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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 58,162

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paul ryan... ordering it was "stupid"

no, you are stupid along with the people who voted for you....


dam...a television news source actually reporting the news!

al jazeera america is thee best news source in america.

sad day for the union workers in wisconsin

i know afscme unions here in illinois stand behind their fellow wisconsin brothers and sisters. we need to get rid of walker in the next election cycle. here in illinois quinn is`t running so we might be facing the same thing that wisconsin is living with.

the plight of the american worker......




no rest for weary....

northern illinois fireground photos facebook page-wisconsin fireman!

the facebook page covers all of northern illinois,parts of southern wisconsin,and northern indiana. scroll down because it was posted 15 hours ago


looks like this guy sent it to northern illinois...


ya think there`s more than a few union firefighters that are in solidarty with their brothers and sisters in wisconsin?

i sure do...

roosevelt`s grandson.."walker is no fdr"


this guy suffers from foot in the mouth disease

'Incan girl who has been frozen for 500 yrs'

there`s no reason for me to comment and you will see why


sunday morning gospel by the mother of rock and roll...


playing for a change..one love

the trailer park boys are back for season 8....!!!

after a year of bargaining the boys bought the rights to the show. it`s going to be a internet show.


can`t wait to see what the boys will do when they have complete control of production.

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