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Gender: Female
Member since: Sun Mar 7, 2004, 10:02 PM
Number of posts: 10,039

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I would like to run for host of this group, in order to make it a more vibrant part of DU.

What should be my favorite group on DU is rather inactive, and that's just disastrous in my eyes. I want to advertise this group around a bit and have reading goals (read 50-100 books a year?) and a book club with one book a month. I also hope to help people who want to know about certain books or topics. 

What makes me qualified: I have unlimited time on my hands, and I live by a library and I own a large (mostly non-fiction) personal library.   I use a lot of my time to read non-fiction, you could practically call me a fanatic. I also read eclectic topics. From Galileo to Sesame Street, Nixon to the Beatles. You name the book and I can gain access to it. I've also kept track of every book I've read since I was 16, which comes in handy sometimes. I hope this group will kick off. Peace.  
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