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Name: Jim
Gender: Male
Current location: Barkhamsted, CT
Member since: Sat Jul 3, 2004, 08:36 AM
Number of posts: 6,642

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Gee - my profile info didn't migrate from the old DU I guess? The main thing - 90% refers to the maximum allowable percentage of nitromethane fuel permitted in modern NHRA Top Fuel and Funny cars. Which is what makes current "nostalgia nitro" so cool - you can still "tip the can" and run straight nitro, if you want to. I'm an aging northeast liberal with an overdeveloped justice gland. OUR INSTITUTIONS ARE INFESTED WITH GREEDY AND CORRUPT SOCIOPATHS

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His family and descendants will be subjected to this far-more-egregious-than-Benedict-Arnold legacy for as long as recorded history still exists.

The way these lifelong elites make their career decisions is beyond my comprehension.

And it's way to late for me to "go sociopath". I could not bring myself to do what they do. I'm cursed with this basic sense of human decency.

Why take a lifetime bullet for such a loathsome crime family?

-90% Jimmy

My Connecticut Reps Social Security forum last Friday......

I went to a talk about Social Security at the Bristol Connecticut Senior Center last Friday. Hosted by Congressman John Larson and Senator Richard Blumenthal. It was on very short notice because DC is so erratic it’s had to do any planning. I was fortunate to find out on a FB “events” link the day before, the only place on the internet I could find.

Both my reps have been working for YEARS on reforming SS to make it fairer and make the benefits more in line with the sad state of most retirement plans these days. (including my own) They are “dropping” the bills next week. (and we got an explanation of what “dropping” meant – delivering a written bill for consideration by the whole body. They could not get their bill past this stage for nine years!)

Lots of Vets asking questions. I go to these things to let my reps know about what I think is important for these times, and I try to distill to one or two points, instead of the encyclopedic list that as a concerned liberal I have. I spoke to them after the presentation, as my burning interests were off topic.

My first POINT: Please don’t invade Venezuela. We are sick of war for oil and botched regime change.

My second POINT: Can you tell please tell me what the benefit was to America for our invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan? Both their jaws dropped, and it was a few awkward seconds before they could offer a response which was, approximately, “yeah, remember all that fuss about WMD’s?” So, I said the people that lied us into those wars still walk free instead of being prosecuted for WAR CRIMES. We can no longer tolerate such criminality from our elected leaders, and they must be prosecuted for breaking the laws! (In other words, if Trump and Republicans that have been bribed by Russian money skate for their treason THIS TIME. All is lost, because the next morbidly wealthy narcissistic sociopath that gets in will doom the future of the entire planet.)

My first engagement with Congressman Larson was in early 2003 when he gave a talk before the Iraq Invasion began. I told him I’d prefer THE MAFIA in the White House to GWB and Company because the people running the Mafia ARE MORE HONORABLE than the GWB White House.

I still marvel when history clearly shows Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld etc. brazenly lied IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE WORLD about justification for invading Iraq. They walk free and the best we can do now is get a fucking movie about it! A retrospective about Queen was entertaining. A retrospective about how evil GWB and company was is UTTERLY HORRIFYING, because whoever tops their evil in the near future is going to turn our country into a totalitarian fascist police state!

-90% Jimmy

10 Signs You're Actually Following TRUMPianity Instead of CHRISTianity

I waste a lot of time on my Facebook addiction and have 300+ friends after maybe 9 years of it. friends, neighbors, church people, car people, liberals, conservatives, Zappa fans, people where i grew up and went to school with, and so on.

The ill informed OUTRIGHT PREJUDICE against libs/dems can be utterly preposterous. What they believe about "us" is outrageous and untrue. Here's some of their "conventional wisdom" I see on my wall when I post my provocative meme's and links;

Dems support illegal immigration because those illegals will vote Democratic once they're in

Planned Parenthood aborts babies for profit by chopping them up and selling the body parts

In the last election, Dems rigged voting machines, destroyed paper ballots, cast votes on blank ballots, registered non-citizens to vote and ignore overseas military ballots.

Republics care for the unborn child and Democrats DO NOT.

Shouldn't Planned Parenthood do something else besides abortions - like provide for women's health and birth control?

Dems want the death penalty only for unborn children, but not rapists, murderers and other serious criminality.

global climate change is some kind of plot by Dems and humans are absolutely not responsible for it. It's just normal.

And on and on.

Feel free to list the PREJUDICES you all may have encountered about us evil rotten godless bastard Democrats that only want whats wrong for America and want us all to fail and suffer.

-90% Jimmy


Oligarch's been aiming for this for well over fifty years.

There's lots of causes, but the one I put at the top of the list is:


Trump family is now third gen. with the treason children

Koch Bros.

Walton Family

Bush Family

Manafort family

and there's probably other examples. I stumbled on to a Chris Hedges piece where he discussed going to northeast prep schools as a middle class New Jersey? kid and what his class mates were like - having servants serving them their whole lives leads to an I'm special, I'm superior to average people by royal birthright world view.

Second gen wealth is perverted and utterly devoid of empathy and many other values/traits needed to maintain a FAIR AND JUST SOCIETY.

Their goal is to be a part of a dictatorship, as long as "their kind" are the dictators.

And trump did hire "the best people". Greedy sociopaths just like him perfectly comfortable with betraying every good value this country ever stood for, and hundreds of thousands of us have given their lives in the name of!

-90% Jimmy

What the investigative journalists at INFO WARS have turned up

They located online yearbooks from Dr. Fords academic career. Dr. Ford and her gal pals chronicled their orgies and sex capades all over their yearbooks! One of their many past times was seducing under age boys!


some sinister LEFT WING CONSPIRACY managed to scrub all this "evidence" right off the entire internet in the last 24 hours!

