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Member since: Tue Jul 29, 2003, 03:30 PM
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I have watched the anti-intellect, anti-rational groups nearly my whole long life. Back in high

school, I saw how easy it was to lead/control people with no critical thinking skills. You cannot control a popuLation that can think/reason.

Over these long decades, I have watched the growing attacks on reason, on learning, on education itself. This is deliberate, this is long-term planning. Frankly, it scares me. With the coronation of the moron in chief, these ignorant yahoos have crawled out from their caves and rocks, proudly displaying their ignorance, their hatred, their utter contempt for rational, civilized society. And their numbers seem to be growing faster than the virus can kill them off.

I think about Mao's "re-education" policies, and "Fahrenheit 451"., and the Inquisition, and The Burning Times, and the near-genocide of the Indigenous peoples by the European invaders. Some days, I despair for humanity.

Dear MSM, You are doing it again. Stop it! During the 2016 election campaign, you all gave thAt

insane creature currently soiling OUR House what amounted to several billion dollars worth of free air time. You spent hours showing empty podiums, with endless chatter. You spent so much time covering his insanity, his lies and hysteria, that one could be forgiven for not knowing that there was another candidate in the race. And we won't even talk at this point about your disgusting handling of the "debates" (the "moderating" was pathetically sycophantic).

You are doing the same thing right now. You KNOW that his daily ego-massaging "briefings are nothing BUT campaign rallies. Yrt, you are treating them as though they were legitimate news, giving him hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free campaign air time. Stop it. Just stop feeding his insatiable ego, his narcissism, his lies and hatred. Stop it. Even having a real-time fact-checker will not solve the problem. Just STOP IT!!!


And don't. Forget barr's power gra b.

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