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Tom Kitten

Tom Kitten's Journal
Tom Kitten's Journal
September 29, 2014

It's early Monday morning. How about a new Cat thread? (warning: cat pic heavy because Cats!)

These are pictures I took of cats I cared for or met on the road the past year.

This is Coco, my sister's cat, the main (indoors only) cat I cared for while house sitting. My sister heard her crying, and found her in a bush at a busy intersection in the LA area, maybe 6 weeks old at the time. No sign of mama cat or siblings anywhere. Now she is 3, has a luxurious long fluffy black cat (and brown if the light hits her right) and weighs a whopping 7 pounds (she's just a small cat). She loves to play and be brushed, but does not like to be picked up except by her owner.

She was sleeping and I guess I startled her when I called her name...hence the wide open eyes!

This is Gray Lady, Coco's housemate but she does NOT like to be indoors and is very skittish. After feeding her for 2 months she finally got around to not bolting for the hills when I opened the back door, but then it was time for me to leave! I'll be doing the same this winter and the whole cycle will probably have to start over...
This picture is blurry but she was probably just starting to run away when I snapped it.

This is "Murray" (that's a name I gave him) a cat that hangs out and takes advantage of the free food and water. He also runs off when approached but now sleeps on the back porch. He might decide to stick around, but it's hard to tell with cats. He is very handsome, don't you think?

Here he is at the food dish.

This is another cat that sometimes hangs out at the feeding station. We don't know her name but she belongs to someone in the neighborhood.
I caught her attention here...Love the green eyes!

This is a cat I met at an antique store in Oro Grande, California. He was friendly and let me pet him.

After awhile he jumped down under a table. I looked down and he had a friend!

When is a Calico cat not a calico cat? When he's a gray and white cat and lives in Calico, California! This guy lives the life of Riley. He lives at the snack bar!

Another shot of him...

And here is Edgar, a beautiful black long haired cat I met in another antique store. He kind of looks like Coco...He let me pick him up though. In this picture it looks like he is expecting it!

And Pistachio, a grocery store cat. Kind of a sly look on his face!

The Cats of Rome.
I met these ginger kitties in Rome, Oregon, which is more like a frontier outpost than a town, located on the Owyhee River, way, far away from anything. The one on top was especially adorable, but they would run away if I approached. Then they would come back. Must have been curious. A stranger! But maybe he has food?

A closer photo of the one I thought was really cute. What eyes!

On the other hand, this kitty was not shy at all. He let me pet him and he purred. Maybe a sibling to the others?
He also looks like Coco but he has tufts on his ears! Maybe part lynx?
I wish I got a better photo but this is all I've got...

Several hours and hundred miles later I stayed at my friends near John Day, Oregon. A couple of cats (obviously brothers) had decided to adopt them and I was surprised! They looked like grown up versions of the 2 kitties I saw earlier that day in Rome. Their names are Scruffy and Bob and both are good at catching rattlesnakes. (4 so far!) Bob is still very skittish (they were feral cats) but Scruffy is very affectionate. These are lousy pics but it was dark, sorry about that!
Scruffy on the left, and Bob on the right...

Scruffy likes to play. That streak in the middle of the picture is actually his favorite purple feather toy. He looks a lot like Felix, my cat for 18 years...

Back home, while I'm at it, I have to share a photo of my friend's cat, Mittens! She is 14 now, a sweet ball of fur.

Mittens can't stand her new neighbor, a kitten named Otis. Another ginger tabby! He is very friendly and likes to play. Here he is doing what kittens do best...

So there you have it. Cats galore, all different, but basically the same! I hope you enjoyed!

September 16, 2014

The Snowy Egret

A few months ago I was house sitting in Santa Ana CA and not far from where I was staying was a kind of "natural" area, the Lower Santiago Creek (pretty much a dry flood control basin with sections paved, used for parking cars, but I go on). However there is a place where a spring flows from a concrete culvert and there is water there year round, if only a few inches deep. This isn't a great photo, but you'll get the picture of where I'm talking about...

I didn't notice it at all but you can see it in the water, a snowy egret! Now I have never seen one before, they do not live in Oregon, and when I saw it I gasped (but not too loudly, I didn't want to scare it away!) I don't think I have ever seen such a beautiful bird. I was maybe ten feet away, and it didn't seem to mind me being there, it just went on feeding, ignoring me! So I took some pictures and that bird made the place seem a bit magical to me, even though there was trash strewn about, auto traffic, etc. So here are some shots I took...

If you're interested I also shot a 2 and a half minute video so you can see how it hunts for food, Also, you can hear the auto traffic nearby (it was evening rush hour and near sundown, hence the nice colors)...


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