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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
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Toon: A career in organied crime...

Sorry, that won't fly. The schools generally EXPELL any student found

to have given prescription meds to other students on school grounds.

The school go so far as to deny students the the right to supervise their own meds on the campus. The parents have to bring the meds in to the school office or clinic along with copius paperwork inclduing the doctor's signature. Then when it is time for the student to take the meds, the student presents him/herself to the office and the nurse or appointed school personnel dispenses the meds to the student.

Ergo, if the student had prescription meds in school, it would be the parent's fault, not the school's.

Someone is always trying to appropriate serious money needed for the kids education without any thought to the consequenses of the kids.

A Dog Scared to Death of Everyone Just Needed a Hug - The Most Beautiful Video


A Dog Scared to Death of Everyone Just Needed a Hug - The Most Beautiful Video ♥

Edie was scheduled to be put down, and she was deathly afraid of anyone coming near her. But watch this very moving, beautiful video and you'll see what happens to Edie.
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