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Member since: Tue Jul 29, 2003, 03:30 PM
Number of posts: 101,694

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A desperate need for sex education! And because we need a laugh! The first story dates

back to my college days (yes, back when the earth's crust cooled).

One of my friends and classmates was gifted with a really wickedly twisted sense of the absurd. Loved him for it. One day, he was not feeling well, and, at his fiancee's and my insistence, went to our college butcher shop. . I mean, health center. She and I were having lunch in the student union when he came in, grinning. We asked him what was going on, so he told us. While he was sitting waiting for the doctor, he overheard the doctor and a female student talking. Apparently the pregnancy test had come back positive. My friend heard her protest, "But, Doctor he told me it wasn't his fertile period." (Now, understand that my alma mater has a pretty sound academic reputation, with students from some of the best secondary schools in the country. But here was a student so ignorant of basic human biology that she actually believed that bs.) My friend's reaction was, "I want to find that guy and sign him up and bottle him. Anybody who could pull off a line like that. .he has a future in politics." (Told you he was weird.) His fiancee and I were horrified that the young woman could be so clueless.

Second story, related to me by a friend, a couple of years after the above incident. One of her relatives and her mate were "in the mood", but he was worried. She reassured him, "of course we are safe, it's right in the middle of my cycle." The twins turned out great.

Post 80,000. 18 official years, and 80,000 posts. It has been a remarkable journey

so far, and one I look forward to continuing. To all my Sister and Brother DU'ers, thank you. Looking forward to so much more as we fight to save what we love, and to make things better for all.

Love you all (wellll, some more than others, but. . .).
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