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Nihil's Journal
Nihil's Journal
April 29, 2016

As someone else noted (in a slightly different context), there is a serious cascade effect here too.

It's not as simple as country A (e.g., Syria) going then country B (e.g., Yemen) next
then country C ... as shitloads of the the people who were in country A have now
moved to countries S & T, overloading them so the combined migration spreads to
countries H, K & P which then ...

There is going to be a serious battening down of the hatches in the near (very near)
future which will have the effect of pouring fuel on the anger of the migrants, leading
to some serious unrest and the corresponding backlashes.

One big clusterfuck affecting ever-increasing amounts of the 99% while the scum
at the top continue to "justify" their obscene greed and dismissal of the problems.

"Interesting times".

April 27, 2016

What an honest and factual article. I'm pleasantly shocked by the integrity of the authors.

> The economic models that are used to inform climate policy currently contain
> an unhealthy dose of wishful thinking. Technologies that remove carbon dioxide
> from the air are assumed in the models that avoid dangerous climate change
> but such technologies do not yet exist and it is unclear whether they could be
> deployed at a meaningful scale.

> But it is hazardous to rely on science fiction in the development of the scenarios
> that are used to inform policymakers. To include scenarios for avoiding dangerous
> climate change that employ entirely speculative approaches seems reckless in the extreme.

The BAU crowd will be hitting the panic button in order to get this smothered
before it is repeated and heard by the populous ... and before people start to

April 13, 2016

To be fair ...

> Since (2000), however, the new study finds that the motion shifted sharply
> and now the North Pole is moving towards the U.K. and Europe.
> The motion has also sped up, though it still isn't very large.
> The movement towards Canada was at around 7 to 8 centimeters per year,
> Adhikari said, and the movement towards the U.K. is now about 16 to 18 centimeters
> per year.

Although the amounts are small (tens of centimetres per year), the fact that
the change was sudden rather than gradual and that, in addition, the rate has
increased 100% in this new direction is genuine cause for concern.

The rotation of the planet is is an energy balance on a scale that is almost
literally incredible - hard to comprehend or believe when you see the numbers
turned into everyday terms.

For this immense balancing act to change direction *and* magnitude so suddenly
(effectively instantaneous in geological terms) is every bit as worrying as the
degree to which, e.g., krill & low order fish are being driven to extinction by human
action. The difference is that the latter can be controlled by controlling human action
(although I'll admit that it's unlikely that any political body will even attempt - much
less succeed - at doing so) whereas the former has such inertia that it is really
mind-blowingly beyond the scope of human remediation.

It's not just that the goal-posts change, it's the entire playing field that is moving.

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