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Nihil's Journal
Nihil's Journal
July 15, 2015

Crap headline Reuters ... desperately spinning for the corporations again.

> U.S. House committee approves anti-GMO labeling law

It is *not* an "anti-GMO labelling law" (bill), it *is* an "anti-GMO-labelling law" (bill).

The difference between the two is 180 degrees apart so stop LYING Reuters!

> U.S. food companies and other opponents of genetically modified food labeling
> notched a key victory on Tuesday as the House Agriculture Committee approved
> a measure banning mandatory labeling as well as local efforts to regulate
> genetically engineered crops.

The Monsanto Rubber Stamp Committee are traitors to America and humanity
in general.

Ms Pamela Bailey can shove her lies up her arse and so can the slimy scum who
pretend that a bill to ensure that Americans are poisoned without noticing should
be called "the Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act" ...

The misuse of journalism as an instrument of propaganda is one of the primary
threads in George Orwell's "1984"




It appears that "our leaders" have been using that book as a training guide.

July 14, 2015

Just pathetic.

> “This is a prominent, misleading attack on bottled water that has no justification,”

= "We want to continue our very profitable polluting con-trick whereby the public
pay through the nose for the very stuff that we've stolen from them."

Anyway, the National Park Service can *still* stop selling bottled water and *still*
provide fountains for the public to re-fill their re-usable ones (and, of course,
still sell re-usable ones of different sizes & colours to encourage people in the first

They can also make sure that there are plenty of posters showing discarded
plastic bottles - making sure that the labels for "Deer Park, Fiji, Evian" and the
others in the IBWA are prominent - in order to discourage people from the
ridiculously wasteful practice whilst drawing their attention to the free water services.

If the "ban" has been blocked by typically corrupt politicians, the NPS can still
*discourage* people from being so wasteful and *educate* them in more
considerate (and cheaper!) habits.

Hell, if they really want to go for it, they could introduce a range of "traditional"
water carriers so that hikers could carry the same sort of water-skins as the
first people who travelled over those trails, way before the Age of Plastic.

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