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Member since: 2002
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things must be really bad over in the alternative universe..

... for the du cops

i ain`t watching...so mitten`s wingman is going down in flames?

i figured biden would make ryan cry and i guess i`m sort`a right

Oct 10 1957...Ike apologizes for racist treatment....

the fiance minister was refused service at a howard johnson. ike invited him to the whitehouse.


i have a friend from ghana who was a child during these years. he said the us peace corp were very nice people and treated them as equals. the peace corp did many projects that are still in place today. the brits were there at the same time and set up healthcare delivery system and yes they have a a form of universal healthcare. he also mentioned that the russians were there but no one really like them because they had "bad shoes". i never asked him what that meant but it must have been bad.

i finally found it! billy madison debate videos....

someone decided to screw with the video but it`s going to be mittens by the third debate


this one is also good and i bet obama might have agreed


"float like a butterfly sting like a bee"

mittens is going down in the second round and in the third round he`ll be counted out.

my two cents...i see what concern`s mittens wife

mittens is not used to facing someone anyone near the intellect of obama. he`s not used to someone that he feels beneath him to question or correct him. hint...you do`t talk to a moderator like they are the help. he was very nervous when questioned or told what he had to do within the "debate" format.obama was`t the best but from what i have read he`s not that good at debating.

i`m waiting for biden to make ryan cry or try to punch him.....

another facebook tidbit.....

he created 10.3 million jobs and he was a "failure"?

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