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Blue_Tires's Journal
Blue_Tires's Journal
January 24, 2019

El Helicoide: From shopping mall to torture prison

NOTE: This is one of those experimental interactive story pages, but it is really well done...

Explore scenes from within one of Venezuela’s most notorious prisons.

January 23, 2019

White Supremacist Pleads Guilty to Killing 66-Year-Old Man With Sword

A white supremacist pleaded guilty Wednesday to killing a black man with a sword as part of an attack that authorities said was intended to incite a race war in the United States.

James Jackson admitted to fatally stabbing 66-year-old Timothy Caughman in March 2017 after stalking a number of black men in New York City.

Jackson, who is white, told police he traveled from Baltimore to carry out the attack because New York is the media capital of the world. He said the slaying had been practice for further assaults on black people.

Jackson, 30, faces life in prison when he is sentenced Feb. 13 after pleading guilty to six counts, including murder and a hate crime charge.

He spoke in a calm and collected manner as Judge Laura Ward questioned him in Manhattan criminal court, saying "that's true" when asked whether he was armed with a sword and two knives when he began hunting black people on the streets of Midtown.

The plea came several weeks after Ward ruled that jurors would hear Jackson's detailed confession if the case had gone to trial. Jackson's attorneys said he pleaded guilty against their advice, aware he would face a mandatory life sentence.


January 23, 2019

Former Northwestern PhD student accused of stealing his own car settles with Evanston

Source: Chicago Tribune

The City of Evanston has reached a tentative settlement in a lawsuit filed by a Northwestern University doctoral candidate against the city and four police officers after the then-PhD student was arrested and accused of stealing his own car, attorneys and the city manager have confirmed.

Attorneys for former Northwestern student Lawrence Crosby said the settlement amount was $1.25 million, and though Evanston City Manager Wally Bobkiewicz confirmed a settlement had been reached, he declined to provide the amount pending final City Council approval at its Jan. 28 meeting.

Attorney Steven Yonover, who represented Crosby, said his client hopes the case results in education efforts surrounding bias.

“It’s his hope that as a result of this case, that all of us begin a discussion on implicit bias and begin to recognize it and begin to discuss it between yourselves and your friends,” Yonover said.

Crosby's civil lawsuit, filed Oct. 11, 2016, in Cook County Circuit Court, cited false arrest and excessive force, and asked the city of Evanston and the arresting police officers to pay at least $50,000 for "compensatory and punitive damages, fees, costs and such other relief."

Read more: https://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/evanston/news/ct-evr-crosby-settlement-tl-0124-story.html

Extra credit to the cops arresting him anyway even after he showed proof that he owned the car...

You'd think police departments and white folks constantly looking out their windows with 9-1-1 on speed dial would learn a lesson at SOME point
January 23, 2019

Phoenix police arrest suspect in Hacienda HealthCare sex assault

Source: KTAR News 92.3 FM

PHOENIX — An arrest has been made in the sexual assault investigation involving a Hacienda HealthCare patient who gave birth last month, Phoenix police announced Wednesday.

Chief Jeri Williams said the suspect is 36-year-old Nathan Sutherland, a licensed practical nurse who was responsible for caring for the victim during the time the alleged sexual assault occurred. Sutherland is facing one count of sexual assault and one count of abusing a vulnerable adult. He has worked at the facility since 2011, according to Phoenix police.

Sgt. Tommy Thompson said the arrest of the Hacienda HealthCare employee was made after Phoenix police took DNA swabs from male employees earlier this month. Thompson said the investigation is ongoing and police are still determining how many times the victim was allegedly sexually assaulted.

It was not immediately known what type of care Sutherland provided to the victim, Thompson added. The woman gave birth at the Phoenix facility on Dec. 29, prompting a sexual assault investigation at the long-term care center near 16th Street and South Mountain Avenue.

Police initially described the woman as being in a vegetative state, but John Micheaels, the family’s lawyer, said she has “significant intellectual disabilities” and is not able to speak, but has some ability to move her limbs, head and neck, responds to sound and is able to make facial gestures.

Read more: http://ktar.com/story/2407561/phoenix-police-arrest-suspect-in-hacienda-healthcare-sex-assault/

fuckin' pervert
January 23, 2019

'Nobody Is Going to Believe You'

The Bohemian Rhapsody director Bryan Singer has been trailed by accusations of sexual misconduct for 20 years. Here, his alleged victims tell their stories.

Over the past two decades, Bryan Singer’s films—The Usual Suspects, Valkyrie, Superman Returns, four of the X-Men movies—have earned more than $3 billion at the box office, putting him in the top tier of Hollywood directors. He’s known for taking risks in his storytelling: It was Singer’s idea, for instance, to open the original X-Men movie with a scene at Auschwitz, where a boy uses his superpowers to bend the metal gates that separate him from his parents. Studio executives were skeptical about starting a comic-book movie in a concentration camp, but the film became a blockbuster and launched a hugely profitable franchise for 20th Century Fox.

Singer’s most recent project debuted in November. Critics gave Bohemian Rhapsody—which chronicles the rise of the rock band Queen—only lukewarm reviews, but it earned more than $50 million in its opening weekend. By the end of December, it had brought in more than $700 million, making it one of the year’s biggest hits.

The film’s success should have been a triumph for Singer, proof of his enduring ability to intuit what audiences want. In January it won two Golden Globes, including the award for best drama. But Singer was conspicuously absent from the ceremony—and his name went unmentioned in the acceptance speeches. He had been fired by 20th Century Fox in December 2017, with less than three weeks of filming left. Reports emerged of a production in chaos: Singer was feuding with his cast and crew, and had disappeared from the set for days at a time.

On December 7, 2017, three days after The Hollywood Reporter broke the news of Singer’s firing, a Seattle man named Cesar Sanchez-Guzman filed a lawsuit against the director, alleging that Singer had raped him in 2003, when Sanchez-Guzman was 17. The day after that, Deadline Hollywood published an interview with a former boyfriend of Singer’s, Bret Tyler Skopek, in which Skopek described a lifestyle of drugs and orgies.


January 23, 2019

In which bizarro alternate dimension would a president allow this?



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