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H2O Man

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Member since: Mon Dec 29, 2003, 08:49 PM
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Public Prosecutors

"Contrary to common belief, the presumption of innocence applies only inside a courtroom. It has no applicability elsewhere ...."
-- Vincent Bugliosi; Outrage; Dell Publishing; 1996; pages 21 - 22.

Vince Bugliosi wrote some important books. The talented yet flawed former prosecutor had a straight forward manner of communicating. Two of my favorites were "The Betrayal of America" on how the Supreme Court selected George W. Bush for president, and "The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder." Both are classics.

A few minutes ago, as I was selecting part of today's meal from my garden, I was thinking about an OP/thread I had just read. Malaise's "slobfather" posts always make me happy, and today's "lottery of indictments" is no exception -- though it is exceptional that the "slobfather" is in so much legal jeapardy!

As participants in the court of public opinion, we have no need to go by the "innocent until proven guilty" bit. Obviously, we recognize that prosecutors have to prove that guilt inside a courtroom. But there is enough evidence -- beyond any doubt -- that he is guilty as sin. Malaise, as the DU jury foreperson, has guided us to a unanimus verdict again, so say us all.

But that -- at least in my mind -- presents us with another role in the larger court of public opinion. As important as it is to engage in well-informed discussions here, it is equally important that we prosecute the case in the larger court of public opinion. Although it may seem that the vast majority of people have already made up their mind one way or the other, there are some who are either undecided, or not firm in their opinion that Trump and his cult pose a serious threat to this country.

There are a number of good issues that we need to be campaigning on as the November elections approach. The Supreme Court that Bugliosi correctly called corrupt has only decayed further with its overturning of Roe. Other issues that we can't anticipate will arise in upcoming days and weeks. Still, to borrow from Bugliosi, if as public prosecutors we present the slobfather handcuffed and in chains, those undecided jurors will help us sentence him and his ilk.

I rest my case. Thank you for your consideration.

Amicus Briefly

"There ain't any 'normal' any more." -- H2O Man; August 16, 2022.

I'm trying to think of the best case that can make on Thursday on the proposed unsealing of the FBI affidavit that resulted in the warrant to search mar-a-lago. One can easily anticipate what the New York Times and Albany Times Union legal team believe is involved. The media, like the public, is interested in what the affidavit contains.

But it seems extremely unlikely that the judge will unseal a document that contains information about witnesses, investigation methods, and an on-going investigation into the implications of private citizen Donal Trump's refusal to turn over the documents. The media will likely have to wait until there are formal charges, and it is turned over to Trump's legal team in discovery. They will leak it within minutes.

So it comes down the arguments that Judicial Watch -- which is representing Trump here, though not officially --makes. Reading through their information, I suspect that they know their brief is pathetic. At very best, as it stands, the best it can do is serve as a fund-raining issue for Judicial Watch, and an issue for republicans to set the country on fire.

What's a concerned citizen to do?

I'm thinking that I might need to file an amicus brief. Stay with me here. What about using Amendment 14's equal protection clause? I mean, let's consider mobsters of the past. John Roselli, Sam Giancana and Santo Trafficante all enjoyed connections with the CIA when vice president Richard Nixon was in charge of the US policy towards Cuba back in the late 1950s through 1960. And everyone named in that last sentence was a mobster.

Whitey Bulger was a mobster. There is really no difference between his Winter Hill Gang and the Trump administration. And Whitey had open access to FBI files through agent John Connolly. There are really no differences betweem Bulger and Trump that I can think of. Put the DOJ on the hot seat to see if they can name a single distinction between all these mobsters and Donald Trump.

Whitey actually became an FBI informant, to rat out his best friendly mobsters. Make the list of witnesses against Trump public, and maybe he'd provide the FBI disinformation, misinformation, and outright lies about them. It would also be in the pubic interest so that maga micro-dicks could harass, threaten, and attack those witnesses.

As a last touch, maybe demand that the sum-total of the secret documents that Trump stole and refused to return be immediately turned over to Saudi leader MBS for safe-keeping. This was obviously among Trump's plans for them, and it seems very likely the FBI already knows that for sure. After all, MBS already paid for them.

The Lizard Brain

" The only correct answer to 'Why did the chicken cross the road?' is 'Because it's lizard brain told it to.'" -- Seth Godin, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?

When I went out to feed the beings this morning, two hens waddled rapidly across the lawn to greet me. I suspect that their gate is similar to that of the tyrannosaurus rex. For reasons unidentified, I thought that if a chicken or tyrannosaurus was old, fat, and in poor health, its movements would look more like Donald Trump on stage, or walking down a ramp.

