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Gotta love The Stranger


When is a good time to talk about it?


Washingron Democrats bailing on gun control?

If you care about this, make a call.


NY Times Hires, Quickly Fires Journalist With History of Homophobic Tweets

Less than 24 hours after she was hired, The New York Times on Tuesday fired editorial board member Quinn Norton, after a history of homophobic and racially insensitive tweets were uncovered.

Early on Tuesday, the paper announced in a statement that it had hired notable technology writer Quinn Norton as its editorial board’s “lead opinion writer on the power, culture and consequences of technology.” (Norton contributed two tech-related pieces to The Daily Beast in 2014.)

Shortly thereafter, many of Norton’s controversial tweets began to resurface. Twitter users uncovered multiple instances in which she used the n-word, or gay slurs like “faggot” or “fag,” to refer to various users on the social-media platform.

Other critics pointed out her chummy exchanges with a user who’d tweeted numerous anti-Semitic statements, and highlighted old tweets in which she explained that she was proudly friends with neo-Nazi


Dem with a 2300 vote lead

in FL-72 special election with 87% of the votes in.

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