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Gender: Female
Home country: USA
Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 11,012

Journal Archives

English Language, John Branyon, and The Three Little Pigs as you've never

heard them before...

Bard for Bernie: Do you hear the Sparrows sing? Singing the Songs of Angry Birds!

Do you hear the sparrows sing?
Singing the song of Angry Birds!
It is the music of a nation
Who ain't buying phony words!
When the ramblings of the press
Echo the ramblings of the rich,
It is high time to vote for Bernie
And make a switch!

Bard for Bernie (strikes again!)

Roses are red, Violets are blue.

It's time to elect
A socialist Jew!

Found just now on Facebook.

Patrick Smith's (A LAND REMEMBERED) Florida: A look at Florida in 1933

I moved to Florida when a some of the Old Florida still remained and got to see a little bit of this before it was all gone...

"I'm Angry! So I'm Voting For Donald Trump!" Andrew Klaven

This is hilarious! (And NO I am NOT voting for Donald Trump.)

Meet Milo the ASD assisting Robot

Years ago I worked retail in a drug store...

One evening a very refined lady came and and said imperiously:

"I'd like a caatin of Caaltin."

(1monster) "I'm sorry, Ma'am?"

(Refined Lady) "A caatin of Caaaltin!"

(1m) "I'm sorry, I don't undersand."

(RL, getting irritated) "A CAAATIN OF CAALTIN! CAAALTIN!!!"

At which point, she pointed to the cartons of cigarettes displayed behind the counter.

And I gathered that "caatin" was carton and Caaaltin was Carlton cigarettes.

She was a regular customer for a couple of years after than, but she never was in any way friendly (unlike most Bostonian I've met) and she always exaggerated that caaatin of Caaaltin pronunciation when I was at the register.

On the lighter side (Warning Language NSFW!) The Devil Came up to Boston

How to Make a Fire with a Lemon

Francine Christophe has a story...

Born in 1933, Francine Christophe was deported with her mother at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1944. Released the following year, she continues to share her experience and memories, particularly with the younger generations.

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