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Member since: Mon Mar 15, 2004, 10:49 AM
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Kitty rescue update

We captured the 2 latest feral babies and they are now fixed and at the shelter, awaiting adoption. They quickly adapted to domestic life.

Their mom who got spayed and returned a couple of weeks ago is so much happier now.

Last month we had sent little Val off to a new home but that didn't work out.

Evidently she could not bear to be away from her family so she was horibly despressed. Just laid around, wouldn't acknowledge anyone, would barely eat. So we took her back and she is so happy to be here again. What else can you do, right?

Meanwhile, we took Grania in for her last shots and the vet got quite a surprise. Before, she had been quite mellow and easy to treat. Now she has developed a mind of her own and that mind says, "No way!" She scratched and bit everyone in the exam room and the doctor declared her to be a wild one. Not adoptable. So she will be staying in with us, too. She likes us.

Ah, well. They own me now. Every morning they spend hours bouncing off the walls and each other. Everything is a toy. I never thought cats felt strong family ties but these gitls seem tightly bonded; they are always together. If one wakes up and finds the others have moved elsewhere, she will cry and cry until she finds them.

Last week I got an email and the subject line said: “Former Circus Lion Needs Your Help.” I’m thinking to myself, “Oh geeze, I really don’t have room for one more in here right now…”


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