Turning on the morning news, I could not wash that image from my mind. Being old, fat, and wrestling covid, it occurred to me that there was a reason the thought of Trump crossing the road might be important. Might the consideration of Donald's "lizard brain" -- the limbic system/ brain stem -- along with his basal ganglia and prefrontal cortex help explain what behaviors that he and his cult are engaged in?

For the sake of this discussion, we should consider a type of human thought and of behavior that are closely related. Both have been part of the human experience since we were coming into being in Africa. Both continue to this very day, both consciously and unconsciously. The first is superstition, which includes beliefs that an objective outsider would recognize cannot be proven to be true.

Rituals involve either individual or group activities that are often, but not always, related to the superstitions. Both superstitions and rituals have the potentials to be good, neutral, or bad. Religious and spiritual beliefs often involve rituals that tend to help an individual in their understanding of the meaning of their life. I think of Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., and Malcolm X as positive examples. The neutral example that comes to mind is the wall that separates church and state. The negative is when one group wants to force its belief system upon others, and punish those who disagree.

Many decades ago, as an amateur boxer, there was one pair of trunks that I liked to wear into the ring for my potentially toughest fights. In the locker room, my preparation -- getting dressed, having my hands wrapped, and the gloves put on -- was a ritual that helped me to relax and focus my energies. Looking back, I do not think that the cloth the trunks were made of had any magical powers, of course. Yet that superstition and ritual helped me in ways that certainly can't be measured.

Now, let's consider Trump. Perhaps the example that best illustrates superstition is his belief that gold makes him a super human being with magical powers. Thus, the ritual of the (relatively) calm Trump is to pretend he is Scrooge McDuck instead of a human chicken. to wallow in false ledgers, and brag about his wealth. These behaviors demonstrate that he is an utter failure as a human being, someone only admired by other failed specimens.

Angry-afraid Donald is even more a slave to the nonrational, primitive lizrd brain. Indeed, his ritual behaviors are defined by the six "F's" : fight, flight, freeze, fear, feed, and fornicate. In his case, that last one translates to his willingness to fuck anyone to avoid responsibility for his actions. Thus, when confronted, he yells about conspiracies against him, claims victimhood, points fingers, lies faster than my hens can run, threatens, claims to have never lost a fight, and/or throws his plated against a wall.

At this point, while he may appear as pathetic as the decaying carp of hair upon his skull, one might ask why some human beings worship him in a religious manner? The only correct answer is because their lizard brains are telling them to. And that is why the current level of threat from them is so high.

Most Peculiar

Due to my friend "kpete" informing us that the House Freedom Caucus not going through with their planned press conference regarding the FBI's visit to mar a loga, I have decided to attempt to construct an essay. It is also in response to Saoirse9 messaging me, noting I am being quiet, and asking if I'm okay?

I did take a hard fall last Friday, injuring my knee, shoulder, and head. Then, on Saturday, I was exposed to a person with covid, before they had any symptoms. Despite being sick and sore, I'm pretty darned alright.

There is, of course, a lot of speculation on what was involved in the FBI's serving the search warrant on Trump's property. Let's first consider the republican response. Though the House Freedom Caucus is opting not to speak, a human being formerly named Ricky Shiffer spoke for them. May he rust in pieces.

Because I lack the capacity to speak about anything without focusing on "systems" and/or "history," allow me to combine them. As we know, systems can be understood by using the model of a mobile over an infant's crib. They attempt to maintain a balance. When something or some individual piece or cluster upsets that balance, the other pieces join together to resist the pressure to move off-balance.

We are witnessing an attempt -- primarily by Democrats, although now including a thin scattering of republicans -- to regain the balance that the Trump cult threatens. (Most republicans, as is their nature, are just scattering, trying to find a safe spot in their corn field, where they can repeat poison Trump's fertilizer.) This takes two things to accomplish: time and focus on the rule of law. As Ringo sang, it don't come easy.

In terms of the federal government, that requires a coordinated effort between the three branches. As we speak, the three are "trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored," so to speak. (Note: Steinbeck's classic "The Grapes of Wrath was banned and burned in parts of the United States. You know, the country with Amendment 1.)

Now, let me add a dose of speculation. What is this all about, I ask myself? If a person is waiting tables, and gets a $2 billion tip, they are engaged in more serving a meal. They are serving the person who gave the tip. Now, admittedly, this is just my opinion. I'm more than willing to consider that Jared got this, with no strings attached. Maybe it happens all the time. I don't know. I', asking for your opinion.

