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ret5hd's Journal
ret5hd's Journal
October 21, 2020

You know why I hate the rich?

If I get $100, how long till that $100 is in a rich mans pocket anyway? 2 transactions? 5 transactions? 10 transactions? I don't pretend to know the actual number, but all that $100 ends up in a rich mans pocket pretty goddamned soon. We all know that. It doesn't matter if you spend it at your neighbor kids lemonade stand or at a car dealership...the rich man has that $100 pretty damn soon.

But you know what? That ain't fast enough. At all. They don't want you to ever even touch it. Your grimy fingerprints on their $100 are disgusting to them. The only satisfactory "velocity of money" is at fuckin' light speed into a rich mans bank account. No stops...no transactions. Just deposit the money in the rich mans account.

It ain't that they're rich. It's shit like this:

October 17, 2020

My trump Prophecy..a bit farther out than short term but not that far away:

We will hear/see/read an interview (maybe, hopefully from prison in an orange jumpsuit) that goes a little sumthin' like this:

"I don't know what you're mad about! I helped you! I saved you! I saved the Democrats! The party was crashing...I saved them! Something had to be done! I said 'Donald, someone has to save the Democrats!' So I did it! I went in there and destroyed the Republicans for you! I did it for you! No one else was going to do it, so I did it! You should be thanking me! I should be getting a Noble Prize! Look...the only way to crush the Republicans was from the inside! I saw that! No one else saw that! I had to do it! Look, I'm a hero...no one wants to say it, but I'm a hero!..."

etc etc etc

What do you think? Plausible? When it comes true, I will offer my prophecy services online...I'll see if I can get the profitsy.com domain!

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