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niyad's Journal
niyad's Journal
September 21, 2020

It is an interesting theory.

September 13, 2020

Calling on our artists and graphic designers: The Wrinkled Rage (kudos, nolabear) needs really

Kickass graphics, etc, for our group.

Allow me to explain: in an earlier thread, nolabear indicated that she was ready to run through the streets naked if it got four more years. I asked if I could join her, as did several others. First name that came to mind was The Old, The Naked, The Pissed Off Gang. Other names were suggested, but we think Wrinkled Rage (as some of us have been around a while!) seems most appropriate. Just think of very angry and annoyed and pissed off older women running down the streets naked in protest of the orange traitor. Any ideas gratefully accepted.

All are welcome to join! Maybe some great lyrics and music as well????

Thanks in advance!!

September 7, 2020

Really? The college of cardinals chose Cardinal ratzenberger, who spent a large part of his career

in a vatican office devoted to hiding the pedophile priests. That was the previous pope, who actually resigned. pope benedict.

September 4, 2020

Daughter. Wife. Counsellor. The military was part of my life for decades. First, as the daughter of

of a career soldier. Then as the wife of a disabled, PTSD-Agent Orange Vietnam vet. (I often said that the man that I gave them was not the one they sent back to me.) Then for the decades I spent as a counsellor, working to mend the damaged minds and souls of so many of our people.
It has taken me from the first reports last night until now to be calm enough not to write words that would call down the suits (waving to agent mikey). As much as I knew about that orange traitor's disdain and contempt for the military, to see it all laid out in one spot as it was last night made me absolutely ill. That the people around whom I spent so much of my life, knowing their stories, their pain, their heroism, their pride, should be dismissed by a traitor, made me want to scream.

I want to add something that almost never gets discussed when we are talking the military. The families of our service members. The hardships of long separations. The fear and worry. Dealing with traumas mental and physical. The secondary PTSD. The life that must go on, even when that service member did not come home. I gues that is all about losers and suckers as well, you worthless scum.

I wish for the orange traitor every minute of the suffering he causes.

August 17, 2020

My 70,000th post!

I am sitting here with my coffee, marveling at the number, and the journey it represents. So I just want to take this moment to thank all of you here for sharing this journey. DU has been, and continues to be, my sanctuary in these turbulent times.

My dear friend Betty, who was an active member until we lost her to breast cancer, brought me here, early in the horror that was the bush years, and here I have been ever since. From our amazing admins to all the incredible members here, THANK YOU. You teach me so much, in every field. You make me laugh. And I share this with my friends.

They often ask, Where do you find all this stuff?" And, of course, I tell them. DU, the best place on the web.

So, sister and brother members, thank you. We have so much work to do cleaning up the traitorous murderer's mess, but Here we find strength, comfort, courage, laughter and love.

Be safe and well.

May 1, 2020

I have watched the anti-intellect, anti-rational groups nearly my whole long life. Back in high

school, I saw how easy it was to lead/control people with no critical thinking skills. You cannot control a popuLation that can think/reason.

Over these long decades, I have watched the growing attacks on reason, on learning, on education itself. This is deliberate, this is long-term planning. Frankly, it scares me. With the coronation of the moron in chief, these ignorant yahoos have crawled out from their caves and rocks, proudly displaying their ignorance, their hatred, their utter contempt for rational, civilized society. And their numbers seem to be growing faster than the virus can kill them off.

I think about Mao's "re-education" policies, and "Fahrenheit 451"., and the Inquisition, and The Burning Times, and the near-genocide of the Indigenous peoples by the European invaders. Some days, I despair for humanity.

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