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Nihil's Journal
Nihil's Journal
June 7, 2012

... and I've been there with you ...

... bemoaning the stupidity of the "geoengineering will save us" team ...

The trouble with it is that regardless of its gross failings, its uncertainty and its
suicidal gambling

1) It appeals to the "Deus Ex Machina" crowd and to the non-believers who have
the same philosophical approach ("Deus ex humana"?).

2) It appeals to the uber-technophilia of the Kurzweilian crowd.

3) It *really* appeals to the "Business As Usual" crowd as not only does it allow
them to continue maximising profit without any of that boring environmental
protection/preservation rubbish but also provides another opportunity for
profit from a new field (again, without any penalty until after they've retired/died).

As a result, GeoStupidity Inc will keep coming back, keep being supported in
"new initiatives" and keep blocking out genuine action.

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