History may hold a clue. Back in the days of the Plame scandal, there was another one that tended to fly under the radar. It invoolved a couple lads from a US group that the FBI raided for suspected espionage. These lads were reportedly sharing intelligence on the potential Iranian WMD program. It's happened before, and it is possible that Donald & Co. were attempting -- or engaged in -- something similar. The fellow who gave the $2 billion tip would surely be interested.


"On the coast,
The long and tempting coast,
The cards on the table lie,
And a speech,
So eloquent in reach,
Was made by a passerby,
Passing by the way between
Here and left behind.
And it ripples through the crowds
Who run and cast their doubts
In the deep forbidden lake."
-- Neil Young; Deep Forbidden Lake

In the early morning hours, Donald Trump has a nightmare. He finds himself in deep, dark water, far beyond any point he has ever been at before. For Donald is uncomfortable in water. He attempts to locate a spot where he can stand, but he is in too deep. He is aware that some of his cult members are on the distant shore, waving the confederate rag, singing, "Lock her up!" Ron DeSantis can be heard laughing.

Suddenly, Trump feels something bump into his legs. Trump fears sharks. And this one has a warrent, and a shark with a warrent scares poor Donald greatly. He wakes up in a cold slime. Then he realizes he is in New York City, not deep, dark water. But he cannot rid his mind of the fear.

One can tell a lot about a person, including a president, by considering their relationship with water. My generation remembers John F. Kennedy, either swimming in or sailing on the ocean. We remember PT 109, and his heroics in deep, dark water. More recently, we have seen a trim, physically fit President Obama enjoying activities in water.

Pictures of Richard Nixon, walking on the shore wearing a suit and dress shoes, was intended to communicate one message. But it backfired in showing his discomfort with the water. Now we have an ex-president who exposed his lack of understanding of oceans when he suggested nuking gathering hurricanes in the Atlantic. This, I think, provides us with clues to how he will react to the FBI executing a search warrent at mar-a-lago.

For Trump is a sociopath. When under pressure before, he has always reacted by tossing the biggest bombs available to "enemies" -- those posing a threat to him. He lacks the capacity to have a conscious awareness that he has done wrong. Instead, he seeks to impose on any and all people but him. He will hug the American flag, claim victimhood, and obviously try to capitalize on this by seeking donations from his cult.

Each time he was able to avoid consequences for his misdeeds -- and that spans from his youth until Sunday -- He grew more confident. And every time, he would do something worse, fully believing he was above the law. But this is different. Indeed, poor Donald has never faced more pressure than he is dealing with today. He has never been tossed into this deep of dark waters.

Surely, Trump's legal team has advised him to be quiet. But Trump never listens to any lawyer thinking that they know the law better than him. And under pressure, he listens closely to a cluster of phantoms that inhabit his mind. Enemies everywhere. Conspiracies against him abound. Bad enough that many he believed were loyal, if only for fear, have betrayed him by testifying not only to the January 6 Committee, but have met with the Department of Justice, including the sharks in the FBI. Timing is always important.

Go Ask Alex: Phase Two

"A man who lies to himself, and believes his own lies becomes unable to recognize truth, either in himself or anyone else, and he ends up losing respect for himself and for others. When he has no respect for anyone, he can no longer love, and, in order to divert himself, having no love in him, he yields to his impulses, indulges in the lowest forms of pleasure, and behaves in the end like an animal. And it all comes from lying -- lying to others and to yourself." -- Fyodor Dostoevsky

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Alex Jones for proving, in a very public trial, that Dostoevsky was correct.

And I actually do thank the plaintiffs, their legal team, and the judge in this case for exposing the filth known as info-wars.

I hope to thank the jury soon.

Political Climate Change

Despite getting some rain last week, with more to come at the end of this week, it is dry here in rural upstate New York. My rain barrels are again low, and so when I water the garden in the evening, I'm not using as much as I'd like to. Still, I am getting more beans, cucumbers, and peas than I can eat, and so I share some with neighbors. And some will be canned or froozen.

My cousin called me last night. He had visited his 92-year old mother in the evening, as he does daily. They were talking about current events, and he commented that he cannot believe how stupid the republican base is. She said that there has always been about the same percentage of stupid people throughout her life, that it is just that television and the internet get them worked up, and expose us to their ignorance.

This got me thinking about the environment crisis that is here, on Earth, today. It is worse now for some people than others around the globe. I cannot, for example, compare seeing that the open spring that feeds my pond producing less water than in 27 years -- less than in 2016, the worst drought on record here -- to people losing their homes to wildfires in California. Or to the farmers in Central America not able to produce crops to feed their families due to the on-going drought.

