an unregulated and crooked financial industry, the curtailing of civil liberties militarized police and resource wars in the Middle East. The goal will be to castrate the oligarchy and establish stronger democracy than ever before. We will have no patience for the democracy is dysfunctional, that's why American is a republic meme. That may have made sense in 1787, when many of the founding fathers owned slaves and most of the others didn't challenge their right to own slaves, but today it is nothing more than an hollow slogan for a decaying aristocracy that is now fooling itself into think they can codify their right to own the planet and ride roughshod over the rest of us with a few free trade deals. To paraphrase one of their own criminal masterminds, a free trade deal is just a piece of paper. There is no reason for us to abide by laws passed by bought congressmen or signed into law by a bought president or reviewed by bought judges. These people have no moral right to govern us.

The very word aristocracy means rule by the best, but throughout history no class that ever claimed that mantle has anything more than a gaggle of corrupt, decadent sonsofbitches looking out for their own self interest at the expense of the common people. No aristocracy ever ended well for the aristocrats. The aristocracy of industrialists and financiers at the end of the age of fossil fuels will fare no better.

Rule by the best? Isn't that a hoot? The best who crashed the world economy, not just in 2008 but multiple times, started one war after another and polluted the entire planet making money on carbon emissions? If they're the best, then I'm a retired kamikaze pilot. I, for one, am convinced that workers on the factory floor in Detroit could design, build and market a better car than the dummies in the penthouse suites at Ford (Found On Road Dead) or GM (Gallons per Mile.

The only legitimate government is democracy. The safety, health and welfare the people as a whole are a government's only legitimate concern. We don't need to complicate the equation any longer by mistaking artificial persons, who are made out of legal documents, with real people who are made out of flesh and blood. The resources of the world belong to all of us. The bounty of the earth belong to all of us. The Earth itself belongs to all of us, every grain of land and drop in the seas and all that is on it and all that is under it and all that flies or blows or shines over it.

This is the new world order by our decree.
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