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Member since: Tue Jul 29, 2003, 03:30 PM
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a trumpian and me

The other day, I went into a favourite local boutique just to say hi. A woman was standing at the counter, berating the very young clerk behind the counter. Why? Because, in the window display, was a roll of toilet paper with the orange madman's image on it. The woman was furious. Tha't disrespectful, he's our president. I just came from a meeting learning all about how wonderful he is. He is the president of all of us. Get that thing out of the window. He deserves respect."

Well, we all know what a quiet, gentle, non-confrontational soul I am. . . .

I said, "did you say that every time someone disrespected President Obama? If not, you have no moral ground to stand on" She sputtered, and I repeated the question. She finally said, "I never said anything against him". I replied, "but did you stop, or criticize, those who did?" She did not answer, so I said, "you are answering my question by your silence. So, you are a blatant hypocrite, and, again, you have no moral standing. Now leave the clerk alone"

This very tall, very angry woman, stormed past me to leave. I HATE when people try to bully staff. And, incidentally, the owner of this shop is a very strong progressive.

I LOVE it when I am provided with human scratching posts!!
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