I think of how many of us, including myself, can take things like water and electric for granted ..... until a storm causes the electric to go out for anywhere from minutes to days. In other places, such as parts of Kentucky, it will be out for a lot longer.

I, for one, tend to curse out loud if the television goes blank while I am watching something of interest. Then I think of my father, raised in a home with no running water or electricity. Or the people who lived in this house before electricity and running water. It's not that we have to go back to that. But we do need to consider how much we use, and how much corporations -- like those in the above video -- use.

And that is not dependent on if one believes that human beings are the primary cause of environmental changes. If your well runs dry, it isn't going to matter if you say, "I don't believe it." If your house is on fire, it doesn't matter if you are convinced it is a Chinese conspiracy. Burying one's head in the sand is not a good option at this time.

That includes all the forms of denial, across the board. This includes saying it isn't the number one issue voters list in polls, and thus not a good campaign issue. Climate change is real. It is here now. It's not pleasant to think about, but it will change society. And as LBJ said, "We must change to master change."

Today's News

"I read the news today, oh boy...." -- John Lennon, 1967.

It is actually good news this morning. Perhaps on two fronts. Hoever, I must warn the reader that good news on another front -- the recent rains have resulted in an explosion of growth among my favorite melons of the Cucurbitaceae family -- so I do not have the time this afternoon to author my unusual long and tedious essays. I'd suggest having one's wisdom teeth yanked out sans novocaine by using the pair of pliers nearst to you, if you seek to relive the sensation of reading my usual nonsense.

First, let's take a brief flashback to my July 22nd Pastry Recipe, where I noted that:

"Prosecutors look for the weakest links among groups such as this." -- H2O Man; July 22, 2022.

Now, we are all happy to learn that a grand jury, being run by the Department of Justice, recently heard from two human beings closely associated with the Albino Puff Pence. This reportedly focused on conversations involving Trump & Fiends, about fake electors. Clearly a good sign, especially as John Eastman, who I dentified as the weakest link in the pastry shop, was involved. Remember this as summer turns to fall.

Second, as part of my research for campaigning for my candidate in this NYS Congressional District, I'm preparing for my efforts after the August primary. I will work equally hard for either my candidate, or his primary opponent, come the general election. After reading some interesting reports on what republican focus groups are saying, I decided to contact a woman who runs a number of these groups.

I haven't lost my mind.

This lady is of the species I knew in my youth: republicans one could talk to. Rumors of their extinction appear to have come too early, for this one not only is opposed to Trump, but even more focused on defeating cult members in the November election. And within the focus groups, she said the majority are not only opposed to Trump running in 2024, but will refuse to vote for his cult members in November.

When I asked if any group was prepared to go so far as to vote for Democratic Party candidates, she responded that yes, this is especially true among republicans over the age of 60.

I say this in part in response to a number of OP/threads I've read on DU:GD recently, saying we should forget Trump. This included one where a good friend said that in campaigning this summer, they have yet to hear any mention of Trump. Now, I am not trying to tell anyone how to campaign, but in my own experience, when I start after my polite introduction of self, I ask, "What issues are important to you?" And over 50% mention Trump's name in their very first sentence.

This is a stick we have available to use to beat our opposition in November. We ned to pick up on it.

Earth Blues


I've been watching various news reports on the environment recently. Reports on the water levels at Lake Mead and Lake and Lake Powell are extremely low levels. Mead is the largest reservoir in the country, and measured to be at only 27% of capacity this month. One guy noted that if people viewed the lake as a bank, people make an increasing number of withdrawals, but there aren't many deposits.

It's the lowest it has been, since 1937, before it was originally filled. If this continues, it will reach "dead pool" level, and no longer pass through the Hoover Dam, supplying important parts of Arizona, California, and Mexico. Thus, it will not matter if one recognizes the reality of climate change: people in those regions will need to adjust their behaviors in their daily lives. It might actually reach the point where government beseech corporate entities to consider changing some of their practices.

I also have been watching reports on the rapidly expanding Oak Fire in California. I've also seen recent reports on fires in England. Many of us remember 2020 reports on the Amazon rainforest burning. Last year, under president Jair Bolsonaro, Brazilian deforestation rates soared to a 15-year high. That continues at a brisk pace this year -- so far, 1,500 square miles have been deforested. There are curious ways of deforesting:


If a person pays attention to these things, one might suspect that there are connections between all of these things. Or one can turn away and refuse to think about this. It should be upsetting to think about. I understand that individuals might think, " I'm just one person. The most severe damage is being done by corporations. There is nothing I can do." You have been lied to, to discourage you from realizing you are one among millions. Or, as Gandhi said, a drop in the ocean that takes part in the greatness of its parent.