I'm glad "our side" has such wonderful 100% effective internet scrubbers. It's too bad we didn't use this tool before Republicans took over all three branches of government.

No link because I don't like my posts getting closed because I'm promoting anti-Democratic websites??

I found it because my FB trump loving buddies posted it.

-90% Jimmy

A little bit of nostalgia for the old folks

Be the first one on your block to have your boy come home in a box.

If we did not invade Iraq and all those other invasions that seem to have resulted in terrorism incubators, we'd have a spare three to five trillion dollars that could have been used for medicare for all and rebuilding our rotting infrastructure. And other constructive things that would have benefited all of us.

Instead we manufactured and put to use stuff that merely kills, mains and blows up real good.

Evil massive squandering of our tax dollars that benefited only the morbidly wealthy sociopaths that run everything.

Boy do we have to take our country back. Going to be challenging forty to fifty years of the wealthy gaming the system and blowing up checks and balances needed for a just and healthy society.

-90% Jimmy

I just can't wait.............

I just can't wait to see the pro-trump meme's from my conservative Facebook friends after this Benedict Arnold on 98% nitro treasonous bastard displayed his stupid treachery in front of the entire planet.

You have got to be a Nobel Prize winning spin-meister to put lipstick on this think-of-something-revolting historic in a Third Reich kind of bad way on par with the worst Dictators in history pig.

Hyperbolic, but when you have a traitor for President, the mere objective facts are hyperbolic.

-90% %Jimmy

Once again, I ask my DU bff's for background facts on our extreme imigration practices

Frankly, I need help with a FB debate.

For people trying to enter the USA to live, there are two categories – people sneaking in – AKA – illegal immigrants, and people trying to escape injury and death in their own country – asylum seekers, who try to follow the USA’s procedures to get in.

How many are in each group, citing most recent stats?

How many asylum seekers have we turned back to face gangs, wife beaters, drug lords human traffickers? (The thought our country would refuse asylum and knowingly send back human beings to face death and torture and slavery gives me a warm MAGA feeling all over.) I know Sessions has recently determined that sending asylum seekers back to their miserable fate in their country of origin is the new American way, knowing many will end up beaten or dead.

Is the USA currently doing the separate children from family thing only to the illegal enterers, or are they now treating everybody trying to come in to separate parent and child prisons? Is the asylum-seeking lane temporarily closed?

What are the stats for the Obama admin deportations? I recall something like 300,000 a year or something? (Which American Nazi’s should at least give him props for?)

There’s some recent pics of kids in cages that Dems use to illustrate the cruelty that were actually taken in Obama’s terms and are also framed to seem like the kids inside a cage, when he’s actually outside in a bigger frame. Do we have kids in kennels? Was the only proof what Sen. Merkel managed to find or is there more and how many?

What was the root change that gave the admin the justification for separating children from parents? And how many orphans have we created in recent months?

Fox says we’re getting a flood of foreign families seeking entrance because they heard if you come to the USA as a family unit, you’re assured a very high chance of just breezing in. And this admin is merely preventing these moochers from becoming parasites on us law abider good citizens? What facts do we have to back this belief?

We’ve been conditioned to the new normal or yes it can get worse, and maybe we should be getting worried as the worseness is growing exponentially.

This thing with separating children and being oblivious to the fact that maybe these families would like to know they’re going to see their children again is not just another of many new broken norms. This is the crap HITLER DID and it’s what all fucking Dictators do and Those of us that are not narcissistic sociopaths should all be doing what ever we can to be compassionate and empathetic to people seeking refuge or a better life. Plus, I was taught we a nation of immigrants and our diversity is a big part of what makes up our greatness? WE’RE SUPPOSED TO BE THE GOOD GUYS, NOT THE TORTURERS!

Don't scold me because I'm too lazy and stupid to google all this. I trust the veracity of the DU community a lot more than the first site I google that confirms my bias. I don't want my proof to be from the Drudge-fox-rush-alex-jones propaganda arena. (A mistake I've made in the past)

-90% Jimmy

The name of her show is "Full Frontal"

As someone who appreciates Samantha Bee's humor, I resent there's such a poutrage over her “Feckless Cunt” remark. What sort of remark's would a critical thinking person expect from a show so named?

Next time she describes a non-male member of the Trump Organized crime family, try "Treasonously feckless super cunt for the ages" or something equally hyperbolic. Benedict Super Cunt? Tail Gunner feckless Ivanka?

We must stand up to the treasonous bullies! I'm with Sam!

-90% Jimmy

And where were the calls for Sam to apologize when she came up with this list of insults about DT back in 2016?

A rare, remarkable keepsake from the 2016 election, this exquisite collection is not sold in stores:
Samantha bee
20. Agent Orange

19. Bratman

18. The Human Corncob

17. Darth Hater

16. Hair Furher

15. K-Mart Caesar

14. The Angry Cheeto

13. Genghis Can't

12. The Xenophobic Sweet Potato

11. Prima Donald

10. Barbecued Brutus

9. The White Kanye

8. Dire Abby

7. The Tanning Bed Warning Label

6. Tangerine Jesus

5. The Feral Shouting Meatball

4. Vanilla ISIS

3. The Talking Yam

2. Mango Mussolini

1. Cinnamon Hitler

"We are owned and operated by a bunch of really bad people."

-Frank Zappa, 1981

Plenty more where this came from, fellow DU'ers.

-90% jimmy
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