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Fla Dem

Fla Dem's Journal
Fla Dem's Journal
November 14, 2020

So many good Foreign Crime series.

Scott & Bailey British 5 Seasons Amazon Prime British
Silent Witness British 23 Seasons. Several cases per season, usually 2 episodes per case. My go to when there's not much else available, or my brain is tired.
Unforgotten British 4 Seasons, Starring Nicola Walker. Excellent!

The Valhalla Murders Iceland Limited Series, 1 Season
Happy Valley British 2 Seasons
Unit 42, Belgium 1 Season
Criminal, Different Series for UK, Ger, Fr Spain. So far only UK has had a 2nd season.
Bordertown, Finnish, 3 seasons
Broadchurch British, 3 Seasons 3 great actors: David Tennant, Olivia Coleman (Currently starring in "The Crown" as Queen Elizabeth) and Jodie Whittaker currently starring in Dr. Who from 2017 to present.
Money Heist Spain 4 Seasons
Deadwind Scandinavian 2 Seasons

Guess that's enough to get you through the winter!!

Unfortunately Line of Duty looks like it was dropped by Netflix, don't know where it ended up.

October 15, 2020

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse spelled it out for us. We need to be competitive in the Supreme Court.

We can win the House, we can win the Senate, we can win the WH, but if we are underrepresented in the Supreme Court, in today's politics it doesn't matter. If you did not see the Senator's live presentation I've posted a video. It's only 24 minutes and it's a must see.

Given Senator Whitehouse's presentation regarding dark money and anonymous Amicus benefactors to RW issues, we must fight back. If we win back the Senate and WH, it's time to take off the gloves and take back our country. No more trying to be accommodating and working across the aisle. We've played that game since Ronald Reagan and it has done absolutely nothing for us. Yes we've passed bills, but these dark money RW groups fund amicus briefs to present to the courts to overturn those that impede their agendas. In some cases purposely losing in lower courts so they can appeal to higher courts, and eventually the Supreme Court, where a 5-4 majority ruled in their favor.

Now we are completely toothless. We have no standing in the SC. It's 6-3 in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs. We must increase the seats on the SC. Even if we increase it by 2 we're still disadvantaged 6-5.

But it gives us a fighting chance. If we don't do something every single progressive, socially enlightened law passed in the past 40 years will be challenged. What really opened my eyes was when the Senator stated 80 RW Amicus briefs had been heard by the SC and all 80 won. That is horrifying

I know Joe Biden is not on board with increasing the Senate, but we must. If we don't, even with Republicans in the minority in the American population, they will rule.

Excerpt from Sen Whitehouse's presentation.

But there is another piece of it, and that is not what’s ahead of us, but what’s behind us. What’s behind us is now 80 cases, Mr. Chairman, 80 cases under Chief Justice Roberts that have these characteristics. One, they were decided five to four by a bare majority. Two, the five-to-four majority was partisan in the sense that not one Democratic appointee joined the five. I refer to that group as the “Roberts Five.”

It changes a little bit as–with Justice Scalia’s death, for instance – but there’s been a steady “Roberts Five” that has delivered now 80 of these decisions. And the last characteristic of them is that there is an identifiable Republican donor interest in those cases, and in every single case, that donor interest won. It was an 80 to zero, 5 to 4 partisan rout, ransacking.

Link to full transcribed Sen Whitehouse Presentation:

Video, Full Presentation.

July 9, 2020

Okay, I'm having a brain fart. I can't for the life of me remember how to

access "My Journal".

I hate when this happens, you absolutely know something and completely forget.

July 2, 2020

Where do we stand now on a VP Pick?

Back on April 25th I posted a poll with possible VP Candidates for Joe Biden.

Kamala Harris was the overwhelming favorite with Elizabeth Warren coming in second.


Here's an updated list. I removed Klobuchar, Whitmer and Porter. Let's see where we stand now.

If you select "Other" please post your pick.


February 18, 2020

The simplest and best site I've used is https://postimages.org/


It is sooo easy.

1. Go to their page
2. Click on "Choose Image"
3. Open your picture file
4. Double Click on the picture you want
5. A new page will open on postimage
6. Copy the "Direct Link"
7. Paste the direct Link in your email, post, whatever.

You do have to have the picture in your picture file, so copy the picture from imgur and save in your picture file.
February 14, 2020

Just my musing on giving hearts.

On one hand giving hearts to the more "popular" DUer's is to show appreciation for what they bring to our community, be it humor, animal /pet related posts, interesting stories, their daily insights, political analysis and opinion, or just great folks who post alot. We see their names and we know them. We give them hearts just like we would to our friends.

On the other hand, we have the less active posters and newer members who are not as well known. They post occasionally even though they may read DU everyday. I'm sometimes surprised when I see a low post count, and yet the person has been registered on DU for 10+ years. Or the newbies who haven't quite yet got their feet wet and found their place among our more prolific posters.

So yes, I truly appreciate our top tier members who provide so much enjoyable, interesting and thought provoking material every single day. But my 50 hearts went to anyone who had less than 3. They are just as valuable members and I'd like them to feel appreciated as well.

June 15, 2019

Last night was a bloody murder scene.

This was at 11:30 at night. My girl(a 13 yo cat)sleeps at the foot of my bed. I laid down next to her, not real close, maybe 12-18 inches away. Was telling her what a good girl she was, but she was giving me the stink eye. I know that look, "Get out of my face human". So I went to get up.

As soon as I moved, she made her move. One claw caught me on the inside of my right nostril, bridge side. Hurt like hell. I screamed and instinctively put my hand up to my nose. When I took my hand away it was covered in blood. The coverlet was covered in blood, the sheet had blood on it. I got up to run into the bathroom. Left a trail of blood on the (thankfully) wood floor. The bathroom sink and counter had blood all over it. Never saw so much blood in my life.

Couldn't stop the blood. Packed my nose with gauze and tissue. Had a pile pf bloody tissue on the countertop. Then it stopped as quickly as it started.

Spent the next half hour cleaning up the blood.

My darling cat continued to lay on the bed watching me.

She really is a sweet cat, but it was bedtime and she just wasn't in the mood for mom bothering her.

Nose still a little tender this morning, but no more bleeding.

March 25, 2019

Maurice J. Tobin Memorial Bridge Boston. Forever known to me as the Mystic River Bridge.

I commuted over that bridge to and from Boston for almost 20 years. There may be more spectacular, modern, historic bridges in the world, but to me this was my life, whether going to work, a Red Sox game, an event at the Gardens, shopping in Downtown Boston, volunteering at the Boston Marathon, we got there by going over the "the Bridge".

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