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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 20,995

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Has anyone made scrapple?

I made some turkey scrapple and it was tasteless and a lot softer than I expected. I just used a cup of regular cornmeal to 4 cups of liquid. Is there some other product that might give a better result?

Council approves Key Arena deal


How do you feel about this statement from Rep. Kathleen Rice?

I've been thinking about this entire mess and I agree with Representative Rice. Democrats need to walk what they talk, with regard to Franken and Conyers. I really liked both of these guys. I was ecstatic when Al was finally seated, but I read the testimony of those women he groped. It was quite explicit and utterly convincing. We can't just wave it away. If we do, if this is who we are, we might as well shut up about Roy Moore, 'cause no one is going to listen to what we say or believe we mean a word of it.


Claire explains it


Russian propaganda machine catapulting Democratic controversy

If their intent is to divide us, it's working


Overheard on reddit

"a large Washington corporation is lobbying our politicians to make Washington state the next "right to work" state."

"the Washington Policy Center that received the $330,000 lobbying grant"

Has anyone heard of this? What large corporation could it be?


"We'll be fine with the environment. We can leave a little bit..."

Nobody loves me but my mother


The Trump Effect

Just scroll down


Gut Fauna

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