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Gender: Male
Hometown: Sisters, Oregon
Member since: 2003 before July 6th
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Where is the compromise from Republicans in this "compromise" bill?

President Obama seemed to have finally learned his lesson in dealing with Republican extortion demands over continuing funding. He refused to deal with the extortionist last time by holding their demands up to public scrutiny. The extortionist folded.

Now we're back to negotiating and compromise. We're told that's the nature of politics in a divided government, that's how sausage is made in Washington and we all need to suck it up and deal with the result.

The problem is I don't see what we're "getting" in return for the massive giveaways to the lobbies of Wall Street and corporate America. At least not in any kind of scale normally considered a fair trade.

We're "giving" potentially hundreds of billions or even trillions in guaranteed bailouts that WILL be needed one day. We're making it legal to raid pensions and cut guaranteed earned benefits for working people and we're raising pentagon spending back to Iraq war levels. Levels that saddled us with trillions in debt.

I hear we're "getting" funding for the ACA. Huh? That was already a law. We already have that. If the Republicans want to choke the ACA to death make them explain their actions in public. As the party now responsible for governing MAKE Republicans be accountable.

Quietly giving what we already have in exchange for continued funding reminds me of some bullied schoolyard kid "giving" his lunch money in exchange for not "getting" a black eye. That's a losers way of thinking.

We "got" a couple of other relatively small tokens too. Great, but In no way can they be measured against the years of hard won progress and legislation we just gave away. With over a million dollars a day being spent on lobbying activities We're never going to win back ground on pensions or wall street regulation. At least not until after the next disaster that we are now culpable for.

There is another way of looking at this disaster. Maybe, to the Democrats who supported this bill, the massive giveaways were not something traded away. Maybe they were politically inconvenient policy objectives just waiting for an opportune moment to be quietly passed. Maybe it was time to re-pay Jamie and Lloyd.

Watching this fiasco unfold over the past few days I can't decide if we're hopelessly corrupt as a party or merely feckless and out of touch.

Reads like a more detailed version of the rationalizations I read right here.

Obama can only sign bills, Obama is handcuffed by Congressional Republicans Or the classic "if you expect more from Obama you must want a dictator . . . or a KING".

Perhaps the author is not considering another possibility. Obama's goal from the very start was to be a caretaker president who just wanted to re-establish the status quo in a time of crisis.

He's satisfied with his work as president. He preserved the existing system and many many fortunes and followed the neoliberal economic playbook to the letter.

As a finishing touch on his second term he can sign the TPP and put together a grand bargain with the help of a Republican congress. Maybe that's why he seems to be mailing it in right now. His job is done.
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