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Xipe Totec

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Gender: Do not display
Current location: The Republic of Texas
Member since: Thu Apr 8, 2004, 05:04 PM
Number of posts: 43,424

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Necromonger Empire

The Necromonger Empire is a religious empire and its members whom constitute one of the four elder races, zealously and violently follow and propagate its religion Necroism. An absolutely fanatic group that believes life is antagonistic to the natural state of the universe. They intend to convert or kill all who oppose them.

The Necromongers believe that each 'verse has its own god, that life is antagonistic to the natural order of the universe and must be purged from it to be reborn in the Underverse. The Underverse is their promised land, believing that unless a person dies "in due time" that they will not go to the Underverse.

They also believe heavily in a philosophy that says "you keep what you kill", believing that ending another's life entitles you to their property and position.


What political party, if any, does this philosophy resembles?

Just asking.

You can't be for Law & Order if you're against laws & orders

It seems obvious to logical thinking human beings,

but is appears to need clarification for those who aren't.

Monthy Python - The Crimson Permanent Assurance

Funny skit.

But did you know that the melody is taken from an old Mexican battle march, The Dragoon Charge:

From the Battle of Angostura, 1847, between Mexican defending forces and the invading American army during the Mexican-American war.

1st Ever SPACE SHUTTLE Landing

Watch it while you can. Will probably be erased soon.

Copyright, etc., etc., etc.

My daughter had to wait in line seven hours for a drive-through covid test

Got in line at 11:00 AM, one hour before they opened and there was already a line.

Total number of people they tested for the day: 30

No, seriously, 30.

Oh, and they had to pay $100 for one test because their European insurance was not accepted.

Oh, and people who had insurance also had to pay $100 because the system to validate insurance was down.

You can file a claim later with the insurance, they said.

Our covid testing system is a joke.

Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells Full Album

Kind of the Phillip Glass of the 70's generation

The main question from the J6 commission will ultimately be: What did the President do,

and when did he doo doo?

The Ramones is a real place. I've been by it.

I always think of them as I go by it.

New term of venery: Murdoch - (noun, plural) A collection of corrupt hack journalists. nt

Five Centuries and no Change


About the Song
This sad and triumphant song is about 500 years of colonization of the indigenous peoples of the New World.

Different singers sing this song in a different order of verses.

Soledad sobre ruinas, sangre en el trigo
Rojo y amarillo
Manantial del veneno, escudo heridas
Cinco siglos igual

Libertad sin galope, banderas rotas
Soberbia y mentiras
Medallas de oro y plata contra esperanza
Cinco siglos igual

En esta parte de la tierra la historia se cayó
Como se caen las piedras aun las que tocan el cielo
O están cerca del sol, o están cerca del sol

Desamor, desencuentro, perdón y olvido
Cuerpo con mineral
Pueblos trabajadores, infancias pobres
Cinco siglos igual

Lealtad sobre tumbas, piedra sagrada
Dios no alcanzó a llorar
Sueño largo del mal, hijos de nadie
Cinco siglos igual

Muerte contra la vida, gloria de un pueblo
Es comienzo, es final, leyenda perdida
En esta parte cinco siglos igual

Es tinieblas con flores, revoluciones
Y aunque muchos no están
Nunca nadie pensó besarte los pies
Cinco siglos igual

Five Centuries the Same

Loneliness over ruins, blood on the wheat
Red & yellow
Spring [source] of the venom, shield, wounds:
Five centuries the same

Liberty without gallop, broken flags
Arrogance & lies
Medals of gold & silver against hope
Five centuries the same

In this part of the earth, history fell down
Like the stones fall down, even the ones that touch the sky
Or are near the sun, oh that are near the sun.

Lack of affection, failed meeting, forgiving & forgetting
Body with mineral
Working peoples, poor childhoods
Five centuries the same

Loyalty over tombs, holy stone
God couldn't manage to cry
Long dream [or sleep] of evil, nobody's sons
Five centuries the same

Death against life, glory of a people
That have disappeared
It's the beginning, it's the end, lost legend
In this part five centuries the same

It's darkness with flowers, revolutions
And even though many are not there
Nobody ever thought of kissing your feet
Five centuries the same

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