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ICE is using Facebook to target its victims



Olympia 2018 Recap: The Death Penalty Is Alive, Gun Control Is Dead

In the annals of Washington lawmaking, 2018 will go down as the year your lawmakers wavered on guns, failed on climate policy, choked on capital punishment, and attempted to hide their own records like weasels. Okay, it wasn't all bad. Bolstered by a new Democratic majority, legislators also passed historic bills on voting rights, pay equity, net neutrality, and sexual harassment. For those of you following for the first time, your state lawmakers meet only once a year for either 60 or 105 days. Since this year ends with an even number, they only had 60 days to move bills through the state's two chambers and onto Governor Jay Inslee's desk. Here's what legislators did—and just as importantly, didn't—get done.(more)


Steny Hoyer unpacks it.


Bath or shower

We want redo a guest bathroom that contains a tub. In the 20 years we've lived here the tub has been used once and I think we should replace it with a shower stall. My wife argues that taking the tub out will make it harder to sell the house because people expect to have a bathtub. Thoughts?
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