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WhiteTara's Journal
WhiteTara's Journal
April 25, 2019

Free Parking - Putin's main psy-ops tool


Who knew I would learn Russian in my later years; but here I am. My new word today is maskirovka, literally meaning “to mask or masquerade;” using elements of surprise, camouflage, deception, decoys and disinformation; especially through social media.

Where Hitler repeated the Big Lie so often, people began to believe; Putin uses “reflexive control” by planting stories (maskirovka) with just enough truth to seem credible; though sometimes fantastical lies work because they create uncertainty. The whole concept of reflexive control focuses on tricking their opponent into making decisions that work to the advantage of the instigator.

The Russians have used maskirovka for centuries in war to their great advantage on the battlefield. Today the battlefield is in cyberspace. The Special Counsel’s report clearly shows that Russia is still engaged in cyber warfare against not only the U.S., but all western democracies.

Reflexive control is highly developed technique developed by the KGB during the 1960s to control the citizens of East Germany. Maskirovka is designed to keep your enemies off balance. The idea is that you plant fake stories with a bit of truth; one example is the Hillary pedophilia gang in a pizza parlor basement. (Kernel of truth: Hillary Clinton was a presidential candidate and there was a Cosmic Pizza Parlor.) A man came to DC and shot up the restaurant even though there was no truth to the story; the restaurant didn’t even have a basement.

This is must understand stuff. Are we being pushed to an untimely impeachment process? Or is this spontaneous outpouring. What is the end game for the Russians - to foil the impeachment process by not laying the proper foundation. We are in deep trouble, it is true, but we want the best possible outcome.
April 4, 2019

He killed himself on the steps of Town Hall


He killed himself on the steps of Town Hall. Like the self-immolating monks in Saigon, he killed himself as a cry out to humanity to stop a dreadful wrong. Jeremy Richman, father of 6 year-old Aviel who was murdered at Sandy Hook, was the third suicide of mass murder survivors in one week. Two were teenagers who survived the Parkland massacre.

Their deaths came on the heels of another mass shooting; this time in New Zealand. The humanity, compassion and swift action taken by their Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern contrasted so sharply to the response here that their grief, despair and hopelessness engulfed them. Jeremy Richman hoped that by his suicide, the leaders and representatives of our country would at least take note. They haven’t.

A mafia mob boss in New Jersey was murdered last week by a young white man who came into court flashing white power signs and white supremacist symbols written on his body. He stated that he was inspired by Trump and his attorneys plan to use that as his defense.

The rest at http://eureka.news/free-parking-71/
April 1, 2019

Free Parking Nature Bats Last

This week's column is about climate change and the disasters that are our current life.

We Stand Alone Between Earth and Sky and Walk Together – BUDDHA

The recent international Children’s Walk Out and Climate March highlighted the disastrous climate we are bequeathing to our children, grandchildren and their children. By fouling the air, water and earth, we are contaminating the very planet that sustains us. There is no planet B and no way to get there. This is it; our Home.

The Ogallala Aquifer (one of 30 in the U.S.) is so contaminated with PFAS that a major dairy farmer in Clovis, New Mexico, was forced to destroy his 4000-cow herd. PFAS are a combination of about 3-5000 chemicals that have been made since 1950. Cannon Air Force Base outside Clovis poured its PFAS chemicals onto the ground for decades and it leached into the water. This aquifer is the source of water for people in eight states serving 2.3 million people.

Click link for rest of the article

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