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redqueen's Journal
redqueen's Journal
May 18, 2024

West 4b movement & bumble's messed up ad (history of feminism thread)

Just wanted to share a couple of clips about the 4b/west 4b movement

And an outstanding video about what bumble's terrible ad reveals about the way women are viewed under patriarchy

Happy Saturday everyone and hope you're all having a wonderful day 🥰
May 11, 2024

Friendly Saturday reminders to help our planet

If you care about the climate, please do everything you can to help

Drastically reduce (ideally try to eliminate) consumption of animal products

Travel responsibly

Avoid plastic

Buy recycled paper products and buy made from hemp or bamboo if you can afford to

Kill your lawn

Stop buying things unless you really need them

Avoid using harsh cleaners or any products that pollute water

Keep your cats indoors

I could go on. Not trying to nag. Just fighting despair.

April 17, 2024

There's now a West 4B movement

I've posted about the 4B movement in South Korea, and there's a more extreme version in China but I forget the name just now. Anyway this movement is now a thing in the US too and I could not possibly be happier about it

Also awesome, the men who get it and are also speaking up.

April 17, 2024

Pro-Israel money pours in to unseat progressives in congressional races

This should get interesting

Curious about that $5m from MAGA


Only Tlaib – whose criticism of Israel provoked the Republican-controlled legislature to censure her last year – has raised more, with $6.5m on hand according to her latest reporting. Tlaib easily fought back a 2022 primary challenge and faces no opposition in her 2024 race so far, and she has already formed joint fundraising committees with both Bowman and Bush to help boost their financial standing.

Usamah Andrabi, a spokesperson for Justice Democrats, said the impressive fundraising haul from lawmakers like Lee and Tlaib underscored how progressives’ criticism of the Israeli government over the war in Gaza is resonating with Democratic voters.

“These are likely going to be some of the most expensive Democratic congressional primaries we have ever seen. And it is only that way because these candidates – be it George Latimer or Wesley Bell or Bhavini Patel – cannot stand on their own,” Andrabi said.

They have to stand on $5m of money from Republican Maga [‘Make America Great Again’] donors that Aipac is funneling to them. That is the only way that they get a leg up against deeply popular progressives who are speaking of core values.”

March 26, 2024

New York Starts Distributing Debit Cards to Migrants, Despite Uproar

Am I a bad person for thinking this is counterproductive?

New York City officials are moving ahead with a contentious plan to give migrant families debit cards for food and baby supplies, with the first cards being distributed on Monday to a small handful of new arrivals.

The program has faced a backlash over concerns about potential fraud or abuse, and about whether migrants were being given preferential treatment over other people in need.

But with 180,000 migrants having entered New York over the last two years and 65,000 still in shelters, the city is struggling with mounting housing and food costs and the administration of Mayor Eric Adams is eager to try a new approach.

A family of four is expected to receive up to $350 per week under the program, which will last six weeks, city officials said. The program will begin with 10 families on Monday, expanding to about 115 families, or roughly 450 people, over the next week.

March 24, 2024

Student asks Obama about cynicism and gets a 10 minute rant that nails it

Just saw this and found it inspiring so...

"This is the greatest country on earth, but only because we have great citizens who are willing to invest their time and energy and effort to become informed on the issues, to argue about it in a respectful way, and to try to collectively solve the many challenges we face."

March 15, 2024

Joy Reid delivers the best analysis of the TikTok issue with help from Robert Reich

Every app from China shares their data with the chinese government. Many sites spread disinformation and many are much worse about allowing harmful content. 🤔
March 15, 2024

First thread I saw when I opened DU today was about TikTok

I am honestly baffled.

What has been done to secure our elections? We have known about these issues for DECADES. But TikTok is the big deal? Social media gets top priority status? Nothing about risk limiting audits? Forcing these companies to submit to transparency laws?

Couldn't find any decent reporting about this issue in the US so here's a couple of links from The Guardian.

America's new voting machines bring new fears of election tampering

'They think they are above the law': the firms that own America's voting system

At first I was annoyed by all the TikTok crap. Then I was aggravated. Now I am disgusted.

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