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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 11,012

Journal Archives

"You Have to Trust in Something"... Unbroken

Keep looking and don't settle


Random act of kindness rebounds big time

Firefighters touched by waitress' generous act

A New Jersey waitress is making headlines for a small, kind gesture that turned into something big.

One of the firefighters, Tim Young, told WPVI, "When it came time for the bill, we flipped it over and she decided to comp it on her own."
"I started tearing up and it made me feel good - us firefighters are wanted, people care about us," firefighter Paul Hullings said.

The firefighters later learned that Liz was trying to raise enough money to buy a specialized van for her dad who has become paralyzed after a brain aneurysm five years ago -- so they spread the word.

Liz said, "The fact that it's reached, you know, different states, different cities...It was spread across the world. I'm at a loss for words. I'm at a loss for words."

video at link


I think this was supposed to be funny -- But it isn't.


Magical Houses -- Sustainable Materials

My neighbor has a bamboo garden. It is amazing how very fast it grows and it is beautiful!

comments... "You look disgusting...

HYSTERICAL!!! The Ocean Is the Shark's House!! Advice on how to keep safe from

Veronica-Pooh Nash Poleate.

I can't post the video on DU. You can find it at this url. It is hysterical. (The ocean is the shark's house. If you go into the shark's house, you gonna get eaten. If a chicken comes into my house... guess what? Click on the link to find out!)

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