Corporations do indeed do much more harm than individuals. Individuals working for corporations may, on a personal level, recognize that they are part of a system destroying the natural world. But, if they rely on a paycheck from that industry, they know if they speak up they will be replaced. A number of corporate executives told that to my friend Oren Lyons when he was giving a speech on environmental issues a few years back.

Oren noted that many of them are grandparents, and recognize they are handing down an earth that is severely damaged to the younger generations. People who are adraid of change find many excuses to remain part of a system that devastates the environment. Oren said that the group would likely ask him back in a year or two, so that they could again say, "Nothing has changed since the last time you were. But I care."

In my opinion, it is not just people who get a paycheck from those corporations. It includes those who take -- and depend upon -- corporate donations to run their election and re-election campaigns. In a very real sense, they work for those corporations. If they speak up, they fear being replaced. They, too, say that they care.

That's why I favor those politicians that do not accept corporate money. By coincidence -- perhaps -- they seem to be the environmentally-conscious representatives of human beings, rather than corporations. Thus, the Democratic candidate I am volunteering for in NYS's 19th Congressional district. He doesn't accepte corporate money, while his primary opponent does.

Below please find a message from Oren Lyons, Faithkeeper, Turtle Clan, Onondaga Nation:

Mother Goose

“History doesn't repeat itself, but It often rhymes” – Mark Twain.

Generally speaking, this indicates the "Walker" rhymes with "Flynn," although the two remind me of repeating cycles of one another. Members of my generation remember, and younger history buffs may understand. But it might be of interest to explain this dynamic, for both General Edwin Walker and General Michael Flynn have posed similar threats to democracy.

Both were in the army. Walker was a general, and Flynn a lieutenant general. Both were involved in wars: Walker in World War 1 and the Korean War, while Flynn was involved in Afghanistan and Iraq. Both were white supremacists. And both had unhappy ends to their military careers.

Important for our consideration is that both were highly paranoid men, at least at the end of their military careers. A degree of paranoia was essential in the process of evolution, in order for humans to survive. It's beneficial to recognize that a slightly higher than average degree of paranoia can, and often does, play a meaninful role in the careers of military members and police investigators. But this pair of generals had a much higher amount of paranoid thinking.

It appears that whatever amount Walker had before the Korean War, that experience brought it into full bloom. It may be similar in Flynn's case. Either way, both came to exhibit almost all of the symptoms that are associated with Cluster A's paranoid personality disorder (PPD). They see conspiracies, especially aimed against them. They question the motivations of others, including presidents. As a John Birch Society member, Walker was convinced that Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower were communists; Flynn, who is in the Trump cult, identified people from President Obama to Secretary of State Clinton as enemies of the state.

After leaving the military, both became active in extreme right-wing political activities. Walker had begun while still serving, and violated the Hatch Act by attempting to indocrinate troops with Birch Society materials, and instructing them how to vote. He quit the military when being disaplined for this, claiming it was an international conspiracy against him. In early 1962, he hoped to become the governor of Texas, but lost in the Democratic primary. He was arrested in October for promoting the riots at the University of Mississippi, because James Meredith had enrolled. Sound familiar? Kind of rhymes with "Flynn," I think.

Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy then took action to have Walker put in a psychiatric ward for 90 days, to be avaluated. The ACLU and and Syracuse University's psychiatrist Thomas Szasz were able to get Walker released after five days. Dr. Szasz argued that psychiatric information should never be used in political rivalries. Yet, RFK and others knew that there was something cery wrong with Walker, and that he posed a threat to society. His paranoid nature led him to identify many, many "enemies," and he posed a real threat to them.

There was little public understanding of those suffering from PPD when RFK hoped to find out was horribly wrong with Walker. Although the grand jury dailed to indict him after the October arrest, his star had fallen. People with PPD lack insight on the role they play in creating most if not all of their problems. Add qualities like racism, and they tend not to benefit from the preferred treatment, which is psychotherapy. Thus, it is unlikely that General Flynn is capable of changing from his anti-social behaviors.

Flynn does not belong in a psychiatric hospital. The only successful treatment option with him is life in prison. I think it is a matter of months until the Department of Justice indicts him. That is an essential step towards beginning to heal our country.
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