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Crunchy Frog

Crunchy Frog's Journal
Crunchy Frog's Journal
March 11, 2017

My impression, from reading the article and the comments,

is that The Nation currently represents a strand of left wing authoritarianism that exists in this country, among whom you will find left wing supporters of Donald Trump.

There are accusations made against the Clinton campaign, accusations of "McCarthyite hysteria" against Democrats and liberal media figures in general. There is almost a hero worship tone with respect to Trump, and a distress over the "slurs" against him, and calls for impeachment, which he sees as the real threat to American democracy. There are all kinds of intellectually dishonest arguments, and false equivalencies.

In the comment section, you repeatedly see the RW talking point that claims that Hillary was planning a nuclear war against Russia. Any sort of tension with Putin is described in hysterical terms as escalations that could lead to nuclear war. Expressions of disagreement with the article are equated with McCarthyism.

I honestly can't see how any non-authoritarian with basic analytic skills could read this article and not conclude that it's a relatively crude piece of pro-Putin, pro-Trump propaganda.

It's been a long time since I've read The Nation, but it seems like it's becoming the magazine equivalent of JPR. It's alarming to see some "progressives" swallowing this unquestioningly.

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