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Name: Jim
Gender: Male
Current location: Barkhamsted, CT
Member since: Sat Jul 3, 2004, 08:36 AM
Number of posts: 6,699

About Me

Gee - my profile info didn't migrate from the old DU I guess? The main thing - 90% refers to the maximum allowable percentage of nitromethane fuel permitted in modern NHRA Top Fuel and Funny cars. Which is what makes current "nostalgia nitro" so cool - you can still "tip the can" and run straight nitro, if you want to. I'm an aging northeast liberal with an overdeveloped justice gland. OUR INSTITUTIONS ARE INFESTED WITH GREEDY AND CORRUPT SOCIOPATHS

Journal Archives

Dissent is the highest form of patirotism, oh how quaint

Now is the time for all men of good will to come to the aid of their country. I forget the exact wording and the author and the time period, but it's time we all figured out what to do about our government that has become too tyrannical and is working against our best interests as people.

OWS impresses me as the BEST HOPE us Americans have to RECLAIM OUR DEMOCRACY. It is our RIGHT to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those that erode or take this away are simply traitors to the best of our human nature.

One of the many wise well conceived angles to OWS is that it is leaderless and spokesman-less, and functions about as democratically as possible for a group of human beings of that sized group.

One thing I remember in my quest for business management wisdom (most of which was humanistic and thus obsolete. the current management vogue is might makes right) is that the probability of a valid and wise decision is best achieved as the product of a large group of people.

OWS is beautiful and deserves as much support as average Americans can give. (All I've done so far is buy 2 yard signs, one bumper sticker, and one local moveon meet up that fizzled into nothing.)

-90% Jimmy

Mikhail Gorbachev

Am I being stupid or is Mikhail one of the bravest fighters for democracy of the last 100 years? Seems he tried to do what was best for his people even if it meant losing his office.

Heroic efforts in giving his people a better chance at life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Plus the repudiation of communism as his country practice it.

He seems made of better stuff than the last four Presidents combined? (Since after Carter, in other words)

Criticizing Putin also seems courageous.

-90% Jimmy


Reagan simply gambled with the lives of the entire flying public when he broke the PATCO Union. Think of the political landscape had a few Air traffic Controller "replacements" directed a few 747's straight into a mountainside or something?

Ronnie rolled the dice with our lives and won and we now enjoy the fruits of his efforts.

PS - I have been in some big union shops in the north east. Some are so regulated that it can take hours to complete a task that should take minutes. Some union foment games about filing grievances and doing everything possible to gum up the works.

But, in historical context, Unions are the reason America enjoyed middle class prosperity until only a few decades ago.

the core issue is:


Because in modern corporate and institutional structures, the most aggressive and self serving combatants win.

-90% Jimmy

Evil or just plain stupid

The Iraq invasion architects as a group are just plain dumber than an average sampling of the population.

Wolfowitz, who is still smarter than Doug Feith, who is actually dumber than most house pets, magnificently said:" We chose WMDS because that's the only thing we could all agree on"

Which clearly illustrates the decision making history


Now how imperative was this war if part of their mission was to come up with a effective explanation?

Not to mention they deliberately SCARED THE SHIT out of the average American with this smoking gun/mushroom cloud meme.

If we look at the run up propaganda from the advantage of eight years of history, it is clear all these people know they are lying as they speak. GWB, in particular, talks about WMD's and nerve gas like he was camping out with 12 year old's telling ghost stories in the tent!

-90% Jimmy

How quaint!

Like WE THE PEOPLE are even a factor in any decision by the United States to go to war!

I don't think our military industrial congressional complex gives a rats ass about anything on this earth other than their bottom line!

Yup. It's completely clear:


All we have left are each other and OWS.

-90% Jimmy
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