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seabeyond's Journal
seabeyond's Journal
April 6, 2014

wrong numbers are wrong numbers. simply that. ncvs numbers are wrong. so we have NO numbers.

we do not use wrong numbers cause we do not have our right numbers. that is not logical. that does not make sense. and surely, that is the characteristic of man.... that women lack right? being logical. and not hysterical.

wrong numbers are simply that.... wrong.

i was right about fbi. cause they are obviously wrong. years of being attacked by men on du, holding up the fbi numbers and telling me to CELEBRATE the amazingly, totally awesome, significant reduction of rape. as i listen to my girls and womens rape stories.

it was bullshit. we women knew it was bullshit. and we were being snarked at, scorned, ridiculed to swallow MANS bullshit.


April 3, 2014

"gender myth that so many love ""unreal how devoted people"

those are the two keys. and this is the blind we live... and the damage it creates eventually.... we live blind until we see.

erection. demanding ALL our lives evolve around erection. not even my erection. mans erection. they have nothing else to hold the power..... but have now bottomlined it to the erection.

it cannot control and dominate with intelligence anymore, gun can and other as awareness can lesson thru strength, cannot control thru finance, we are taking care of ourselves. man cannot control thru law... though they are still trying, that ship sailed. they are losing control thru shame, humiliation, inferior, though it still has some hold. too many women have and are putting that aside.

what is truly left for man... to control and dominate the inferior woman? and the only thing they have left is the erection.

very interesting.

and the increased interest on dworkin... lmFUCKINao. you see it. the thread is continuing. i am suppose to be in reading and i have not felt like it. but....

the almighty erection which is taking me to the one movie. ryan, the muscle dude in xman movies, and the other dude. wtf is that movie. oh.... erection and the goofy dude keeps laughing cause he said erection. gonna see it i can find that clip. i am in the mood. it would help if i could remember the name of the movie.

interesting thoughts redqueen.

it is so fuggin funny and exactly what we are talking about. i often go into a chuckle thinking about this scene, reading some of the posts on du.
April 2, 2014

so fuggin in our face and obvious. and not ONE person said, you know. that is a duh. why....

have we totally ignored our young girls and their plight. there is not even a thought. a second thought. much less a third thought that forever girls too are effected. has nothing to do with what boys are wearing. and yet.... we are shamed, must hide it or ignore it.

and the boys????

OMG. it is uncontrollable. it is all that. it is is is

well. i cannot even get near telling you all that it is for a boys


those of us with sons and connected and close as they grew up knows exactly what it is. those of us with brothers. those of us that have men in our lives

we know the reality of it

and that reality is this pure bullshit and all about ego.

April 1, 2014

i have been doing you so long, we know each others steps. now, intercourse.....

no. i have not read. as i say thru out this thread. as i have said whenever the men bring up dworkin, for us duers to have to address, once again.

you men always make me desire to read dworkin. a need a want a must..... to read dworkin. you all make her sound so very very very interesting. such a character, full of life. you show me her smarts. i just want to see how smart

so, no. i have not read

yes. i do want to read. looking to down load and have a book read and discussion in hof.

thanks guys.

that is why thru out my posts in this thread i do not specifically talk about her and what she says. as if i understand. i readily leave it to those that have read and can articulate. hence, me directing you to those posts in this thread. mace would be one. and lyric. as i directed you. answering your comments specifically and academically. so any 8th grader can understand.

and that would be why i am mainly focusing on husband allowed to rape their wives into the 90's. because that mattered. that, i get. that, is fact. and that has a lot to do with the feminists mind set in the 70's. as you, a man, that was legally able to rape me, a wife..... (figuratively), i think i get to have a greater stake in it than you do.

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